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Live Blogging: Blue Jays @ A’s Game 127

August 21, 2011


3:40PM PDT: Game over. Luis Perez and Casey Janssen share a one-hitter and the Blue Jays win. Not much else to say there an incredible outing from Guillermo Moscoso is wasted. Coco Crisp is today’s goat, grounding into a double play when the A’s had a chance to sneak a run across the board.

3:35PM PDT: Interesting that Janssen is still in there for Toronto – would’ve expected their closer who I think is Frank Francisco with Jon Rauch now on the DL. Top of the order due up as the A’s try to eek out one run to tie this (and of course hopefully more)…

3:32PM PDT: After likewise losing a ball in the sun, Brandon Allen makes a nice play to get Encarnacion and keep it a one-run deficit. Big play.

3:29PM PDT: Coco Crisp loses it in the sun. That is not an easy play, I get it. But his hands up there that basically said “holy crap I can’t see it” to me allowed Bautista to easily get to third. While he may have gotten to third anyhow, if the body language showed, I got it, perhaps Bautista treats it more like a pop up. I could be over thinking things, but you see that frequently outfielders doing that to screw with baserunners and at least it’d be worth a shot. Realistically it probably was simply a reaction to concern you’re going to be plunked by a baseball. End result, Bautista triple.

3:24PM PDT: Moscoso’s day is indeed done and Fautino De Los Santos will get an inning of work to show off his 11.8 K/9. Little surprised that Sweeney is being replaced by Eric Sogard at third. I expected Sogard in at third but I guess I figured they’d take CoJax out of right and put Sweeney in there. While possible, it seems unlikely that if we got to Sogard in the bottom half that we wouldn’t have already won by that point.

3:21PM PDT: Ryan Sweeney is pinch-hitting for Sizemore as the A’s try to get just one run to tie this thing. Like the move, shows Melvin is indeed cognizant of splits which sometimes I fear he isn’t.

3:15PM PDT: I criticize Moscoso a lot but he is on his game today. The lone mistake a pitch to Bautista deposited into the left field bleachers but that’s hardly something to fault him for, Bautista is a beast. At 109 pitches I imagine this is all we will see of him today, but he has gone eight, allowing just three hits, one run (earned), one walk, seven strikeouts. Very impressive. He is making a semi-believer out of me. I just don’t get how he does what he does, but he keeps on doing it so perhaps there is in fact something to it?

3:01PM PDT: With the perfect game and no-hitter off the table the decision for Farrell was made a lot easier but Casey Janssen is out to replace Luis Perez who was at 80 pitches in his first MLB start after 29 relief appearances with Toronto this year. Janssen has been good with a 2.37 ERA and 2.35 FIP, so he is as good as advertised. He he’s allowed 8.8 K/9, 2.4 BB/9 and only 0.2 HR/9 in 2011.

2:54PM PDT: Jose Bautista with a home run to deep left field. Moscoso’s crazy high fly ball rate + unsustainable low HR/FB rate = what we saw Bautista do. Regression to the mean is not Moscoso’s friend. Blue Jays 1, A’s 0.

2:48PM PDT: Edwin Encarnacion is called E5 by many in Toronto, but he isn’t E3 as he scoops up a bad throw from John McDonald to preserve an inning-ending double play. Wow. Still tied at nothing a piece through six.

2:47PM PDT: Jemile Weeks with the first hit in this ball game. Zuk had to hold at third, so bases are loaded, one out and Coco due up.

2:46PM PDT: Eight-pitch walk drawn by Scott Sizemore. Looks like that last pitch should’ve K’d him and agrees. A’s catch a break.

2:41PM PDT: Pretty bad bunt attempt by Kurt Suzuki. Pennington is thrown out as the lead runner. Get the strategy in a 0-0 games in the sixth, still not enamored of it. Suzuki has some pop, yes he is likely to hit into a double play, but play for more than one run, it is Guillermo Moscoso on the mound after all. He has been good but expecting him to keep up a shutout may be asking too much at the same time.

2:39PM PDT: Five-pitch walk to Cliff Pennington and the perfect game is no more. Heck of a first MLB start, I realize it doesn’t have the same cache of someone who hasn’t ever pitched in the pros at all before but still impressive. No hitter still intact.

2:27PM PDT: Coco Crisp misses it, J.P. Arencibia has a double. With him going back on it like that I don’t see how you give him an error, even though it is catchable. Tough way to start the inning for Moscoso.

2:24PM PDT: CoJax strikes out 3-2. Fifteen up, fifteen down for Perez – wow. His fourth K on the afternoon.

2:10PM PDT: Hideki Matsui is struck out. 12 up, 12 down for Perez now. He went to 3-2 on both the last two hitters, Coco Crisp and Godzilla but still hangs on. Only at 48 pitches so a very solid 12 per inning – that said as a converted reliever, remember this is his first start in the majors despite it being his 30th appearance, he has to be on a pitch count, and I assume a relatively low one. Getting well ahead of ourselves here, does John Farrell pull a pitcher spinning a perfect game due to a pitch count? Toronto isn’t in the hunt for any playoff spots here… That also said, on the other side of the ledger Guillermo Moscoso looks great, 57 pitches through four for him, allowing a lone hit to Aaron Hill to lead off the game and a walk to Jose Bautista in the first while K’ing four.

1:54PM PDT: Perez is still perfect through nine hitters now.

1:39PM PDT: Conor Jackson grounds out making it six straight outs for Luis Perez. I am really glad to see that CoJax is being kept out of the first base spot, I defended him all winter long, expected a turnaround but it just has failed to materialize. Time to cut bait after this season with him.

1:34PM PDT: Second go through and it only takes twelve pitches for Moscoso to make work of the Jays, strikeouts of Colby Rasmus and Mark Teahen make it three on the day for him. Good start, he seems to like pitching against Toronto.

1:21PM PDT: Twenty-pitch but scoreless first from Moscoso. I now just assume the bizarre peripherals will persist and that we will look back confused as to how he swung it all together.

1:17PM PDT: A’s really are sort of lucky there. Aaron Hill on first just bolted with the 3-2 count to Jose Bautista. Moscoso spun around and Jemile Weeks somehow tagged him having to turn around and tag. Just lucky really Hill was already at least 2/3 of the way to second by the time Moscoso noted what was going on even.

12:59PM PDT: A’s look to make it three out of four against Toronto. Guillermo Moscoso and his bizarre stat line which sports 4.9 K/9, 3.3 BB/9 and 1.0 HR/9, a crazy .237 BABIP, and a pretty pathetic 69.7% strand rate, take the hill for Oakland. His ERA/FIP/xFIP splits are still about a run apart each at: 3.48/4.46/5.23 and he still has his crazy low ground ball rate 27.2% and absurdely low 6.0% HR/FB. I have no idea how he keeps these numbers up, yet he continues to do so, so maybe he can keep this up somehow despite my continual thinking that it has to be impossible. He faces lefty Luis Perez who makes his first ever MLB start after having pitched 29 games in relief this season. In a contrast to Moscoso he gives up a ton of groundballs (67.9%) yet when the balls get in the air they really get in the air – he has a 17.9% HR/FB%. Overall he has a 3.71 ERA and a 4.11 FIP, it’ll be interesting to see if this level of averageness translates into starting for him. As far as the lineup goes, Bob Melvin has Scott Sizemore batting ninth. Why is beyond me he has a .313/.412/.458 slash line against the southpaws.

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