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Recap: Rangers @ A’s Game 138

September 3, 2013

Wrap: Texas 5, Oakland 1. A’s 79-59 (2nd Place, 1 game back)

The A’s needed to win more games than Texas to break their tie with the Rangers and end up as American League West champions for a second consecutive year. By losing tonight they are off to an inauspicious start. They now must win at least two more games than the Rangers from here on out! This game was just a downer. The A’s played sloppy. Did stupid things (see: Josh Donaldson thinking that a ball went through when it didn’t and running straight home, though I did like his trying to upend A.J. Pierzynski and I will credit him for nearly making up for it with his amazing catch over the tarp that left him falling between the tarp and wall). Just ugly. And when you play sloppy ugly baseball you deserve to lose and tonight the A’s did so.

The Bats

Lineup vs. Martin Perez: Coco Crisp DH, Donaldson 3B,  Jed Lowrie SS, Yoenis Cespedes LF, Nate Freiman 1B, Alberto Callaspo 2B, Chris Young CF, Kurt Suzuki C, Michael Choice DH. 

The A’s managed 11 hits. The A’s only got one run. Aside from the aforementioned Donaldson out on the basepaths, the A’s just failed to do anything with runners in scoring position (1-for-9) stranding nine runners. Furthermore they failed to draw a walk. Amateur hour baseball. Crisp had a double and Donaldson had two (Cespedes and Callaspo also had a mutli-hit game). But the only run the A’s would muster was a sac fly by Lowrie in the first inning. Pathetic. Game ended with Crisp striking out to Joe Nathan with men on second and third, sort of how this one went. Choice did notch his first MLB hit, a single off of Perez, congrats and may it be the first of many.

The Pitching

Appearances: Bartolo Colon, Jerry Blevins, Jesse Chavez, Pedro Figueroa, Evan Scribner.

Colon was not his sharpest. He was only tagged for one earned run but he was the pitcher who made the error and really it was a chopper that was deflected and I think that Craig Gentry should have had a hit on it but it was erronousely called an error. Colon got off easy, should’ve been four earned. So five innings, one earned run (four total), on eight hits, walking no one and strking out three all the while also surrendering a home run to Mitch Moreland. Not the greatest outing no matter how you slice it. Blevins would pitch two thirds of an inning striking out one and allowing a hit. Chavez would go one and a third including two hits one of which was a home run to Alex Rios, with a strikeout. Figueroa would come in allow a hit and a walk and get no one out. Scribner would pitch the final two innings walking two, striking out one and allowing a hit. All said the bullpen scrubs inserted in this one did not look so great either.


Reluctantly go Colon here. Colon’s “error” made his outing look a lot better than it was. He wasn’t sharp. He got hit. He lost. It sometimes really is that simple.

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