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Could the A’s Next Third Baseman Be a New Free Agent?

April 26, 2012

This is the second piece I have titled “Could the A’s Next Third Baseman Be a New Free Agent?”.  The first was a post about Conor Jackson whom when he was released by the Rangers, I felt with near certainty would end up the newest Oakland Athletic. Fortunately that did not occur, but I now feel that this coming move is imminent.

Today the Detroit Tigers released underperforming “third baseman” (he really doesn’t have a set position and has played virtually everything save pitcher, first base and shortstop in his career) Brandon Inge. Inge was an All-Star in 2009 and has been as high as a 4.0 WAR player (2006). Last year he struggled, being worth -0.4 WAR, owning a .247 wOBA and 48 wRC+ in 303 plate appearances. This year in 20 plate appearances, he is hitting .100/.100/.300 with a .168 wOBA and -5 wRC+.  Inge is earning $5.5M in 2012 and he has a $6M club option with a $500K buyout for 2013, that said, any club acquiring him would only be responsible for the pro-rated part of the MLB league minimum salary which is why for the A’s with a current starting third baseman of Luke Hughes may be intrigued. Hopefully I am wrong and we can have another “Could the A’s Next Third Baseman Be a New Free Agent?” freak out post in the future.


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