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Recap: A’s @ Giants Game 41

May 19, 2012

The A’s are an even 20-20 after 40 games and I for one cannot say I’d expected them to be in this spot. If someone had told me Yoenis Cespedes would miss time with injuries, Dallas Braden would have his timeline pushed significantly back and the A’s would go through a small army of third basemen that would seem even less likely, but here they stood. Today however dips them below .500 as they fell to San Francisco 4-0, extending their losing streak on the other side of the Bay to eleven games.

  • The big play in this one was a disputed hit-by-pitch of Ryan Vogelsong by Tyson Ross in the bottom of the seventh. Replays made it seem like Vogelsong may have not been hit by the pitch but Bob Melvin got rung from the game for arguing it. Ross the starter who had thrown until then six shutout innings before allowing a single to Emmanuel Burriss to start the seventh following by the alleged HBP was pulled in lieu of Grant Balfour who could not get the A’s out of the inning en route to a four run inning. If the alleged HBP came with two outs that is one thing, but it came with none so the assertion by beat writers like Jane Lee that this was some big transformational moment sort of rings hollow to me, especially in light of the fact that the A’s failed to score and any run, not just the one caused by a hit by pitch would have been responsible for a defeat.
  • Ross pitched as we have come to expect from Ross. His strikeouts again matched his walks at four. He went six innings, allowing seven hits, along with those two earned runs from the seventh. His ERA stands at 5.73, his FIP while much more generous at 4.08 doesn’t seem to convey just how lackluster Ross has been.
  • Balfour again was the big train wreck in this one. In two-thirds of an inning he allowed both of Ross’ inherited runners to score, along with allowing two more runs of his own on two hits, with a walk and a strikeout. His ERA has now soared to 4.50 on the season. Travis Blackley finished off the game throwing an inning and a third, with a hit and a strikeout.
  • The A’s had one hit. A single by 1-for-3 Seth Smith. The only other “highlights” were walks drawn by Daric Barton in the sixth, and Kurt Suzuki in the ninth. The Giants only faced one above the minimum as Smith’s hit was followed by a Josh Donaldson double play ball, and Suzuki’s walk was followed promptly by a Kila Ka’aihue double play ball.
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