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Live Blogging: A’s @ Yankees Game 130

August 25, 2011


7:06PM EDT: A’s don’t get the sweep as Anthony Recker grounds out to Jorge Posada (playing second base – yes that happens in these types of games) and fall 22-9. What a nightmare of a game. The pitching line on Oakland: eight innings, allowing twenty-two runs (all earned), on twenty-one hits (five of them home runs, three of them grand slams), thirteen walks though they did manage nine strikeouts on a total of 237 pitches for a 24.75 ERA and messy as all heck but somewhat cleaner 14.13 FIP. Yankees pitchers shouldn’t exactly go home feeling great about themselves either, going nine innings of nine run (all earned) baseball featuring fifteen hits (two over the fences), though they walked only two and struck out thirteen for a 9.00 ERA and a surprisingly normal 3.68 FIP.

7:01PM EDT: Brandon Allen hits to a double to left-center that scores Willingham from second (also on board with a double) A’s have only thirteen more runs to make up with three outs and trail 22-9.

6:56PM EDT: Bruce Billings took a licking in this game going one and a third innings, seven runs all earned, six hits, four walks, two strikeouts (a 18.76 FIP for those of you scoring at home. Melvin took him out to put in Brian Fuentes to face Andruw Jones. Fuentes not one to be left out, allows a home run that landed somewhere in Connecticut for Jones. Yankees 22, A’s 8.

6:51PM EDT: Only in the movies do you ever see a guy hit a long ball that would be a home run foul and then follow it up with a long home run that is of course fair. Even in the movies they don’t make it the third (and thereby record-breaking) grand slam of the game for that team. The score is, I kid you not, now 21-8 in favor of the Yankees care of Curtis Granderson‘s grand slam, the Yankees’ third of the ballgame. The saying is true, any given day at the ballpark you’ll see something you’ve never seen before.

6:46PM EDT: Base-hit for Gardner, 17-8 New York. Bases are still loaded for Jeter to (all together now!) hit a record breaking third grand slam.

6:43PM EDT: Eduardo Nunez walks. That (for the billionth time this game), loads the bases for Gardner who has a chance to hit the first ever third grand slam in a game for the Yankees.

6:41PM EDT: Martin doubles, Cervelli to third, here we go again?

6:36PM EDT: Spring training replacements continue, Eric Sogard and Ryan Sweeney come into this game while Francisco Cervelli pinch hits for Cano. That all said, Bruce Billings, perhaps is the sacrificial lamb here as he is still out on the mound despite some serious woes in the bottom half of the seventh.

6:30PM EDT: Scott Sizemore takes the first Ayala pitch and sticks it into the right-field bleachers. Drop in the bucket, A’s trail 16-8.

6:29PM EDT: Yankees seems to agree this game is done with a round of defensive replacements reminiscent of a spring training contest, Andruw Jones and Eric Chavez enter the game as does Luis Ayala as the new pitcher.

6:27PM EDT: Thankfully that inning is over. This game is over for all intents and purposes.

6:24PM EDT: Teixeira gets a walk. The Yanks are up 16-7. Bases still loaded meaning Alex Rodriguez can put the Yankees in the history book with a third Yankee grand slam this afternoon.

6:22PM EDT: Granderson hits one off Allen’s glove, infield single New York 15, Oakland 7. Teixeira gets to give it the ol’ college try on a record third grand slam for the Bronx Bombers.

6:21PM EDT: Took six pitches but Jeter is walked too, scores another run. Yankees 14, Athletics 7. Curtis Granderson gets the opportunity to make it a record three grand slams for New York.

6:17PM EDT: Gardner works a walk from Billings on four pitches which means – the bases are loaded once more. Derek Jeter gets a shot at making history with the Yankees’ third grand slam of the afternoon.

6:15PM EDT: Nunez grounds out but a run scores. Football score territory, 13-7 in favor of New York.

6:13PM EDT: No grand slam but the Martin single to right scores Teixeira and bloats the Yankees lead to 12-7.

6:09PM EDT: Norberto walks Swisher bases are loaded again and once again it is to a guy already with a grand slam (and already two home runs) today with Martin due up. Four free passes is what it takes for Melvin to say enough is enough and Bruce Billings comes in. Billings has looked good in limited action in his two outings with Oakland he has struck out five in three and two-thirds innings of 0.00 ERA and 1.92 FIP work. Yankees get one more shot at the first three grand slam game in MLB history.

6:05PM EDT: Cano hits it well, but just well enough to be a sacrifice fly (thankfully). Makes it 11-7 in favor of New York. Yankees do not have a hit yet in the inning through five hitters.

