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Adam Rosales Claimed (Yet Again) by Rangers

August 12, 2013

This is just getting plain bizarre. Adam Rosales was again claimed off of waivers, and again it was by the Texas Rangers. There isn’t anything about this move left for me to discuss as I’ve now discussed Rosales being DFA’d several times, and I have discussed him being claimed by the Rangers already once before. I do not think he is capable of being an asset to a contending club, I do not think his versatility, or fielding, or leadership is as valuable as others (namely the Oakland and potentially Texas front offices) believe. I wish him the best and hope this sticks. If anything this is a good point to have a discussion regarding the purgatory being a “26th man/41st man” can mean. Casper Wells who was DFA’d several times this season (and also passed through Oakland) first by Seattle, before being claimed by Toronto and DFA’d by them, then acquired via trade by Oakland before they DFA’d him and traded him to the White Sox, who placed him on waivers before being claimed by Philadelphia, is a prime example. How much playing time did he lose sitting on that 10 day waiting period that a DFA permits? Also Rosales with no options left and a tenuous hold on an MLB roster is constantly going to be in this insane sort of flux. Makes you wonder if they should limit the number of times that this can happen so that he isn’t just bandied between Oakland and Texas for the remainder of the year.

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