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Stinson is Claimed and Barton is Outrighted

April 4, 2013

I thought Daric Barton would get through waivers when I talked about it on the podcast (yet to be published, look for Episode Six) and he did. No one wanted him. Not a single team wanted a guy who just in 2010 led the AL in walks and had a .393 OBP and was worth 4.8 WAR. No one took a chance on him. That is pretty impressive. But again, given two seasons of beyond the pale bad baseball, many were clearly dissuaded. Barton has apparently accepted the assignment and will be plying his trade for the Sacramento River Cats. I don’t really have a strong opinion on this one way or the other. I am sort of through with Barton. He has failed to live up to admittedly altered expectations for a while now – by that I mean that yes most people want a first baseman good for 25-30 home runs, whereas I am fine with a first baseman in Barton who would hit maybe seven to thirteen or so, but get on base at near 40% of the time. Now he neither hits home runs, nor gets on base, so what value does he exactly bring and why should we continue to wait for him to figure it all out? We should not.

In other news Josh Stinson was claimed by the Baltimore Orioles one day after being DFA’d, clearly the A’s wanted to quickly put him on waivers and see what would happen. Stinson didn’t make an appearance at all for the A’s organization and now is off to Baltimore. I am surprised at how quickly he was snatched up especially in light of  the fact that someone like Barton who has been very useful at the MLB level wasn’t given a shot.

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