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Live Blogging: Tigers @ A’s Game 33

May 11, 2012

Tommy Milone takes the hill for the Athletics tonight in the second of four games versus the visiting Tigers. Milone leads the A’s in wins with four (proving wins’ poorness as a metric) and has yet to allow a run at the Coliseum in 16 innings pitched there. That could be tough to keep up against the offensively strong squad from Motown. On the year Milone has a 4.42 ERA and 4.75 FIP as the strikeouts haven’t been there for him (4.7 K/9) and he has been prone to the home run (1.2 HR/9) over 36 2/3 innings, a tough combination to swing and a tough combination against this lineup he faces. Detroit counters with Rick Porcello who is similarly afflicted, with 4.9 K/9 and 1.2 HR/9 a 4.91 ERA and 4.37 FIP in his exact same 36 2/3 innings. Kila Ka’aihue gets to hit cleanup tonight, with his third highest on the club 118 wRC+. Collin Cowgill gets the start in center field which was expected after his call up from Sacramento.

  • 7:09PM PDT – Top of 1st, 0 out – Austin Jackson hits it past his former teammate Brandon Inge off a 3-1 pitch. The problems with getting behind. Jackson ends up on second base with a double and early trouble for Milone.
  • 7:10PM PDT – Top of 1st, 0 out – Poor play by the center field specialist Cowgill as the ball drops in front of him and he does a poor sell on the “trap” – the ball clearly dropping well in front of him. Single for Andy Dirks. Now Miguel Cabrera with two on is the trouble has to contend with.
  • 7:11PM PDT – Top of 1st, 2 out – 6-4-3 double play from Cabrera, but Jackson scores. Tigers 1, A’s 0.
  • 7:12PM PDT – Top of 1st, 3 out – Big K as Milone gets Prince Fielder swinging so the damage is quite limited.
  • 7:20PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 2 out – Kila kills it to center over the head of Jackson , to score Josh Reddick aboard with a single from first. A’s are lucky that didn’t go for a ground rule double. Ties it up.
  • 7:22PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 2 out – Four pitch walk to Seth Smith, nice two-out rally for Oakland here.
  • 7:23PM PDT – Bottom of 1st, 2 out – Single for Brandon Inge through the infield on the right side scores Ka’aihue from right. That is Inge’s 14th RBI on the year which ties him for second on the club with Reddick despite the fact Reddick has 137 plate appearances to Inge’s 42. A’s up 2-1.
  • 7:33PM PDT – Bottom of 2nd, 1 out – First base hit on the season for Cowgill as he hits it into the hole and Jhonny Peralta opts to not even bother with a throw.
  • 7:40PM PDT – Top of 3rd, 0 out – Error by Inge gets Gerald Laird aboard and now a single by Danny Worth makes it first and second with nobody out. Milone got out of the jam in the first but with the top of the order this is a mess he needs to quickly solve.
  • 7:46PM PDT – Top of 3rd, 2 out – Cabrera is a professional hitter, hits it opposite field into right, scored Laird. Tigers and A’s are tied again.
  • 7:52PM PDT – Bottom of 3rd, 0 out – Fan favorite Reddick hits a home run to right field and in this already see-saw game the A’s regain the lead 3-2. Seventh dinger on the year matching his career high which was last year with Boston in 278 plate appearances. Reddick’s power was something I questioned when we got him, but seeing him it is legit. Does anyone not like this guy?
  • 7:54PM PDT – Bottom of 3rd, 0 out – Ka’aihue continues to look like a savvy pick up with his second double in the game. That one for a time looked like it might leave the yard but instead clanged off the wall.
  • 7:55PM PDT – Bottom of 3rd. 0 out – Smith hits it down the left field line, looks like by his reaction he didn’t think he hit it fair sort of watching it a minute. But it goes into the corner for a double to score Kila and expand the A’s lead to 4-2. Duane Below begins working in the Tigers pen.
  • 8:07PM PDT – Top of 4th, 2 out – Inge dives can’t get to it, Cliff Pennington reaches down and launches it to first. What an arm. Nice stretch too by Daric Barton to ensure that that out was recorded.
  • 8:21PM PDT – Bottom of 4th, 2 out – Pennington plunks a bloop in front of Dirks in left field preventing Porcello from recording his first three up, three down inning.
  • 8:24PM PDT – Bottom of 4th, 2 out – Four pitch walk to Reddick and Below again begins throwing in the Tigers pen.
  • 8:25PM PDT – Bottom of 4th, 2 out – Double steal! Nicely done. Pennington’s seventh and Reddick’s fourth on the year.
