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Sayonara Matsui? Hello Aldrete?

October 30, 2011

Susan Slusser had two pieces of news to report to A’s fans on Saturday and did so in the San Francisco Chronicle. Her article was in the opposite order, but readers know I have opposed the A’s re-signing Hideki Matsui when that appeared set to happen last month. Things may have changed on that front as Slusser wrote,

“the A’s emphasis has turned to going younger and improving scouting and drafting, which might preclude re-signing Matsui, who is 37 and who had erratic production this past season. Interest in Matsui among team officials has waned as the A’s continue to wait on a decision from MLB about their stadium situation, a drawn-out process that has created great frustration among Oakland’s owners and front-office staff.”

Although she walks that statement back a little highlighting Matsui and Bob Melvin‘s close relationship and such later in the article, this to me is a good sign. Matsui is not needed and though Slusser indicates the DH situation is hazy for the A’s in 2012 – and it most certainly is – it is not hazy for a lack of options, such much so as hazy for a lack of good options – adding another bad option to the mix was not the solution. Matsui has had a great career, seems like a good humble guy, etc, but he is a luxury we do not need nor can afford in Oakland – and frankly at this point in his career luxury may be the wrong term altogether.

The second piece of news is that it appears the A’s are going to have a World Champion on their 2012 club as Cardinals assistant hitting coach Mike Aldrete appears set to join the A’s. Slusser writes,

“The team is expected to name former Stanford, Giants and A’s player Mike Aldrete their new hitting coach within the next few days; Aldrete is the assistant hitting coach for the Cardinals, and Oakland had to wait to speak to him until after St. Louis’ season ended.”

Aldrete, a former Athletic (1993-1995) had a ten-year MLB career featuring a 104 OPS+ a mark bested by only three A’s players (even if we don’t count regulars!) in 2011, Josh Willingham (121), Scott Sizemore (113) and Jemile Weeks (109). By comparison the Cardinals had seven regulars who topped 104 with Aldrete assisting hitting coach Mark McGwire so hopefully that can rub off on some of the A’s bats.

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  1. Dangerous Dean permalink
    October 31, 2011 4:51 pm

    Rule #1:
    Hope and pray that there will be a rainout of Game 6 and 7. That way you can bring your superstar ace back for a 3rd game.

    Rule #2:
    Get your LH batters (Jay and some other guy I don’t know) to get hits against a LHP who NEVER gives up hits to LHBs in the 10th inning with a pitcher waiting to hit 3rd. What are the #$#**# odds of them doing that? I am guessing 3 in 100 or 5% at most.

    Congrats to Cardinal fans. I have heard you are classy. I’d rather lose to you than Yankees. But this one still hurt.

    A lot.

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