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Live Blogging: A’s @ Rangers Game 146

September 11, 2011

5:16PM CDT: Anthony Recker flies out to center field and the A’s are officially eliminated from the playoffs. The Rangers are now 83-64, the A’s now fall to 66-80, 16 1/2 games behind Texas with 16 games to go. The season is officially over, wait ’til next year is now without doubt.

5:14PM CDT: Jai Miller strikes out. 50% K rate. Over/under on it being at that level at the end of this season? I take the over.

5:10PM CDT: Shutout avoided! Solo home run from Eric Sogard (of all people)! Rangers 8, A’s 1.

5:08PM CDT: Koji Uehara will relieve C.J. Wilson. The Rangers organization at the behest of Nolan Ryan is noteworthy for not buying into pitch counts like other clubs but with the Rangers headed to the playoffs I guess they don’t want to push their ace too much so after 111 pitches he is gone. Uehara, acquired in a deadline deal with Orioles, has not been as sharp with Texas (5.15 FIP) as he was with Baltimore (2.55).

5:04PM CDT: Matt Treanor with a sac fly. Esteban German (pinch running for Beltre) scores. I’m excited for this game to end…

4:56PM CDT: Michael Taylor set down too. Eleven for Wilson.

4:55PM CDT: Swingles goes down strikes. Tenth K for C.J. Wilson.

4:51PM CDT: Big out from Breslow striking out Michael Young. Breslow is the tourniquet the A’s wanted right there, but this game is a lost cause.

4:45PM CDT: Four pitch walk to Hamilton and that loads and the bases and gets Bob Melvin out to replace Carignan with Craig Breslow. I wonder if the 0.3 WAR Breslow could be a non-tender candidate this offseason? I’d want them to not do that but his performance has been less than desirable this season and he is due for a pay bump. I think he’ll be offered arbitration in the end – he is a candidate perhaps to be offered arbitration and then traded.

4:43PM CDT: If it wasn’t official yet, the rout now is officially on. Elvis Andrus with a base hit and this one scores Gentry and makes it 7-0 Texas.

4:41PM CDT: Gentry with a base hit that scores Napoli who was been on all four times he’s come up today (three walks and his last PA was a double). Rangers 6, A’s 0. It is amazing how much of a hurry these Rangers can score in.

4:33PM CDT: Carignan’s ERA and FIP will take a major hit with just one swing of the bat. Adrian Beltre drives it for his second HR of the game deep to the grassy patch in straight away center field. No doubter. Rangers 5, A’s 0.

4:26PM CDT: Recker down on strikes make it eight for C.J. Wilson. There’ve been rumblings that Wilson could end up in an Angels uniform next year. I suppose that’d first off require that the Angels not be in financial straits as has also been suggested by some (their reluctance to make strong offers to Carl Crawford and their non-moves at the trade deadline being the alleged evidence of such). Wilson could make for a very formidable rotation for the Angels and would deal a blow to Texas. The question also exists of whether or not Wilson will be a $100M+ pitcher. I don’t think he will, but you never know he will be one of the best arms on the free agent market.

4:20PM CDT: Carignan keeps up the pace. K’s one in his inning of work.

4:12PM CDT: New pitcher for Oakland is Andrew Carignan. This will be just his third MLB appearance so his 0.00 ERA and 1.02 FIP aren’t particularly telling. I suppose they could be a lot worse so we have that. In his three innings he has K’d three batters and walked none, numbers A’s fans would love to see him keep up.

4:10PM CDT: Sizemore leaves them stranded. A’s can’t take back a few runs in the next half inning.

3:59PM CDT: Wuertz walks a man to load the bases but gets out of the inning. Brandon Allen really deserves the credit there with a nice pick on an errant Pennington throw to save at least two runs.

3:53PM CDT: Jerry Blevins was in and following a single to David Murphy, he is out. Hope we deal him this offseason and get whatever it is we can get from him in return. Michael Wuertz is due in. Wuertz has been one of the worst A’s relievers this year, with a 6.12 ERA and a 4.85 FIP aided by a terrible 6.1 BB/9 and pretty dismal 1.1 HR/9.

