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Live Blogging: Angels @ A’s Game 147

September 12, 2011

10:02PM PDT: A’s win! After the HR, Balfour strikes out three straight Halos to end this one.

9:56PM PDT: Grant Balfour comes in, in a situation where he isn’t necessary and allows a solo shot to Vernon Wells. A’s 6, Halos 3. Save situation back in play but no one will be coming in to take it.

9:51PM PDT: And that is Rodney for you. Two straight walks to Brandon Allen and Scott Sizemore. What a mess.

9:46PM PDT: Fernando Rodney is coming into this game to relieve Ramirez. Rodney is a terrible pitcher. A terrible and overpaid pitcher ($5.5M/yr) and another indictment on the inability of Tony Reagins to create a competitive and quality Major League team. The -0.1 WAR Rodney, comes in with an even 7.5 K/9 and 7.5 BB/9 and a relatively even 4.60 ERA and 4.55 FIP.

9:33PM PDT: Melvin is leaving Fuentes in which is baffling as due up are: Howie Kendrick (R), Hunter (R) and Mark Trumbo (R).

9:27PM PDT: A’s tack on. Willingham drives in Pennington and the lead grows to 6-1. That’ll chase Tyler Chatwood from the game and Mike Scioscia will put in Horacio Ramirez. Ramirez has appeared in six games this year putting up 0.0 WAR ball with a 9.53 ERA and 5.32 FIP. His entire career he has been a replacement level type player topping out at 1.6 WAR in his rookie year in Atlanta in 2003 and never topping the 0.9 WAR he put up in 2006.

9:15PM PDT: Brian Fuentes will be coming in to replace Gonzalez after he allowed two straight singles following the Aybar dinger. Fuentes is in to face Peter Bourjos (R). Not sure the motive from Bob Melvin here with using Fuentes. Bourjos hits better off lefties than righties (.405 wOBA to .302).

9:11PM PDT: Erick Aybar with a solo shot to left field. Angels make it 5-2. Aybar is such a pesky player.

9:00PM PDT: 3-for-3 night for Kurt Suzuki with his second double of the game. He is hitting really well so far here in September, entering tonight .333/.423/.333 in the month with a .346 wOBA and 121 wRC+. Of course those numbers are only going to go up with tonight’s performance. I wonder what the future is for Kurt Suzuki. I had suggested that the call up of Anthony Recker symbolized growing distrust of Suzuki in the starting catcher role and that Oakland was seeing what they had between Recker and Josh Donaldson. I still think Suzuki represents a good strong trade prospect as you can’t get value without trading value, but we shall see. Recker hasn’t proven he is ready (albeit in limited time), Landon Powell can’t start, we haven’t yet seen Josh Donaldson in the bigs yet this year.

8:44PM PDT: Halfway thru and the A’s lead. Decent outing for Gio Gonzalez so far: five innings, one earned run, on four hits, with no walks, four strikeouts and only 12,858 fans out to see it.

8:34PM PDT: An opposite field base hit for Cliff Pennington. Scores Sizemore. The Oakland A’s 5, Mission Viejo Angels of Garden Grove 1. Now living in Angels territory with no cable, I am facing a blackout so can’t really comment on the earlier play made by Maicer Izturis that sounded impressive, and everything is a bit more bland tonight.

8:29PM PDT: Scott Sizemore with a base hit and it scores Sweeney. A’s 4, Angels 1.

8:24PM PDT: Double for Kurt Suzuki, gets Ryan Sweeney to third and dispatches Joel Pineiro from this game. Tyler Chatwood is coming in to pitch for Los Angeles. This is his first relief appearance of the year, and he hasn’t been particularly good: 4.7 K/9, 4.5 BB/9 adding to a 4.63 ERA and worse 4.78 FIP.

7:39PM PDT: Vernon Wells triples home Torii Hunter and the Angels get on the board. Oakland 3, Los Angeles 1. Wells has been such a mess. I was highly critical of the Wells trade when it happened and he hasn’t made a believer out of me. Mostly I complained about his salary for a declining value player, I didn’t expect this: -0.4 WAR, .218/.252/.392 with a .281 wOBA and 74 wRC+. What a miserable year. I saw Wells play and drop an easy fly ball in Anaheim a little under two weeks ago and it seems Angels fans aren’t enamored of him either.

