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Miller and Powell DFA’d

December 23, 2011

The Gio Gonzalez trade was made official and as a result two A’s needed to be removed from the 40-man roster and the club announced today that those two players were Jai Miller and Landon Powell who both were designated for assignment today. This move came as a surprise to me. The A’s carrying only five outfielders reduced that number to four with the removal of Miller from the 40-man roster. Readers of this blog and listeners of TarpTalk all know just how unenthused I was at the prospect of Miller being a piece of the 2012 club. His miserable strikeout rate – 39.7% over his 73 MLB plate appearances with the Marlins, Royals and A’s, equally appalling at the MiLB level where it was 30.8% across 3,750 plate appearances – only could spell disaster given he offered limited skills to offset that severe disability. Despite the fact that I believe that Miller has the ability to refuse an outright assignment to Sacramento, it may be in his best interests to stay as there is perhaps no other outfield situation in the Majors that would offer him such a high spot on the depth chart. I can’t imagine that Miller would have much trouble clearing waivers though it must be noted that he has been selected off of waivers twice before in his career.

Apparently the $620K commitment to Powell was not going to get in the way of Oakland DFA’ing him. I anticipate that Powell likely will be traded as despite my disdain for his play, catchers are useful and he likely does have some sort of value on the market at a fairly reasonable contract. In the end I was sort of right in the sense that a catcher would be moved, but I didn’t anticipate it being a DFA of Powell. This leaves the A’s 40-man roster still full with four catchers on it, yet very empty with just four outfielders. I presume that players like Sean Doolittle and Neil Wagner still may find themselves in a game of musical chairs where they are left with none to sit upon, as the A’s will need to add outfielders at some point.

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  1. SC_Athletics fan permalink
    December 24, 2011 12:33 am

    I won’t miss either Miller or Powell, although the fans may be hotter @ Stadium this summer without the fanning services of Jai Miller lol.

    As far as acquiring some more OF, maybe the Athletics could trade Andrew Bailey to the Angels for Mark Trumbo or Peter Bourjos, and/or Jeremy Moore. I know Oakland may have to add a piece or two to make it work, but Bailey would give the Angels an affordable, (much less expensive than Madson or Cordero) established closer who’s already familiar with the AL West. Plus, the Angels have a logjam at DH, 1B,and OF with the acquisition of Pujols, the vesting option of Abreu, Morales coming back, and the pure talent in Trout.

    With LAA already committing over $300MM to the payroll this offseason, it seems like they are “going for it in 2012”, so they would appreciate the value of a closer like Bailey

    • December 24, 2011 9:12 am

      Yeah Miller and Powell while I am sure they are nice dudes and all won’t be missed on the field by me!

      I don’t think I’d want Trumbo. I think that he is a decent player but we ourselves have a logjam at 1B/DH and I’d like to see what a healthy Barton can bring to the table and finally make an informed decision on whether or not Chris Carter can be an MLB full-time hitter. I’d like to get a better quality outfielder for Bailey not someone who despite all the claims of their athleticism would be a converted guy out there.

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