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Mike Scioscia Compliments A’s

August 21, 2013

Three tweets today from Los Angeles Times Angels beat reporter Mike DiGiovanna today that were interesting regarding former Athletics prospect Grant Green. After DiGiovanna noted that Green has failed in two sacrifice bunt attempts this week, he presumably asked Mike Scioscia about it and he said,

“Oakland never bunted, Green is learning how to bunt.”

Asked later if he had never bunted or never worked on bunting Scioscia replied,


Well, amen.

I mean this is a little silly. Bunting is a useful skill to have, if only to keep people honest and/or try and bunt for a hit. In very limited places it has a role in trying to win an actual real life baseball game. That said, Green has twelve sacrifice hits in the minors in the A’s system. He recorded three in Stockton in 2010, six in Midland in 2011, He went without one in 2012 before getting three with Sacramento in 2013. Scioscia and I clearly have different ideas of what “never” means, but regardless, taking a pot shot about strategy to a team with a fraction of the payroll that is ahead of you in the standings is pretty weak.

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