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No Longer Interim…

September 21, 2011

Bob Melvin will be managing the A’s through the 2014 season the club announced today. A news conference is scheduled for four in the afternoon today to formally introduce the move to the public.

Under Melvin’s control the A’s have thus far been 42-49 since he replaced Bob Geren midseason – a .462 winning percentage. Both managers underperformed their Pythagorean win percentages, with Geren having a .429 winning percentage and a .467, while Melvin managed a .462 winning percentage of the pace of his identical to Geren .467 Pythagorean. While Melvin has to me clearly represented a step in the right direction, it certainly isn’t that much of a step in the right direction as his Pythagorean is identical to Geren though his improved win percentage means he is less inept in managing the dugout.

While Geren mystified me with his moves and his refusal to ever change them, constantly hitting Daric Barton high in the order when he looked completely lost; refusing to acknowledge Brian Fuentes‘ splits; refusing to hit Hideki Matsui against left-handed pitchers and on and on, Melvin does similarly stupid things but seems to at least adapt. Noteworthy Melvin problems are his hitting Scott Sizemore high in the order against RHPs; his similar overuse of Kurt Suzuki; and his strange bullpen usage in extra innings. Melvin will be in charge for the next three years so we need to get used to it – at least he will change course, though sometimes that takes longer than we’d like.

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