6:02PM EDT: Norberto has had issues with his control. He entered today’s game with 8.3 BB/9 for his MLB career. He just walked the bases full issuing free passes to Granderson, Teixeira and Rodriguez. No team has ever hit three grand slams in one game, Robinson Cano owner of one of today’s two grand slams is due up.

5:51PM EDT: Logan strikes out the side, DeJesus, Pennington, Recker take a seat. Coupled with his K of Allen to end the top of the sixth he has struck out all four Athletics he has faced.

5:41PM PDT: Jeter grounds it to third on a sort of wacky play Pennington gets it, throws home to cut down Nunez to end the inning. Nice play by Recker to apply the tag in his first MLB start.

5:32PM PDT: FDLS is done after giving up a single to Nunez. New pitcher will be Jordan Norberto (not a sign of the A’s thinking they can stick with this one) who in actuality hasn’t been terrible this season in his five appearances – 6.0 K/9, 3.0 BB/9 and 0.0 HR/9 give him a solid 3.18 FIP to match a solid 3.00 ERA.

5:29PM PDT: A second grand slam on the afternoon for the Yankees. I can’t believe it. I am seldom a fan of intentionally walking someone and while I did not see this coming, I wasn’t enamored of the idea. Martin deposits it into the front row in right – A’s lose the lead trail 10-7.

5:27PM PDT: A’s elect to intentionally walk Nick Swisher and load the bases and face Russell Martin. Don’t know how I like that move, Martin has a dinger already in the ballgame off a right-handed pitcher…

5:17PM PDT: New pitcher in for Oakland as they look to piece together multiple innings from a bullpen corps that is without Grant Balfour or Andrew Bailey. Fautino De Los Santos, who earned the win yesterday pitching a fantastic bottom of the ninth last night comes in with his still very cool to me 11.6 K/9, to face the right-handed Alex Rodriguez. Don’t know if this is a matchup thing, or it is a more faith in FDLS type thing. Could be either though Breslow’s splits aren’t that bad and A-Rod has a reverse platoon.

5:13PM PDT: Breslow leads off the inning hitting Curtis Granderson with a pitch. Not a hot start.

5:06PM PDT: Noesi allows a double to Matsui but after getting Willingham, Joe Girardi opts to play matchups and goes out to get Boone Logan to face Brandon Allen.

4:59PM PDT: Jeter grounds out to Weeks and the A’s get out of the inning with the lead. Ten batters hit for the Yankees who score four all care of a Cano grand slam.

4:58PM PDT: Brett Gardner pops it up to Pennington, big big out for Craig Breslow. Bases still loaded for Jeter.

4:54PM PDT: Eduardo Nunez with a single to left field, similar to the one Rich Harden gave up to Alex Rodriguez so Swisher only gets as far as third and the bases are loaded for the second time in the inning now.

4:48PM EDT: Harden surrenders a double to Nick Swisher and Bob Melvin has seen enough. He is being pulled and hasn’t pitched long enough to even possibly earn a win should the A’s hold on as he only goes four and a third innings. The new pitcher will be Craig Breslow sporting a 4.12 ERA and 3.35 FIP coming into what will be his 53rd appearance.

4:46PM EDT: Robinson Cano unloads. Deep to right. No doubter. Grand slam. A very wide open 7-2 game turns into a too close for comfort 7-6 game on one swing of the bat. The sixth grand slam of his career. That hurt.

4:44PM EDT: A-Rod with a single, fortunately with it going to left field it keeps Jeter from scoring. Does load the bases for Robinson Cano however, not someone you want up with the bases full.

4:37PM EDT: Derek Jeter with another hit – his second of the day – he just has been pounding the A’s this series 7-for-11 in the series thus far. Never want to let the lead off runner on especially with the heart of the order due up, though of course with the Yankees practically any part of their order is any other team’s heart of the order.

4:24PM EDT: Hector Noesi came in to relieve Wade and so far he has had trouble getting outs too – back-to-back singles to Brandon Allen and DeJesus.

4:15PM EDT: Russell Martin homers to the short porch in right field. It is so easy to poke things out of this stadium. Yankees cut the A’s advantage to 7-2.

4:07PM EDT: Weeks doesn’t have to worry about oversliding second base, steals it standing up!

4:02PM EDT: Third straight single for Jemile Weeks in this ballgame.

3:48PM EDT: Whoever is doing the Yankees’ color commentary today (it isn’t Ken Singleton – but the other guy) just said Recker is a “Moneyball” type player all on account of his walks. I love how still people don’t get it – not that complicated a book.

