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Update from PHX: February 20

February 20, 2013
  • On a rain soaked day in Phoenix, outed by a report linking him to the Biogenesis scandal, Jordan Norberto elected to not comment regarding his inclusion in the report stating, “no comment, I’m here to play baseball.” No comment to me sounds pretty guilty. I realize that may be biased and unfair but to me if someone is saying something incorrect about me that paints me in a bad light I scream from the rooftops my innocence. One teammate, Josh Donaldson has already rose up to defend his colleague, saying “It’s just documents. I don’t think that’s evidence to say a guy is using PEDs.” I wonder what the reaction is if he tests positive? I’ve met Donaldson and he is not a big guy, if using the “eyeball PED test” he is clearly not on anything. How can you stand with someone who is cheating when you are honest? Speaking of drugs however, yesterday apparently the team was tested for human growth hormone.
  • Jesse Chavez, Travis Blackley and Andrew Werner are set to get the first three starts of the Cactus League action. None of that trio is expected to be a contender for the rotation. I still for the life of me don’t understand how Chavez is even on the 40-man roster still. Of the three Blackley is most likely to be on the team, probably as a swingman, a role I think he is very well suited for and a role I strongly believe is integral to any successful pitching staff.
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