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2013 Predictions

AL East AL Central AL West
Toronto Detroit Los Angeles
Tampa Bay Kansas City Texas
New York Cleveland Oakland
Baltimore Chicago Seattle
Boston Minnesota Houston

ALWC: Texas over Tampa Bay
ALDS: Los Angeles over Texas, Detroit over Toronto
ALCS: Detroit over Los Angeles

NL East NL Central NL West
Washington St. Louis San Francisco
Atlanta Cincinnati Los Angeles
Philadelphia Pittsburgh Arizona
New York Milwaukee San Diego
Miami Chicago Colorado

NLWC: Atlanta over Cincinnati
NLDS: Washington over Atlanta, San Francisco over St. Louis
NLCS: Washington over San Francisco

2013 World Series: Washington over Detroit

AL MVP: Mike Trout
NL MVP: Joey Votto
AL CYA: Felix Hernandez
NL CYA: Stephen Strasburg
AL ROY: Aaron Hicks
NL ROY: Adeiny Hechavarria

Full 2013 Predictions

2012 Predictions

AL East AL Central AL West
Boston Detroit Los Angeles
Tampa Bay Kansas City Texas
New York Cleveland Oakland
Toronto Chicago Seattle
Baltimore Minnesota

ALWC: Tampa Bay over Texas
ALDS: Detroit over Tampa Bay, Los Angeles over Boston
ALCS: Detroit over Los Angeles

NL East NL Central NL West
Philadelphia Cincinnati San Francisco
Washington Milwaukee Arizona
Miami St. Louis Los Angeles
Atlanta Pittsburgh Colorado
New York Chicago San Diego

NLWC: Washington over Miami
NLDS: Washington over Cincinnati, Philadelphia over San Francisco
NLCS: Philadelphia over Washington

2012 World Series: Detroit over Philadelphia

AL MVP: Evan Longoria
NL MVP: Joey Votto
AL CYA: Justin Verlander
NL CYA: Roy Halladay
AL ROY: Matt Moore
NL ROY: Devin Mesoraco

Full 2012 Predictions

2011 Predictions

AL East AL Central AL West
Boston Chicago Oakland
New York Minnesota Texas
Tampa Bay Detroit Los Angeles
Toronto Kansas City Seattle
Baltimore Cleveland

ALDS: Boston over Chicago, Oakland over New York
ALCS: Boston over Oakland

NL East NL Central NL West
Philadelphia Cincinnati Colorado
Atlanta Milwaukee San Francisco
Florida Chicago San Diego
Washington St. Louis Los Angeles
New York Pittsburgh Arizona

NLDS: Philadelphia over San Francisco, Colorado over Cincinnati
NLCS: Philadelphia over Colorado

2011 World Series: Boston over Philadelphia

AL MVP: Adrian Gonzalez
NL MVP: Troy Tulowitzki
AL CYA: Felix Hernandez
NL CYA: Ubaldo Jimenez
AL ROY: Mark Trumbo
NL ROY: Brandon Belt

Full 2011 Predictions

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  1. elmaquino permalink
    July 14, 2011 11:18 pm

    You on March 30:

    “I understand being partisan to your own team but realistically Chicago’s starting pitching (5.29) is head and shoulders better than St. Louis’ (3.96) without the Cardinals having Wainwright. With Wainwright it tilts slightly to St. Louis but, Chicago’s pitching is solid (worst in MLB).

    Anyone’s spring training statistics mean absolutely nothing so I don’t put any weight in McClellan’s numbers really as demonstrating he will be amazing or even above average (Cards were 9-2 in his games before his injury).

    The Rangers (51-41) are a good team no doubt. But Brandon Webb isn’t even a part of the conversation, assistant Rangers general manager Thad Levine said, ‘when he starts pitching for us is secondary. What we are hoping for is that he is a strong option at the end of the season.’

    Adrian Beltre (team RBI leader, 71) is good but doesn’t represent a massive change in their offense. The difference between this year’s lineup and last year’s is negligible. The loss of Tommy Hunter and putting Ogando (9-3, 2.92) into their rotation means what I thought was a tight race now tips to Oakland (39-53). The Rangers also sent Frank Francisco to Toronto which with the loss of Ogando further weakens the pen.


    Cardinals: 49-43, 1st place, 1/2 game up
    Cubs: 37-55, 5th place, 12 games out


    • July 18, 2011 1:39 pm

      Of course predictions are in fact guesses as we all know, you admitted it in your predictions on your site. But, in fairness Chicago has had a ton of injuries to their rotation and St. Louis has been surprising in their ability to not let their numerous injuries adversely effect them – a testament to the depth they have that Chicago so clearly lacks. That said the Cubs also have suffered through bad luck, as their ERA is 4.71 but FIP is 4.07 and their pitchers have allowed a league high .310 BABIP well above league average. So, while they still are bad, they should be better than they are.

      With respect to the Rangers, Adrian Beltre is a great ballplayer (RBI mean nothing, they are only indicative that the Rangers as a whole and in particular Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton hitting ahead of him, are good at getting on base) but without him I think the Rangers are still in a similar spot to where they are. In fact using wins above replacement player (though that assumes a 4A player would be the replacement player, not Michael Young [more likely who it really would be at third]) we see that he has been worth 3.3 wins – which is still enough to have the Rangers where they are now, first place. Ogando I didn’t see coming, he has been stellar, I was completely wrong on that one.

      But in terms of Oakland, I was following a model that thus far has worked for the San Francisco Giants of passable hitting and great pitching. Ironically, Oakland’s pitching has been far better than I thought it would be, especially given they are presently using their 6th, 7th and 8th starters, but I don’t think anyone predicted that you would have career worst years from not just one guy but from: Kevin Kouzmanoff (in the minors), Daric Barton (in the minors), Mark Ellis (traded), Josh Willingham, Kurt Suzuki, and Hideki Matsui. They didn’t have passable hitting, they had none. So with that said, my educated guesses in that respect seem off the mark as of today, but the arguments behind them to a degree remain valid.

      I have the AL East perfect, and Adrian Gonzalez and Mark Trumbo are still looking good.

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