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Who Can Be Traded?

November 8, 2012

I take everything the A’s brass says with a grain of salt. Clearly they aren’t going to telegraph their intentions to all of Major League Baseball, but yesterday Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweeted,

“After letting [Stephen] Drew go, #Athletics planning to bottom feed for SS, feeling there will be pool of guys and key will be to find av[era]g[e] producer”

Then today in an article by Lyle Spencer, we get this regarding the A’s offseason plans,

“Funny how it works out. Having unloaded three quality arms last winter, Beane finds himself with a stock of quality young pitching. He has no intention of sacrificing any of it to fill the one hole on his club, at shortstop, vacated by Stephen Drew.

‘We’re not going to do that,” [Billy] Beane said. “In years we’ve been successful, it’s because we’ve had good young pitchers. Small markets that have had success — Tampa, Minnesota — developed their own pitching.”

I wonder exactly what route then Oakland takes to acquiring a shortstop? It seems that the A’s could potentially see how a market plays out for Drew and swoop in if it doesn’t fall in Drew’s favor. The A’s don’t seem ones to tinker with clubhouse chemistry which was clearly strong in 2012, so I think a Yunel Escobar can be ruled out. The A’s could also get creative and move Jemile Weeks or Scott Sizemore to short, or maybe could try out a re-signing with Brandon Inge, or maybe even move Grant Green back to his initial position. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, and though I agree with the not trading from the surplus of pitching mindset, I personally would still love to deal Coco Crisp to cut some of that logjam out of the outfield. Remember you can always find cheap and productive outfielders well into the offseason (look no further than Jonny Gomes who looks as good as gone) and to me there is no other position as easy to shore up on the cheap.

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