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A’s Extend Bob Melvin for 2015 and 2016

January 14, 2013

American League West Oakland Athletics skipper Bob Melvin has earned himself an extension. Following a 94 win division championship season he has two extra years to build upon his 141-120 record. Melvin, was hired on June 9th of 2011 and at the time, I wrote,

“ultimately the difference a manager makes I feel is between 3-5 wins. So while this [the hiring of Melvin] may not transport the A’s to a division crown, and while it looks more and more each day that 2011 is a write-off, it sends an important message about accountability to everyone in this organization and in this sense the fact that Billy Beane and Bob Geren share a close personal relationship, makes that message even louder.”

Who knew? Melvin did indeed transport the A’s to a division crown albeit a season later. I like Melvin. He has been a good accountable manager, he clearly seems to have the respect of his players and though I don’t see his tactics are particularly brilliant, I also don’t see them as particularly boneheaded, so I have no complaints. No word yet on how much he will be earning to head up the A’s, but should he stick around for the duration he will have managed more games for the Oakland edition of the Athletics than anyone except Tony LaRussa and Art Howe. Great signing, happy to see that Melvin will be sticking around.

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