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Dreams of a Crisp Trade and the 25-Man

April 16, 2012

On there was talk of Coco Crisp being a potential fit for the Boston Red Sox given that Jacoby Ellsbury is missing time. I don’t see it happening. I wish I could, but why would Boston get Crisp owed $7M this year and next to fill in for Ellsbury expected to miss significant time just this year? Also, let’s not forget Crisp just hasn’t been very good. Last year he was a leadoff hitter with a .314 OBP (a stat that I will repeat until the cows come home), and this year he is off to a sparkling start with a .162/.225/.162 slash line and it seems his new (and poorly chosen role) as a number three hitter is resulting in him suddenly trying to be a power hitter. Crisp’s high water mark for home runs (16) came in 2005 so I’d strongly advise an alternate strategy as he hasn’t even it double digits since then. But continually game after game we watch him get under balls and pop out, already this year he features a 48.4% FB% and a 20.0% IFFB% which is how ladies and gentlemen you quickly arrive at that .162 batting average.

The Red Sox would require the A’s to eat salary I think on this deal, and while I would be all for it, what sort of garbage prospects would we even get out of it? While I see it as an addition by subtraction type move and would support it, I just think there are too many things working against this trade which would very much so be in the A’s best interests but not perhaps in the best interests of the Red Sox. Joe Stiglich of the Contra Costa Times however disagrees with me as he says of a potential deal that it,

“makes sense to me. I could see Crisp generating interest from other teams too if he’s having a productive season and the A’s fall out of contention early. But that contract – two years at $14 million through 2013 – might scare some buyers away. At any rate, Crisp is another player to watch as the season unfolds. “

I think there is one too big to fail if there, i) if he is having a productive season being a giant if because the ii) if the A’s fall out of contention early is likely a given. I think he has little value because of the second year on the deal and this continues to be the A’s biggest miss of the offseason, sadly it was one that was clearly obvious from day one.

While I’d love for the A’s to rid themselves of Crisp and open up a roster spot for when Tyson Ross is activated on Tuesday to make the start in Anaheim, that is clearly unlikely so talk is that it will be either Collin Cowgill or Kila Ka’aihue getting the walking papers. I wonder if Ka’aihue’s really not so terrible, albeit short, appearance thus far this year will make him someone who could be claimed off of waivers, and whether or not Oakland feels OK with that happening. I personally would like to give him more of an extended look so favor optioning Collin Cowgill but as per Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle,

“Usually, you’d expect the sixth outfielder to be the man sent out, especially considering Cowgill has options left, but  [Bob] Melvin likes Cowgill’s energy and he has said he likes having the six outfielders.”

I don’t see why Seth Smith can’t be a true fourth outfielder. I get why Jonny Gomes can’t be, and still think we are better off giving Kila (who yes is left-handed as is Daric Barton) a longer look. That’s my two cents.

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  1. dKim permalink
    April 16, 2012 4:00 pm

    Is Lars Anderson on the A’s radar at all anymore? We could get rid of Coco and pick up a good 1Bman. On a side note. Did Brandon Allen clear waivers?

    • April 16, 2012 4:35 pm

      I don’t know that he is. With respect to Allen, he has not yet cleared waivers as far as we know. The 10 day DFA period is just in day six right now I believe.

  2. jim permalink
    April 16, 2012 5:20 pm

    Here’s what the A’s should do-
    1) Trade Crisp to Boston. They don’t get anything in return except Boston agreeing to pay some of that ridiculous salary. If it’s only 2 million or so, so be it. Its a sunk cost.
    2) Trade Brian Fuentes to the Giants. Once again, nothing in return but salary relief. Give them Balfour as well, if they’re stupid enough to trade Belt.
    3) Keep anybody that might have some upside like Kila and Allen (may be too late there) even if they play the same position. Guys can be temporarily played out of position- they’re not winning anyway. Give these guys an opprtunity to see if they can fulfill upside on the A’s watch.
    4) Don’t keep anyone with no upside such as Rosales or Gomes. It’s OK to temporarily keep limited upside guys that don’t have anyone behind them like Pennington.
    5) Fill the roster back up to 25 with Carter, Taylor, maybe Mitchell or anyone else with some upside.
    6) Trade Suzuki by the deadline. Play him less right now so that his numbers may artificially inflate.
    7) Don’t rush young pitchers such as Peacock, Grey etc.
    8) Look for any upside bargains as they present themselves.
    9) Realize and come to grips with the fact that they are a 4th place team at present.

    If I write this on AN, they’ll all still get on me for not thinking Crisp is great. And several will think we can fix everything by recalling Rosales.

    • April 17, 2012 11:32 am

      1) I’d be cool with.
      2) Don’t see that happening.
      3) I want to hang onto Kila
      4) Gomes seems a guy we can maybe deal at the deadline.
      5) I’d be alright with that
      6) If Norris keeps hitting like he is, this very well could be the case
      7) Yup
      8) Don’t see any on the horizon or the stuff to get them in return
      9) They are a 3rd or 4th place team that is 23-28 games out.

      I don’t know about that. I’ve been pretty harsh on Crisp. Like him as a guy, find him very exciting to watch, he made a great play yesterday in Anaheim, he just isn’t what this team needs. Not sure how his skillset fits in anywhere to a degree but that’s me.

  3. Happy permalink
    April 16, 2012 5:53 pm

    Send down a RP. We have 3 lefties in the pen. Go to 2.

    • April 17, 2012 11:33 am

      Don’t think the pen wants to be short-handed. I agree there are too many LHPs but Jordan Norberto is one of the bullpen’s best pitching pitchers. Blevins is out of options and Fuentes isn’t going anywhere soon. So, I think it has to ultimately be a position player.

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