  • 8:43PM PDT – Bottom of 5th, 2 out – Four pitch walk to Kurt Suzuki. Interesting that Porcello has three walks in this game, and all of them have been on four pitches. If it rains it pours for him in this one?
  • 8:53PM PDT – Bottom of 6th, 0 out – Below finally comes into this one. Not a great outing for Porcello, though given all the pressure the A’s put on him the score feels a lot different than the 4-2 it actually is. A’s are only 2-for-8 with runners in scoring position which helped Porcello to his four earned runs, on nine hits including the Reddick home run, with three walks and four strikeouts on exactly 100 pitches. Below has pitched exclusively in relief this year, and in his 14 innings across his eight appearances has 5.8 K/9, 0.6 BB/9 with him yet to surrender a home run so despite the low K totals he has a 1.88 FIP to go along with his 0.00 ERA.
  • 8:57PM PDT – Bottom of 6th, 0 out – Terrible slide from Jemile Weeks, but wow the speed to steal the base despite the fact that they guess right that he was going on the pickoff play. Fielder didn’t bother throwing but frankly if he did throw Peralta may have been able to tag him coming clear off the bag like that. A’s 5, Tigers 2.
  • 9:00PM PDT – Bottom of 6th, 1 out – Reddick hits it up the middle, so Below is so far below-par relief as Weeks is able to come around and score from second as the A’s convert the leadoff walk into a run.
  • 9:03PM PDT – Bottom of 6th, 2 out – Another good day for Smith: 3-for-3 with a walk, ups his numbers to .253/.406/.354 with a .345 wOBA and 122 wRC+.
  • 9:04PM PDT – Bottom of 6th, 2 out – Wow! I might be becoming a fan of Inge! Another home run from him. Three run shot blows this one wide open off of his former teammate Below. Oakland 8, Detroit 2.
  • 9:15PM PDT – Top of 7th, 3 out – Ten straight set down by Milone who is having a heck of a game though I have failed to mention it. Really has settled in after a rough start. 98 pitches for Milone across seven innings, with two run (one earned) baseball with just one walk and a season high six strikeouts (while also marks a career high).
  • 9:18PM PDT – Bottom of 7th, 0 out – Collin Balester comes out to pitch for the Tigers. Last night he threw two pitches one of which resulted in the Inge grand slam. His year hasn’t been great as the owner of a 4.91 ERA and messy 6.63 FIP as in 14 2/3 innings he has 5.5 K/9, 4.9 BB/9 and 1.8 HR/9. Amazing what it takes to have a bad 4.91 ERA when you have a .159 BABIP but Balester is finding ways.
  • 9:25PM PDT – Bottom of 7th, 2 out – Three run home run for Josh Reddick! Wow. Ryan Raburn jumped up looked like he might’ve come down with it, but fell the base of the glove, looked into it and sure enough no baseball there. Balester set the first two down then back to back walks to Weeks and Pennington. Reddick cashes them in and makes it 11-2 for Oakland. Ryan Cook had been warming in the pen, which I thought seemed foolish but now he is taking a seat and Andrew Carignan looks like he’ll get a shot for some work.
  • 9:34PM PDT – Top of 8th, 0 out – Carignan’s Sacramento mojo (0.8 BB/9) hasn’t come down I-80 with him it seems. Two walks straight out of the shoot for him raise his BB/9 to 14.5 BB/9 with Oakland.
  • 9:36PM PDT – Top of 8th, 0 out – Single up the middle for Cabrera, scores Jackson from second. A’s still with a massive lead 11-3. Cook begins to throw again, still don’t get why they wouldn’t go to someone else here but Cook is a fun guy to watch.
  • 9:40PM PDT – Top of 8th, 2 out – Big GIDP induced for Fielder but Carignan can’t get out of the inning allowing a single to Delmon Young to score Dirks and make it Oakland 11, Detroit 4.
  • 9:45PM PDT – Bottom of 8th, 0 out – Luke Putkonen takes the mound for Detroit. This is his just his third MLB appearance. In the past two he has thrown three innings allowing three earned runs while striking out two and walking two. In Toledo he had a strong ERA of 1.38 put the peripherals didn’t support that giving him a still good 3.05 FIP.
  • 9:51PM PDT – Top of 9th, 0 out – Jerry Blevins comes out to finish the game out. He has been used in very low leverage situations so far this year and tonight’s usage is no exception. Blevins has thrown 15 innings, with 7.8 K/9, 3.6 BB/9 and 1.8 HR/9 so while his ERA is a tidy 1.80 his FIP is an ugly 5.02.
  • 9:57PM PDT – Top of 9th, 3 out – Jackson flies out to Reddick and that is the ballgame. Good win for the A’s!
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