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Be Still & Know My Power is Limitless

January 30, 2012

Yesterday I went to A’s FanFest at Oracle Arena. I had the privilege of being one of six bloggers invited to interview five members of the A’s (manager Bob Melvin, Brandon McCarthy, Cliff Pennington, Josh Reddick and Seth Smith) and you will see my questions along with some analysis and what I was thinking over the course of the next few days. But FanFest was fun, got to meet a whole bunch of great A’s fans, got a picture of me taken with all four World Series trophies and went to the memorabilia sale where I got one game-used Barry Zito baseball cap (for only $10!).

So this post is about that one piece of memorabilia. There isnt much story as to how I got it. I arrive at FanFest and go to the memorabilia sale where there is a crazy feeding frenzy over game used jerseys (despite my being one of the first ones there). I had picked up a Rich Harden #18 green alternative jersey, and simply because  it was Harden it was going for $80 (all the departed players could be had for a mere $40). I went back and forth over whether I wanted it? Harden had a poor 2011, the #18 versus his former #40 meant it was known to all that it would be a 2011 Harden and is that a season anyone wanted to commemorate?

Anyhow, others had arm-fulls of every jersey they could grab. Unsurprisingly a glance at eBay this morning clearly indicated where many of those popped up. I decided against the Harden, though I’d likely have done it for the #40. Looking at the other offerings, they had game-used pants (the bats were already long gone), and they a game used cap table. So I took a look at the caps. Mostly they were just used (i.e very dirty and/or sweaty) and most had just a number under the brim, “37” “21” etc. Some had something like “36 Sogard” so you knew the player who were getting. There were a whole bunch of #3’s which I figure were Eric Chavez caps and #14’s that I figured were Mark Ellis‘ but ultimately who knows? I kept looking through and found one that said “75 Steamroller”. To my knowledge Zito was the lone 75. Furthermore, the gray underbrim was consistent with an early 2000’s cap as is the more inlaid MLB symbol on the back of the cap (nowadays they pop out much more with thicker embroidery than they did back then). So for $10? Cool Zito, I’ll get it. Why not? When I am in line, I look inside the cap, curious to see the size (turns out we are the same) and also note that those tags too are consistent with the tags of the early 2000’s. Then I look inside the crown and in sharpie across the underside of the crown is “Be Still & Know” (left side) “Your power is limitless” (right side) and I am like wow, that is Zito. So its just very cool, because Zito is my favorite Athletic still.

I do a little research, and quickly find it was a fruitless search to try and find what game he pitched wearing this cap (perhaps when I have lots of free time and ample boredom or drive – funny how those two seemingly uncorrelated things can have complete correlation when it comes to deciding to undergo such a project). But I do find this, from a cover story in Science of Mind Magazine,

“The sports journalists who now regularly cover Zito have taken to reporting that the southpaw pastes the affirmation inside the rim of his cap: ‘Be still and know.’ Zito’s inspiration is from one of the shortest and most powerful passages in Creative Mind [a 1919 book by Ernest Holmes], a single-paragraph chapter called ‘The Highest Attitude of Mind.’ It reads:

‘The highest attitude of mind, from which all else springs, is one of the perfect calm and absolute trust in the Spirit. The one who can with perfect confidence look into the future and with perfect ease of mind rest in the present, and who never looks backward, but who has learned to be still in his own soul and wait upon the Spirit, he is the one who will the most completely demonstrate the supremacy of spiritual thought over all so-called material resistance. ‘Be still and know that I Am God.’ ‘ “

Zito of course in my cap replaced the “I am God” part with in my cap’s case “my power is limitless”. But regardless it is pretty neat and unique stuff which verified that there wasn’t some non-roster invitee numbered 75 that I had yet to hear of. If anyone wants to help me figure out when this cap (it is an all green road cap) was worn that’d be cool but regardless for now it is just a very neat little piece to add to my baseball collection.

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  1. Kasper & Ghosts permalink
    January 31, 2012 4:07 am

    Words can’t describe how jealous I am… The last two years I attended the fanfest , Got a Scott Hairson Bat. Meet Coco Crisp, lots of fun.

    Couldn’t go this year because I’m having a baby in a month. Money is for diapers… Not Barry Zito Baseball caps anymore. However I’m happy that you got an amazing piece of history and not some e-bay member out to make a few bucks.

    • January 31, 2012 11:34 am

      Yeah it was really a cool find. I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking at a used baseball cap since! I wish the A’s would limit people to maybe two things or something and then let them go through again. Give more of an opportunity to everyone. Or perhaps two of every type of item.

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