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Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2011

Buster Olney reports that he believes David DeJesus has an arbitration gentlemen’s agreement in place, he writes,

“Arbitration gentlemen’s agreements likely in place with Aaron Harang, Jose Molina and David DeJesus — meaning they won’t accept.”

It hasn’t been entirely clear how the CBA effects this year’s free-agent crop, but Type-B free-agent DeJesus appears to still be considered a Type-B, unlike what I wrote yesterday where I thought the new system might be in place eliminating a chance of him being offered arbitration. He was offered arbitration (so was Josh Willingham) but it doesn’t seem like that means the A’s must be willing to offer him a $12.5M contract which one might think he very well may accept. This leaves me unsure of what to think of Willingham’s arbitration process (though I assume he declines regardless), I suppose it is on the back end that things have changed for this year (how and when the picks are distributed and where the compensation comes from – for example Willingham’s signing by another club will not result in that team forfeiting a pick).

That all said, the point of today’s post was to be a Thanksgiving one. While I was in college in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, when all we could care about was a nice long weekend and the upcoming Detroit Lions game (I went to college in Michigan) and accompanying parade, I would always make a list of things I was thankful for. The list wasn’t ever serious, it’d fill up countless notebook pages and include items like nuclear fallout; the Northwest WorldPerks Visa with a low introductory rate; the Iowa Corngrowers Association; and the like. In that same vein – though with much more brevity as that list would usually end in the 3,000’s range – I present the “What I am Thankful For from the 2011 Oakland A’s”:

  1. Andy LaRoche‘s beard
  2. Being able to borrow Trystan Magnuson from the Blue Jays
  3. David Purcey‘s shoes
  4. Josh Willingham‘s lack of right field souvenir offerings
  5. A 1-2-3 inning from Brian Fuentes
  6. Bud Selig
  7. Another Opening Night with Seattle
  8. Brett Anderson‘s starts against Texas
  9. Trevor Cahill‘s starts against New York
  10. Renewing the rivalry with the Diamondbacks
  11. Renewing the rivalry with the Marlins
  12. Gold jerseys
  13. The call-up of Graham Godfrey
  14. Bob Geren‘s firing
  15. Josh Willingham being offered arbitration
  16. David DeJesus smiling when he has just struck out – again
  17. Mark Ellis netting us Bruce Billings
  18. Kurt Suzuki‘s offline throws to second
  19. Michael Wuertz‘ flat slider
  20. Grant Balfour swearing loud enough for the CSNCalifornia audio to catch it
  21. Gio Gonzalez melting down
  22. Dibs
  23. Jemile Weeks losing his helmet then sliding too late
  24. Adam Rosales lapping other baserunners on HRs
  25. Hideki Matsui‘s earlobes
  26. Coco Crisp‘s fro
  27. Daric Barton taking a close pitch
  28. The question’s Jane Lee opts to answer in the mailbag
  29. The question that someone sent Glen & Ray and the lack of forearm hair
  30. Finding exciting ways to lose 1-0
  31. Ryan Sweeney getting a clutch single
  32. Moneyball
  33. Lawyerball
  34. Watching C.J. Wilson meltdown in the playoffs
  35. Watching the A’s give up twenty-two runs and three-grand slams at Yankee Stadium
  36. Chris Carter muffing a routine pop up
  37. Jai Miller swinging and missing
  38. Another PCL-South Championship for Sacramento
  39. A new ballpark in San Jose?
  40. There is always next year…
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