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Brandon Inge Out for the Year

September 2, 2012

Brandon Inge dislocated his shoulder again. This time it will spell the end of his season. Inge dislocated the shoulder again before hitting a two-run double last night, so his season shall end with him hitting .218/.275/.383, worth 1.5 WAR with a .283 wOBA and 78 wRC+ in 331 plate appearances. With the A’s he will have put up a .226/.286/.389 slash line with 11 home runs in 311 plate appearances. He owns 1.8 WAR with the A’s, a .290 wOBA and 83 wRC+.

The starting job now belongs to Josh Donaldson and he should be able to run with it as he did throughout August. Can’t say I feel the A’s are any worse for the wear since I felt Donaldson made more sense to keep in that spot until he proved otherwise. The hope now is that he doesn’t prove otherwise, though depth that Inge would have added would have been very useful.

When Inge became available I was pretty upset that I felt it was obvious the A’s would sign him. The A’s did sign him, and he had a few good moments, but overall he was what was expected: a weak bat, a good glove and a “gamer” for whatever that means. I wish him the best of luck, but with Scott Sizemore taking batting practice today for the first time since his injury and with Donaldson looking it, it seems very likely we will be wishing Inge luck elsewhere.

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  1. Conner permalink
    September 3, 2012 8:43 am

    Just happened to come across your Web site via! As a Tigers fan in the the Detroit area, I`m sorry to hear of Brandon`s injury. I like to think of Brandon as a semi-historical player – he`s the last out of a World Series and a member of the `03 Tigers that is the losingest team in A.L. history. Also, I like your creative name for your Web site. I remember Todd (he played on the `96 Tigers for a minute.) Todd Van Poppel cards were very popular in the very early 90`s like Pat Listach, Brien Taylor and Phil Plantier cards were. Not too long after, “insertmania” and “certified autograph issue” cards ruled (and still do rule) the landscape. Those early 90`s sets and cards represent the last days of innocent and fun card collecting before Johnny-come-lately`s started to put a hefty price on everything and Beckett Card Magazines started “professional grading” cards. I still collect, and yes, for fun, not for profit. Keep up your posts, you gained a reader!

    • September 3, 2012 2:21 pm

      Conner, thanks for the kind words. I am from Detroit (left in 2008) so I am very familiar with Inge’s role on the 2003 team and Van Poppel’s on the 1996 club. Though obviously I am an A’s fans, I have also been rooting for Detroit this year and it is good to see the Tigers doing so well. Hopefully we meet in the playoffs and from my perspective have a different outcome than in 2006!

      Baseball cards used to be so nice and simple. 792 cards. Basically every team had a similar amount of players, not the joke now where my A’s have like six players and then the Yankees have twenty-four. I also hate how nowadays because of the way they do rookie cards there is such an emphasis on ensuring that they get a card so you miss vital pieces of a team in favor of some guy who had 17 plate appearances getting their first card. (Last year Hideki Matsui got no A’s card while far lesser lights did).

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