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Update from PHX: February 15

February 15, 2013
  • Josh Reddick arrived in camp today and is ready to step into a clubhouse leadership role akin to that of Jonny Gomes‘ last year. I think he is a good candidate for that sort of role just from seeing how he was last year in keeping the team loose but again that sort of thing isn’t apparent from the outside so much.
  • Grant Balfour feels optimistic about his knee surgery. He already can bend it one day later. Maybe the four of four to six weeks will be more likely than the six? Balfour is a ready important bullpen piece, even though I think Ryan Cook or Sean Doolittle could hold down the fort it is always best to have your best assets available and Balfour is clearly that.
  • Hideki Okajima has an out-clause in his MiLB contract, it is June 1st.
  • Apparently the Michael Taylor experiment at first is being aided by him watching Daric Barton and getting pointers from Brandon Moss (seems to me though Moss can use a few pointers himself).
  • Sonny Gray is apparently the workout All-Star today and looked impressive his last time throwing too. It is sort of funny how Gray has seemingly fallen off the radar a bit with the A’s, but he is a tantalizing prospect who could conceivably find his way to Oakland before the season is through.
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