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Live Blogging: Giants @ A’s Game 71

June 22, 2012

A sold out Coliseum? What? The Giants are in town so the stadium suddenly is full but not entirely with Athletics partisans. Tim Lincecum takes the mound for San Francisco, he has struggled this year and this isn’t a “big Lincecum standards” it is by everyone standards: 6.39 ERA, and a career high, but decent, 3.88 FIP. He has 9.7 K/9, a career high 4.8 BB/9 and a career high 0.9 HR/9 in his 77 innings on the mound. He squares off against Jarrod Parker who has thrown 60 2/3 innings and has more WAR than Lincecum (1.1 to 0.9) as he owns a 2.82 ERA, 3.58 FIP and 6.7 K/9, 4.5 BB/9 and 0.3 HR/9. Lineup features yesterday’s hero Yoenis Cespedes, DH’ing and hitting fourth and otherwise all the “regulars” as of late are in.

  • 7:16PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – Nice to see Coco Crisp get on board with an infield hit. Really an ill-advised throw by Ryan Theriot, could’ve been a lot worse for the Giants. Nice to see if Crisp can make some moves on the basepaths, I think basically all of his value at this point is wrapped up on his running. The fielding is overrated in my mind, the hitting near non-existent.
  • 7:18PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – And there we go. Fourteenth steal of the year. That was purely stolen on Lincecum. Coco was already there by the time Hector Sanchez‘ throw arrived.
  • 7:19PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – And he steals third. Lincecum didn’t even look. No throw from Sanchez. Great job to put the A’s in a great position to score a run.
  • 7:20PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – Straight up the middle, base hit for Jemile Weeks. Coco trots home. 1-0 Oakland. Great start.
  • 7:23PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – Base hit for Josh Reddick. Nate Schierholtz just stopped and let that drop in front of him. Don’t know what he was doing there, seemed like a playable ball.
  • 7:24PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – A’s luck out. Sanchez loses the pitch, Reddick breaks, Weeks doesn’t move though and Reddick is able to get back as Sanchez didn’t notice him. Inauspicious start for the Giants which is great news for the east side of the bay.
  • 7:26PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – Cespedes walks. Bases loaded. No one out. Great opportunity to put the screws to San Francisco.
  • 7:27PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – Weird play there, Seth Smith grounds to first. Brandon Belt throws home after missing first. That makes it a force at home but Sanchez is in front of the plate so Weeks’ slide gets him in. Run scores. Oakland 2, San Francisco 0.
  • 7:30PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – Brandon Inge draws a walk on the 3-1 pitch. Run comes home. Oakland 3, San Francisco 0. Shane Loux is throwing in the Giants bullpen.
  • 7:36PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 3 out – Weird inning for Lincecum. Gets into that world of hurt, then strikes out Brandon Moss, Kurt Suzuki and Cliff Pennington to end the inning.
  • 7:58PM PDT – Top of 3rd, 1 out – Nice play by Inge getting out there into foul territory well over his head there. Didn’t need the jump at the end but he went a long way and that isn’t an easy play. He is a very good defensive player, impressive especially given how he started out as a catcher.
  • 8:02PM PDT – Top of 3rd, 1 out – Another weird play at first. Sharp grounder from Gregor Blanco to first. Moss boots it, that deflection then got by Weeks. Sanchez scores from second. Giants are on the board, 3-1 A’s. Seems like this should be an infield hit (it got by Moss) and an error (he later kicks it past Weeks) but they are giving him a hit and no error, so Blanco gets an RBI on the play. Don’t know I agree with that.
  • 8:05PM PDT – Top of 3rd, 2 out – Some really aggressive baserunning from the Giants. Theriot strikes out, Blanco ran. Suzuki had him dead to rights but Weeks couldn’t handle the throw, it gets away from him and Blanco makes it to third. Scorer is giving him a steal, with Weeks’ error letting him get to third.
