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Cool New Promo From Topps!

May 22, 2012

This blog, as you all know, is named after a baseball card and the baseball card bubble of the early 1990s. Topps has a cool app called Topps Pennant. I encourage everyone to check it out. It is infographics on every game in A’s history, so you can find out about different games, share favorite moments, etc. To get attention for the new app, Topps hopes fans can submit screenshots from the Topps Pennant app of the specific moments via Twitter using the hashtag #AsMemories as well as doing that on Facebook or email. We A’s fans need to show we can best Giants fans who they are running the promo with as well this week. Why do we need to beat the Giants – other than the obvious reasons? – because fan from the team with the most memories submitted will be randomly selected to receive an authentic MLB jersey of that team. On the contrary, a fan from the team with the least memories submitted will be randomly selected to receive a stack of Topps baseball cards from 1987 – ah, how I miss that wood trim finish – of the Giants and A’s. As you can see, there’s a big swing in prizes and Topps is after the fans who support their team more!

To get into things, Josh Reddick of the A’s is participating and he shared his favorite moment on Twitter,

“Big win Sun, great #asmemories like this from the Bay Bridge Series. #A’s fans what are your favorite #asmemories?””

To show what the app looks like this is a screenshot of his HR:

You can get the app for only $0.99 at the Apple iTunes store and remember to share your #AsMemories on Twitter! I will be so follow me: @tvprcretireplan.

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