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A’s In On Peavy?

July 24, 2013

Jon Heyman of says the Athletics are a dark horse candidate to trade for the services of one Chicago White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy. Peavy comes with an extra year on his contract so his services would not be a pure rental and he’d be a member of the 2014 rotation in this scenario. That said that probably makes the price for Peavy quite high. With Brett Anderson throwing as Heyman notes and with Sonny Gray looking like he can contribute at the MLB level, why go after a guy like Peavy? Heyman says,

“People who have spoken to [Billy] Beane say his rationale is simple: He’d prefer to acquire a very good starting pitcher than a mediocre hitter, no matter his own need.

‘There are just no great bats available,’ one A’s connected person said.”

I don’t know that I believe in that alleged rationale. The A’s clearly need to upgrade at second base and it really wouldn’t take much to make what would amount to a very large improvement. I suppose Peavy represents as substantial improvement over say Dan Straily, but I think you could deal far fewer valuable pieces to get an equal improvement at second base. It’ll be interesting to see what happens but I continue to believe that the A’s interest in Matt Garza and Peavy says more that they’re concerned they may lose Bartolo Colon to suspension.

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