3:46PM EDT: First pitch from Wade is delivered into the right-field bleachers by Pennington. A’s lead 7-1. Book is now closed on Hughes and looks way worse than it did before: two and two-thirds innings, allowing six runs (all earned), on seven hits, walking none and striking out five. ERA: 20.25, FIP: -0.74. Crazy.

3:43PM EDT: David DeJesus with a single to score Hideki Matsui and Joe Girardi is going to his bullpen already. Wow. Two runners on are Hughes’ responsibility and his line so far looks like this: two and two-thirds innings, allowing four runs (all earned), on seven hits, walking none and striking out five. Which will make for an interesting ERA/FIP split which I will get for you as soon as the book can be closed on him. The new pitcher is Cory Wade who owns a 2.13 ERA and 3.01 FIP in 23 outings.

3:38PM EDT: Josh Willingham singles to left, scores Weeks from second. A’s 3, Yankees 1.

3:37PM EDT: 66 pitches for Phil Hughes, who allows a single to Hideki Matsui putting two runners on. Sloppy outing for Hughes to have 66 pitches through two and a third innings.

3:21PM EDT: was weird, so I needed to switch to the YESNetwork broadcast. Harden tries to backhand a ball hit back to him by Eduardo Nunez, and that carom allows him an infield single so the bases are loaded. What I missed seems to be singles by Robinson Cano and Russell Martin, which is how we come to the bases loaded, and a strikeout of Swisher which represents the one out. Quite a predicament Harden has put himself into but he has gotten out of these jams of his own creation before.

3:06PM EDT: Cliff Pennington doubles into the right-center gap (same area as DeJesus’s three bagger) scores DeJesus, A’s regain the lead 2-1.

3:04PM EDT: Triple for David DeJesus really was in many ways care of Nick Swisher with a poor throw back into the infield.

2:58PM EDT: Harden strikes out Alex Rodriguez. First time the A’s have seen A-Rod this series after he has not been seeing much action care of a strained thumb. On the year he is hitting a very solid, .290/.361/.477 with 13 home runs. His wOBA at .367 and wRC+ 130 are much more impressive. That all said, this represents a big decline already for A-Rod, (career .408 wOBA and 148 wRC+) and the Yankees are on the hook for $29M next year, $28M in 2013, $25M in 2014, $21M in 2015, and $20M in both 2016 and 2017. $143M more for those of you counting at home. Meanwhile this year he has already put up 3.9 WAR which as per Fangraphs has been worth $17.6M. So even if he is a 5.0 WAR player this season, he still likely comes in being overpaid by about $6.5M this year. Imagine how that calculus will change if his decline continues – in 2017 he will be 42 and I’m going to guess not worth $20M.

2:56PM EDT: Mark Teixeira grounds out to Weeks and quickly the Yankees tie the game at one.

2:52PM EDT: Not the start Harden was looking for – a leadoff triple from Derek Jeter.

2:45PM EDT: Hideki Matsui drives it to deep center field and it is deep enough to allow Weeks to score from third. The sacrifice from Coco Crisp seems weather related as it is raining and this game may come to an abrupt end. It pays off at least, A’s 1, Yankees 0.

2:38PM EDT: Jemile Weeks steals second to get the A’s into scoring position early following his single. Need to get the runs in while you can with this weather looking poor.

2:30PM EDT: Things ought to get started shortly after an hour and a half rain delay. The A’s put Rich Harden out there who has looked really great and has some interesting peripherals: 10.2 K/9, 4.1 BB/9 and 1.4 HR/9 with a 3.91 ERA and a bit higher 4.12 FIP (the HR’s spelling disaster there). The Yankees put up Phil Hughes who is not having the best campaign, with a 5.75 ERA and 4.91 FIP care of dreadful peripherals: 4.9 K/9, 3.1 BB/9 and 1.2 HR/9. He also is hurt by an awful strand rate of 66.5%. Facing him is a fairly typical A’s lineup except in the number eight spot where catcher Anthony Recker makes his MLB debut a few days shy of his 28th birthday. Scott Sizemore hits ninth but that is fine against a  righty in Hughes, don’t get still why there is no change when facing a lefty.

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  1. elmaquino permalink
    August 25, 2011 8:23 pm

  2. Dangerous Dean permalink
    August 26, 2011 11:30 am

    ouch. My heart goes out to you As fans. As a Ranger fan, I thought I had a bad day.

    You blogged through it all, too. You deserve combat pay for that.

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