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Jason Giambi Scouting Report

May 8, 2013

There is a cool site called Diamond Mines run by the National Baseball Hall of Fame where they have (an awful search engine, but) really cool old scouting reports on players. Poking around it you can find some interesting things and while this seems best suited for offseason posts its a cool new discovery so I will post something from it now. This is a scouting report from Dave Littlefield (who would go on to be the GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates during the period where they were criticized for getting signable players as opposed to the best players with the first overall selection of Bryan Bullington whom Littlefield labeled a future #3 starter in the “Moneyball draft”) of one Jason Giambi who would of course be the offensive staple of the A’s lineup at the end of the previous millenium and beginning of this one. But what did Littlefield think of Giambi on Valentine’s Day 1992?

“Big body w/pretty good bat, future 1B-LF, disappointed w/def play @3B, plays hard but tools (except for bat) are short, future 3A journeyman, maybe bat off bench”

Littlefield, who at the time was working for the Montreal Expos, also rated Giambi’s future hitting ability as “average”, power as “below average” and dedication as “fair”. Of course Giambi exceeded Littlefield’s 3A joyrneyman, maybe bat off bench expectations making his MLB debut a little over three years after this scouting report on May 8, 1995. In 2000 he would make his first All Star team and also win the MVP hitting .333/.476/.647 with a 7.7 WAR season in spite of his poor defense which Littlefield correctly pegged at “below average”. Giambi of course is still playing with Cleveland now and in his career has thus far amassed 50.1 WAR and 431 home runs while hitting .280/.403/.522 with a .398 wOBA and 143 wRC+. Maybe he could’ve been used as a bat off the bench?

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