  • 8:36PM PDT – Bottom of 5th, 3 out – This game has changed dramatically. Lincecum strikes out Cespedes for his seventh K of the game and now tenth straight Athletic set down. Whatever bothered him in the first part of the first has long since left him.
  • 8:42PM PDT – Top of 6th, 0 out – Another stolen base by Blanco. I’ve felt that Parker is good at holding runners on but three steals today off of him and Suzuki.
  • 8:45PM PDT – Top of 6th, 2 out – Parker is good at picking guys off! There we go! Spin move and after a short rundown Parker applies the tag at third. Blanco is out. Big out ahead of the very good hitting Melky Cabrera.
  • 8:46PM PDT – Top of 6th, 2 out – Base hit for Cabrera. Giants would’ve scored a run on that one, but alas their runner is no more.
  • 9:02PM PDT – Top of 7th, 0 out – Pablo Sandoval with a broken bat single spells the end to Jarrod Parker‘s night. New pitcher for Oakland will be Jerry Blevins. Blevins has thrown 29 2/3 innings of 2.43 ERA and 3.79 FIP baseball backed by 7.6 K/9, 3.3 BB/9 and 0.9 HR/9.
  • 9:10PM PDT – Top of 7th, 1 out – Justin Christian, pinch-hitting for Schierholtz pops up the bunt to Suzuki leaving him hitless now through five MLB plate appearances.
  • 9:14PM PDT – Top of 7th, 2 out – Joaquin Arias is announced as a right-handed pinch-hitter for Brandon Crawford and that will prompt Bob Melvin to get Grant Balfour into the ballgame. Balfour comes in with 34 2/3 innings of 2.86 ERA, 3.86 FIP baseball to his name care of 7.3 K/9, 3.9 BB/9 and 0.8 HR/9. Like last year he has a strong BABIP at .220, wonder if the Coliseum is playing a role in that.
  • 9:21PM PDT – Bottom of 7th, 0 out – Jeremy Affeldt comes in for the Giants. 2.84 ERA, 2.89 FIP with 7.8 K/9, 2.5 BB/9 and 0.4 HR/9 in 25 1/3 for the lefty. Book closes on Lincecum: six innings, three earned runs on three hits, with four walks and eight K’s so not a bad night for him after a very shaky first inning.
  • 9:26PM PDT – Bottom of 7th, 2 out – What an awful play by Theriot. Infield pop up from Weeks, sort of a loopy one not straight up, and Theriot boots it. A’s have new life from what looked like it would be an incredibly fast inning for Affeldt. Theriot has gone three at bats with three strikeouts so a forgettable game for him.
  • 9:31PM PDT – Bottom of 7th, 2 out – The error by Theriot has opened the door for Oakland to tack on a few insurance runs. Cespedes is due up with Weeks on via error, Reddick on via walk. George Kontos takes the hill for the Giants to have the righty-on-righty matchup. Kontos has thrown just five and two-thirds innings for San Francisco this year, pitching to a 1.58 ERA and 0.58 FIP with 11.1 K/9 and no walks or home runs.
  • 9:44PM PDT – Bottom of 8th, 0 out – New pitcher in for San Francisco is Javier Lopez who has only thrown 14 2/3 innings this year for the Giants. In that time he has a 3.07 ERA, 2.85 FIP with 7.4 K/9, 4.3 BB./9 and no home runs allowed. In response, Smith a lefty, is replaced by Collin Cowgill as a pinch hitter.
  • 9:51PM PDT – Bottom of 8th, 2 out – Another pitching change. With the right-handed Suzuki due up (really, people are afraid of Suzuki?) Bruce Bochy will go to his bullpen again to retrieve Clay Hensley. Hensley has a 3.67 ERA and 3.94 FIP with some strange peripherals: 7.8 K/9, 6.0 BB/9 and 0.3 HR/9.
