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Recap: Angels @ A’s Game 44

May 22, 2012

There is an old adage that anytime you go to a ballpark you just might see something you have never seen before. Yesterday, the Oakland A’s were one-hit for the third time this year. The first club since records have been kept measuring this sort of thing (1918) to have notched being one-hit three times by the end of May. Not a stellar record to own, and losing 5-0 to the Angels not a stellar game to watch.

  • Cliff Pennington got a single off of C.J. Wilson in the fifth inning. Adam Rosales up next promptly hit into a double play. That is about the full extent of the offense in this one. Collin Cowgill and Daric Barton both struck out twice, among the nine total A’s strikeouts.
  • The lineup in this game was not one fit to compete at the MLB level. Even though there were serious pieces missing, I didn’t like the order (and I realize batting order in any given game has minimal impact) used as Josh Donaldson (.134/.132/.239) hit fifth for example. The entire lineup was quite atrocious with five of the nine hitters hitting below .200.
  • Pitching wise Graham Godfrey had an awful start where he was saved more by the Angels (a tripped up squeeze play) than he was by his own pitching. All in all he went three innings, of four earned run baseball, allowing six hits (one of them an Albert Pujols home run – didn’t realize he still hit those), three walks and two strikeouts.
  • It seems Travis Blackley is indeed the long man in the pen as he went three and two thirds innings pitching surprisingly well: one unearned run care of a Donaldson error, on three hits, walking none and striking out three. A pleasant surprise in a game with few things that came close to meriting the descriptor of pleasant.
  • Jim Miller and Jerry Blevins, the two other “we are hopelessly behind” designated relievers, combined for two and a third innings, of one hit (Miller), one walk (Miller), three strikeout (2 Miller, 1 Blevins) baseball.
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