3:51PM CDT: Mike Napoli earns a base on balls and with that Outman is ousted from this ballgame. A great outing until he really bit the dust here in the fifth. So far at least (assuming Napoli keeps from scoring) he has a line of four and two-third innings, allowing four earned runs on eight hits (including the Beltre HR) with three walks and two strikeouts. Blevins’ numbers on the year: 8.5 K/9, 5.0 BB/9, 0.7 HR/9 for a 3.20 ERA and 3.81 FIP, numbers that have improved as of late.

3:46PM CDT: Adrian Beltre belts his 300th career home run. Ouch. Rangers 4, A’s 0. Can’t leave one in Beltre’s wheelhouse like Outman did right there.

3:40PM CDT: Josh Hamilton with a sac fly to Taylor in left and the Rangers expand their lead to 2-0. With the way Wilson is unfortunately dealing today that will not be an easy deficit to make up, particularly with this Triple-A like line up in.

3:34PM CDT: And there we go, Ian Kinsler singles home Gentry and the Rangers lead 1-0.

3:32PM CDT: Craig Gentry with a leadoff triple which spells trouble as the A’s hope to avoid having Texas break the 0-0 tie.

3:22PM CDT: Finally got to work out so coming in to a 0-0 game late. Anthony Recker draws the first “lawyerball” from C.J. Wilson. Wilson is at just 59 pitches, with 41 for strikes. Very strong outing for the much detested opponent.

1:59PM CDT: The Rangers put C.J. Wilson up on the hill today opposite fellow lefty Josh Outman making a spot start to get Rich Harden some extra rest. The A’s put out a reserve and Sacramento laden roster out there today including new call up from the River Cats, strikeout machine Jai Miller. The A’s lineup features few regulars with Ryan Sweeney leading off and playing center, Michael Taylor getting the nod in left field hitting second, in a sign of how weak the lineup is Cliff Pennington hits third, Josh Willingham fourth, Scott Sizemore fifth, Miller is sixth in right field, Anthony Recker hits seventh and plays behind the plate, Brandon Allen hits eighth and at second at the bottom of the lineup is Adam Rosales. This ought to be an interesting game though the A’s aren’t putting their strongest lineup out there, it will be interesting to see some guys we have been waiting on – Miller for me is not included on that list.

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  1. Dangerous Dean permalink
    September 12, 2011 12:31 pm

    Thanks again for the faithful blogging. You cover your As with a fervent passion and a lot of knowledge.

    Things will likely get better for your team next year, though the offense will again be the usual suspect.

    Speaking of offense, is there a reason why they haven’t promoted Josh Donaldson? He seems like he would be an upgrade on Suzuki. And that lineup needs someone to produce at the plate.

    • September 12, 2011 12:49 pm

      I haven’t been great lately at keeping as updated as I have been as I moved across the country. Hoping to get back into the swing of things.

      The A’s are a mess this year. It’ll be interesting to see what the A’s offseason looks like. The offense I think can get away with being passable, but this year while on the whole we are passable it was care of a very poor first half followed by a very hot streak before leveling out. More even production would do wonders.

      Suzuki, care of positional adjustments, is one of the top WAR guys on the A’s. I think Suzuki can be better than he’s been. I worry he has been used way too frequently. Donaldson is one option the A’s have longer term, so if you traded someone Suzuki seems like a decent candidate. We shall see.

      Thanks for reading!

      • elmaquino permalink
        September 12, 2011 7:36 pm

        they’ve only played 16 games without him! sounds like Yadi in 09 when he caught all but 22 games…

        also, nice to see you’re still alive!

      • September 12, 2011 10:08 pm

        Good to be alive! But yeah, vacation followed by new job, followed by cross country move and started said job made for an interesting two weeks. I hate to see catchers used so much. Better to play them a bit more sparingly – law of diminishing returns very clearly at play for Oakland past few years at catcher.

      • elmaquino permalink
        September 13, 2011 7:35 am

        good luck with everything! (especially your baseball tean–sheesh)

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