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Melvin’s Error in Setting the Lineup

July 24, 2012

I have not been a fan of the top of the A’s order. Coco Crisp (.248/.309/.331) and Jemile Weeks (.216/.301/.297) have been an atrocious one-two. Perhaps it is selective memory but so frequently it seems that Josh Reddick gets up and then hits a solo jack because the bases have been left so painfully empty. With today’s lineup in Toronto, Bob Melvin decided to finally do something about it and he got it wrong.

The top of the order is a mess and I am not fan of Weeks who I think got pretty lucky early on in his career and rode that to heightened expectations he has fallen far short of this season, but Weeks, moved to ninth today versus the Blue Jays, isn’t the big problem: Coco is. Crisp is a veteran. We know what the best we are going to get out of him is, we have seen it, and he is past his prime. He should be moving down in the order while Weeks gets more at bats (even if ultimately he just screws them up). Perhaps this a product of the A’s now being “contenders” but even if it is, then Coco too should be kept away from the leadoff spot first and foremost, yet he sits there atop the lineup for the Blue Jays tonight in Toronto.

It’d be more productive if the A’s left Weeks up in the number two spot and moved a Seth Smith or Jonny Gomes into the leadoff position. While at the end of the day lineup order is not that significant a change in terms of how many wins a team might achieve, if you’re going to make a change make the right one.

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  1. Kevin Wyrsch permalink
    July 25, 2012 12:17 pm

    Hate ! Hate ! It’s hard to believe you’re an A’s fan (I don’t). After reading your negative posts for half a year. Almost all criticizing Melvin, Players, Owners, etc. If it’s not criticism, you’ll spout about ridiculous nerdy statistics . That I’m not sure scouts even use.

    Even when the team is doing good,You’ll still find ways for more criticisms and complaints. I told you this team would compete this year, you said it was rebuilding like everyone else. Another Sheep , Adios

    • July 28, 2012 1:51 pm

      Haha! Thanks for reading.

      In fairness, it isn’t very interesting reading if I just take this “yay! The A’s won!” approach. I am in fact an A’s fan, wouldn’t spend this much time writing if I weren’t. But, I’d like to look at angles we can improve rather than just writing three paragraphs on “Josh Reddick is awesome”. We know he is awesome. But regardless, I think you will find much praise of Jarrod Parker ever since the first day we got him. Continued belief in Brandon McCarthy (evident since my preseason predictions of 2011), my love of how the A’s have employed the running game (though in fairness a few complaints they haven’t employed it enough).

      But if you never shall read these pages again, thanks for reading it once nonetheless.

  2. Hungary4A'aNews permalink
    July 28, 2012 8:48 am

    New idea…
    any thoughts on the value of Chili Davis with A’s increase in OPS…
    article ideas on how much impact a hitting coach can really make?

    • July 28, 2012 1:54 pm

      Not sure what happened, cuz I replied then it went away. But I don’t know that you can isolate the hitting coach’s impact. So much of it is on an individual level, so just like a classroom with 20 students, fifteen may hate the professor and think he is too challenging or tough, whereas the other five students are so motivated they change their major. I don’t know how you can measure that so well in the aggregate. Furthermore, so much has to do with the expectations. If a team is expected to be a top hitting club, think a team like Texas, and instead they are just better than two-thirds of baseball, do you applaud the hitting coach for being the best two-thirds in baseball or do you ding him because the Rangers should be hitting even better than they are?

      • Hungary4A'sNews permalink
        July 28, 2012 7:12 pm

        Well said. I just think that the A’s have done well to get “Chili” AND of course Curt Young is BAAAACK!

        Regarding your blog. I have been following English Premier League Football avidly for minimum 20 years..I got an addictive love for Chelsea from my ItalianEnglish Grandfather….Look Chelsea actually won the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE this year..they are THE BEST TEAM IN EUROPE Period…However, MANY fans acknowledge that we were occasionally lucky and played a BIT unexciting and limited tactics…..

        Therefore in my opinion if ONE follows any team , one must use Heart as well as Mind. Always good insight here at TVPRRC except that I collected more Ben Grieve and Steve Karsay cards!

      • July 28, 2012 7:36 pm

        Yeah thus far I can’t complain about Chili and I have long been a fan of Curt Young (though at the same time I didn’t think Ron Romanick did anything outwardly at least that seemed worthy of a firing.

        Thank you for the support! I also just it easier to write about something I disagree with. It makes for easier and I think more interesting writing. It isn’t taking a position for the sake of being contrarian. Even the best teams have weaknesses and flaws (remember the best ballclubs only win about 65% of their games).

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