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Live Blogging: Padres @ A’s Game 65

June 15, 2012

A’s and Padres take each other on in yet another meaningless interleague series. For Oakland, Travis Blackley takes the mound entering with a 4.97 ERA, 3.26 FIP and 5.7 K/9, 2.8 BB/9 and 0.4 HR/9 across 25 1/3 innings. He counters Anthony Bass who brings with him a 4.38 ERA, 3.70 FIP and 8.2 K/9, 3.5 BB/9 and 0.9 HR/9 across 74 innings. A’s lineup features Coco Crisp leading off, followed by Jemile Weeks in the two slot. Seth Smith sticks in the designated hitter spot hitting fourth with Collin Cowgill in left hitting eighth.

  • 7:15PM PDT – Top of 1st, 1 out – Carlos Quentin gets it over the leaping Cliff Pennington, Everth Cabrera scores from second. Padres get the 1-0 lead.
  • 7:19PM PDT – Top of 1st, 3 out – Yonder Alonso grounds right into the shift. Pennington was playing straight up the middle. I have to think there is some sort of added information this year that clubs are analyzing. So many shift on players these days. But it worked. A’s get a shaky Blackley out of the inning.
  • 7:24PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – Ugh. Why is Weeks bunting?
  • 7:25PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – Another stolen base for Coco. Good solid throw from Nick Hundley but Coco just flat stole it. That was all him. He is one of the game’s better baserunners, if only the rest of his game could be as strong. That is his 33rd straight steal.
  • 7:29PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 0 out – Rope by Josh Reddick into the right field corner and all three players get to show off their speed as Crisp and Weeks score from second and first respectively and Reddick gets all the way to third with the triple. A’s take the lead back 2-1.
  • 7:32PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 1 out – Brandon Inge with a solid hit to center field. Reddick trots home. A’s up 3-1.
  • 7:35PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 1 out – Brandon Moss with a long home run to right field! Two run shot! A’s up 5-1! Wow. Could it be that he is breaking through? Sixth home run in nine games for Moss. Wow. His career high for home runs is seven with the Pirates in 2009 but he did that in 424 plate appearances. Six in 29 this year.
  • 7:44PM PDT – Top of 2nd, 2 out – Alexi Amarista with a two-out triple. He really can fly. I didn’t realize how fast he was as he didn’t get much playing time in Anaheim and we saw a lot of their other speedsters to steal away the attention. But that was a no-doubt triple there.
  • 7:46PM PDT – Top of 2nd, 2 out – Chris Denorfia gets Amarista home with a single. Padres cut the A’s lead to 5-2. Blackley doesn’t look good but fortunately Bass looks worth.
  • 8:05PM PDT – Top of 3rd, 3 out – Finally a 1-2-3 inning from Blackley. Important against a weak lineup like this.
  • 8:29PM PDT – Bottom of 4th, 1 out – Pennington hits it high up over the head of Cameron Maybin, hit the wall maybe a foot off the top of the wall. Cowgill with a great run around from first to score. 6-2 A’s!
  • 8:30PM PDT – Bottom of 4th, 1 out – Coco with a sharp grounder to Amarista – should be ruled a hit. Amarista bobbles it. Pennington scores. Crisp ends up on first. 7-2 Oakland.
  • 9:02PM PDT – Bottom of 6th, 1 out – Cowgill with a sharp hit up the middle of the diamond Cabrera ranges well to the middle to try and get it but can’t and it is an infield single that moves Kurt Suzuki over to third and ends the night of Bass as Bud Black will go and retrieve Brad Boxberger from the Padres bullpen. Boxberger has just one MLB game and inning to his name, one K and one walk during that outing. With Tucson in the PCL this year he has 23 innings pitched, 13.7 K/9, 5.9 BB/9 with no home runs a 4.70 ERA and 2.24 FIP.
  • 9:07PM PDT – Bottom of 6th, 1 out – Boxberger has Cowgill picked off with a buyable third to first play (don’t see those too often that actually look like they could get anyone) and then throws the ball into the outfield. Suzuki scores. Cowgill gets to third. 8-2 Oakland.
  • 9:08PM PDT – Bottom of 6th, 1 out – Pennington with a base hit to right center field. Cowgill trots home. Oakland 9, San Diego 2. Closes book on Bass: five and a third innings, nine runs (seven of them earned), on eight hits including the Moss home run, with three walks and three strikeouts. Messy outing: 11.81 ERA brings the season up 4.88.
  • 9:15PM PDT – Top of 7th, 0 out – Evan Scribner comes into the game to face his former teammates. Scribner has just appeared in one game for Oakland, one and a third innings pitched with two strikeouts. With Sacramento he has 32 2/3 innings, 9.6 K/9, 2.5 BB/9 and 1.1 HR/9 with a 3.31 ERA and 3.48 FIP.
  • 9:36PM PDT – Top of 8th, 3 out – Scribner has had a good two innings of work. Three stirkeouts and a walk so far. Wonder if Bob Melvin saves the pen a bit and throws him out there to lock up the save. Such a stupid rule. Can come in with a massive lead and earn a save throwing three innings.
  • 9:44PM PDT – Bottom of 8th, 1 out – Cowgill walk and a Pennington single (3-for-3 with a walk today on his 28th birthday) and the A’s are in business again against these Padres.
  • 9:47PM PDT – Bottom of 8th, 2 out – Weeks flies out to Denorfia. Cowgill tags up and scores. A’s up 10-2.
  • 9:54PM PDT – Top of 9th, 3 out – A’s win! Scribner does indeed earn the three inning save, and Blackley earns his first win in seven years. Great to see the A’s hitting like this!
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  1. Hungary4A'sNews permalink
    June 16, 2012 3:07 am

    Man I’ve been watching ball for minimum 38 years and then TVPRCRP introduces me to THE 3 inning save with more than 3 runs the whole time ! looks like in baseball you really can see and learn something new every game!

    New suggested player area name in rightfield seats:

    “Moss Landing” Let’s go Oak…Land

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