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Recap: A’s @ Orioles Game 22

April 28, 2012

As the A’s played the Orioles and lost 10-1, I was in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium to see the Major League debut of Bryce Harper. The game was a great one to watch perched high above the field on the top deck, as I got to see Stephen Strasburg open the game with a 100 mph heater, got to see Harper’s first, hit, catch, RBI. And got to see Matt Kemp hit a game winning home run making me think he just might be the best offensive player in the game. Henry Rodriguez threw 102 mph with zero control, which also was worth the ticket price in and of itself. Good company, friend of the blog and podcast co-host Alan Torres, made for a good evening at the park, finding out I saved myself from watching a 10-1 A’s loss on television made it priceless.

  • There are some A’s fans for whom Tyson Ross is someone who fascinates and excites them. I like the guy but fascinate and excite me he does not and tonight’s outing should not have fascinated and excited anyone – except perhaps Orioles hitters. Ross went four innings, allowing nine runs (all earned!) on eleven hits, with a walk and strikeout. I believe in sabermetrics, I believe in defense-independent pitching stats. I realize his .550 BABIP in this one was a big part of his troubles, but the 20.25 ERA but just 3.20 FIP split for this one? No, he pitched 20.25 ERA bad.
  • I sometimes feel there should be a very strict stat for relievers, did they let the game get further away? Period. A stat that is a straight yes or no vote. Doesn’t matter if it was their runners, doesn’t matter if it was someone else’s, if they came in with a guy on third no one out and ten run lead, doesn’t matter. Relievers jobs are to provide relief. Their job is to throw just one measly inning, or sometimes just to one measly hitter, and get outs. One job: get outs. Jim Miller, the A’s apparent new long-man hasn’t done this. He allowed runs to score in his first outing (not his) before earning the win, and he allowed a run to score tonight, allowing a home run to Chris Davis. I found his promotion peculiar and still do.
  • The A’s offense managed just run. All care of Jonny Gomes. Meaning the strand rate for the Orioles pitchers on the game was 100%. Unless you got the ball out of there by yourself as Gomes did you were going to languish on the bases. Now, I was not a fan of the Gomes signing, I thought it wasn’t a good decision, but he actually hasn’t been that bad. He is very feast or famine (of his eight hits half have been home runs) and he has K’d way too much (35.6% K%) but his wOBA is .393 his wRC+ is 154 and he has been worth 0.4 WAR despite a .216 batting average, care of his strong .356 OBP and stellar .541 slugging percentage. Outside of Yoenis Cespedes (who went 0-for-4 with a K and four left on base), he is really the only thus far proven power threat in this lineup, as shown today that might be the A’s only hope for scoring runs.
  • As expressed, the A’s had trouble with guys on base. The team as a whole left eight men on and were 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position. Everyone who came to bat in this game left a man on base during their time in the game, even Anthony Recker did it in his one trip to the plate. This inability to rally was expected, but was amazingly put on display in Baltimore.
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