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Rosales Optioned to Sacramento

April 2, 2012

Adam Rosales was optioned to Sacramento. A’s brass must see something valuable in him and I think they do because they have played him all over the diamond, versatility important for a young club. That said the A’s are committed to Josh Donaldson and Eric Sogard to man third base and in Sogard’s case also backup all around the infield. Rosales is being paid more than the league minimum and has had value recently, his 1.6 WAR season in 80 games in 2010 can’t be ignored. But at the same time, nor should it be ignored that Rosales outside of 2010 has put up nothing but negative WAR seasons (-0.2 in 2008, -0.1 in 2009 and -1.0 last year).

Rosales isn’t exorbitantly priced and will be useful if any regular goes down, which I think is highly probable, particularly at second base with the very fragile Jemile Weeks looking to prove me wrong and put together a second straight injury free campaign. Unclear as of right now what position Rosales will man in Sacramento, A’s still have two cuts to go before they reach 25.

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