  • 9:53PM PDT – Bottom of 8th, 2 out – So much for that strategy, base hit for Suzuki. First hit the A’s have had since the first inning, sort of amazing how strange this game has been like that.
  • 10:02PM PDT – Top of 9th, 0 out – Ryan Cook comes in to close it out for the A’s. He has four saves on the year for the A’s but more importantly, fourteen shutdowns with just one meltdown so he has been very good as his 0.57 ERA and 2.77 FIP would attest. He has been great with 9.4 K/9 but struggles with command at 5.1 BB/9. He has yet to surrender a home run in his MLB career which is now 39 1/3 innings long (31 2/3 of those innings being this year with Oakland).
  • 10:03PM PDT – Top of 9th, 0 out – Four pitch walk to tonight’s Giants designated hitter Buster Posey. Not the way you want to start an inning.
  • 10:06PM PDT – Top of 9th, 0 out – Another walk to Sandoval. Back-to-back walks will get Cook a visit from Curt Young. The tying run now is on first (Sandoval) with the go-ahead at the plate (Belt).
  • 10:08PM PDT – Top of 9th, 0 out – Belt, belts it to left. Cowgill with what in hindsight at least is not a good dive. It gets past him. Posey scores from second, Sandoval goes through the third base coach Tim Flannery‘s stop sign and that ties the game. Blown save and meltdown for Cook.
  • 10:11PM PDT – Top of 9th, 0 out – Sean Doolittle is up and throwing in the A’s bullpen. Santiago Casilla the Giants’ closer also begins to throw. Cowgill meanwhile rolled his ankle in left field but is staying in the game. Up now is Christian for the Giants, with Sanchez on deck and Arias in the hole.
  • 10:13PM PDT – Top of 9th, 0 out – Christian with a single to left field. Belt holds at third. Cook has earned himself a meltdown and in every sense of the word looks like he has melted down and “when it’s time for a change…”. Doolittle due in. Doolittle has thrown six innings of 18.0 K/9, 3.0 BB/9 and 0.0 HR/9 baseball for a 6.00 ERA but immaculate 0.05 FIP and an amazing 0.3 WAR despite the minimal time out on the mound. Along with the new pitcher, the A’s will have a new left fielder with Jonny Gomes coming in.
  • 10:18PM PDT – Top of 9th, 0 out – Sanchez with a base hit to left field, scores Belt. Giants lead 4-3.
  • 10:19PM PDT – Top of 9th, 1 out – A’s finally record an out on the sacrifice bunt by Arias. Can’t be easy bunting off of someone like Doolittle. Doolittle got off the mound fielded it well, looked third and threw to first to record the out.
  • 10:23PM PDT – Top of 9th, 1 out – Line drive to left field and Blanco drives in an insurance run for San Francisco. Giants pad the lead to 5-3 as Christian scores.
  • 10:29PM PDT – Top of 9th, 3 out – Doolittle gets Cabrera swinging, following his swinging K of Theriot to end the inning. But the damage has been done. In the bottom half the A’s send their 2-3-4 hitters (Weeks, Reddick, Cespedes) up to try and get back into this one. Casilla on the year, nine shutdowns but a high six meltdowns to go with it. A strong 1.32 ERA on the year, but a much higher 3.78 FIP owing to 7.6 K/9, 2.6 BB/9 and the problematic 1.0 HR/9 in his 27 1/3 innings.
  • 10:36PM PDT – Bottom of 9th, 1 out – Home run Josh Reddick! Deep center field! Blanco goes up the wall but can’t bring it in. Done. His sixteenth on the year cuts the Giants lead to 5-4.
  • 10:40PM PDT – Bottom of 9th, 2 out – Casilla gets Cespedes lunging and it all comes down to Gomes.
  • 10:42PM PDT – Bottom of 9th, 3 out – Gomes down on strikes. A’s blow it in the ninth and lose. Disappointing game. Cook did not look like he had it at all right from the get go.
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