7:29PM PDT: Pineiro’s first inning: twenty-eight pitches, only eleven for strikes. Like that ratio.

7:25PM PDT: Josh Willingham with a dinger! 3-0 A’s. Wish we could play Pineiro everyday. Walks hurt him again, as both Jemile Weeks and Hideki Matsui got on via the base on balls.

7:01PM PDT: “All the excitement of the 2011 A’s” awaits us as the final homestand of the year begins tonight. The pitching matchup features two pitchers with .500 records but who couldn’t be any more different. Joel Pineiro takes the mound for the Halos with a 6-6 record but with gaudy 5.11 ERA and 4.56 FIP on his 0.9 WAR season. He has pathetic K/9 numbers with them standing a very low 3.5. Gio Gonzalez pitches for Oakland, he is 12-12 but with a much better 3.43 ERA, 3.75 FIP on his 2.7 WAR campaign with a much more impressive 8.9 K/9. The A’s have their regulars in tonight, as they look to stall the Angels’ attempts at taking the lead in the AL West (they are currently two and a half behind Texas).

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  1. Dangerous Dean permalink
    September 13, 2011 12:50 am

    God bless your feisty As for knocking off those hated Angels of The People’s Republic of Greater California.

    I completely agree with you on the Wells deal being mystifying. When I heard that Toronto traded him to LA and Texas got Napoli for him, I was overjoyed. Though Napoli hasn’t played every game for my boys, I couldn’t help thinking that the Angels had gone completely crazy. Who would want Wells at that salary when you can have Napoli for less than half of it.

    Now I know that the knock on Nap is that he isn’t a great defensive catcher. But still, he was the most productive hitter (and biggest power threat) on that Angels squad. To give him up was stupid. To basically swap him to Texas (through Tor) for Wells with Texas giving up only a fragile, overpaid closer?

    THIS is the kind of deal that Texas used to be victimized by back in the 70s and 80s…heck, it happened all too recently with the Danks deal and the Adrian Gonzalez deal. But Daniels has been turning deals like this a lot more often lately than the losing deals. It gives me hope as a Rangers fan.

    So keep up the good blogging and tell your boys to keep on beating LA. I know you NoCals can’t stand the SoCals.

    • September 13, 2011 1:01 am

      Yes, I am not a fan of the Costa Mesa Angels of Dana Point either. However, I presently live in Southern California so that’s kind of funny, because if I couldn’t stand Southern Californians I’d be pretty lonely.

      The deal was just beyond ridiculous. Now I think Reagins sucks, but in fairness he had no idea that Toronto would flip him to Texas. The idea though that Toronto could get rid of Wells and get real value back in return is unreal. It is just laughable. Anthopolous must’ve fallen out of his chair. I don’t get Scioscia’s obsession with Jeff Mathis because Mathis isn’t just average as a hitter and great behind the plate, he is arguably the worst hitter of my lifetime (I am 30). The Blue Jays just keep making these deals too, unloaded Alexis Rios on the White Sox too.

      • Dangerous Dean permalink
        September 13, 2011 2:31 pm

        Speaking of things I am not a fan of, I HATE that blackout policy. I live about an hour from Houston but love the Rangers who are 3 hours away.

        MLB gives Houston the right to black out my Ranger games on so there is no use for me to pay the $ for it when I can’t see Rangers. I could get cable, but why pay for 150 channels I don’t need when I would be HAPPY to pay the legit fee for IF they let me watch my Rangers.

        I have never sued anyone in my life. But this arcane rule has me angry enough to challenge the law.

      • September 13, 2011 2:40 pm

        While that is indeed irritating and I feel for you and am presently in the same boat. To me what is even more annoying is when you do have cable, yet are in some weird zone that is close to a team but there is no method for watching them and yet they’re still blacked out. When I lived in Columbus, OH we were blacked out of Indians and Reds games which cable covered on SportstimeOhio and FSNOhio. Yet were blacked out of Pirates games despite the fact that there was no method for getting them. Granted for me that only meant I missed one series last year when Pittsburgh was in Oakland but it is pretty stupid stuff.

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