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A’s Emerge Unscathed in Biogenesis Suspensions

August 5, 2013

Twelve ballplayers today were suspended for their connections to Biogenesis a “wellness clinic” in South Florida. There were several former A’s in the mix, Gio Gonzalez whose associations with the firm were benign and Fautino De Los Santos and Jordan Norberto. De Los Santos has not been property of the A’s since he was dealt to Milwaukee for the A’s to acquire George Kottaras last season, while Norberto was A’s property as recently as earlier this year.

While Norberto had at one point expressed a desire to return to the A’s, apparently that had soured in a piece of what is now considered old news but is news to me, that he had filed a greivance against the A’s regarding his release. In a report from Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle back on June 21st that discussed his successful Tommy John surgery. Norberto was expected to be re-signed by the A’s after he was DFA’d but as we all know that did not come to be. He claims he was already injured when he was optioned and should have been placed on the disabled list instead of being removed from the 25-man roster. Norberto was quoted saying,

“I expected more from the team after the way I pitched for them last year. But I’ll work hard and get a job with someone else.”

Needless to say between recovering from his surgery and now a 50-game suspension he will not be doing much pitching these days. Given that he is not a member of an MLB organization, I asked what that meant for him on Twitter to Slusser, asking,

“for someone like Norberto, when does he serve the suspension? Could be a career killed couldn’t it?”

To which she replied,

“it could kill it. He would start serving once he signs with another organization.”

Bartolo Colon meanwhile the other Athletic tied to Biogenesis, served a 50-game suspension last year which it would appear was for his involvement with this case that others simply did not get caught in the act for.

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