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Live Blogging: Rangers @ A’s Game 118

August 12, 2011

10:01PM EDT: Game over. Thankfully.

9:56PM EDT: Conor Jackson with another double, this one off of new Rangers pitcher Scott Feldman. Not too much drama in the bottom of the ninth of a 9-1 game…

9:36PM EDT: If there is a “hero” in this game, it is Trystan Magnuson who threw 54 pitches and saved the A’s bullpen. New pitcher for Oakland is Jordan Norberto. The A’s also are waving the white flag on this one. Eric Sogard subs for Pennington and Adam Rosales subs for Matsui.

9:26PM EDT: The A’s have “knocked out” C.J. Wilson. He goes six innings, allows four hits, one run (earned), while lawyerballing three, and striking out seven. While Nolan Ryan‘s Rangers don’t buy into pitch counts, it looks like that is what felled Wilson in the end with him being at 114. The A’s will not get the win they sought against Wilson a few days after his critique of Oakland. New pitcher is Yoshinori Tateyama. He has been very good in his first season in America: 9.6 K/9, 1.7 BB.9, and 1.1 HR/9 with a 2.81 ERA, 3.26 FIP and 2.65 xFIP (he is a pretty solid ground ball pitcher at 43.5%, but has a high 14.8% HR/FB).

9:18PM EDT: Magnuson is still out to start throwing in the seventh inning, having gone two and two-thirds already. I’m a bit surprised he’s gone so long, but it is good to get him work and also I hope to maybe mean this comes in advance of making a recall from Sacramento with Magnuson headed down. Brandon Allen perhaps?

9:06PM EDT: Conor Jackson with a double and the shutout at the very least is over on the back-to-back doubles. Let’s! Go! Oakland! Rangers 9, A’s 1.

9:04PM EDT: Josh Willingham with a double! Gotta say if anything Wilson has ensured the crowd is loud tonight. Despite being down 9-0 and out of it virtually from the start, the crowd has been vocal.

9:02PM EDT: The injury to McCarthy is being called a knee contusion. Hopefully it isn’t too serious, he did walk off the field himself. Don’t want to see him miss a start or anything. Meanwhile, Matsui is struck out by Wilson – seventh on the night.

8:51PM EDT: Ryan Sweeney hits a single off of Wilson. Oh how tonight has been a let down. No “highlights” until that hit, just the second of the night, in what seems like a very long night, for the A’s.

8:28PM EDT: DeJesus bobbles the ball in right, which allows the Young single to right to plate both Chavez (closing the book on McCarthy) and Andrus (on board care of a Magnuson walk) to score and make it Rangers 9, A’s 0. Stick a fork in it…

8:18PM EDT: Unclear presently what the injury could be but McCarthy is coming out and Magnuson is coming in. McCarthy had an ugly outing, made even uglier if he is injured and misses time, in three and a third he allowed eight hits, six runs (four earned), with no walks or strikeouts. Magnuson is in, I assume he will go a few innings as the A’s still lack a longman/swingman. Magnuson has 8.1 K/9 to just 1.8 BB/9 problem has been his HR/9 is at 1.8 too. Adds up to a messy 7.20 ERA but better – though, not good – 4.41 FIP.

8:16PM EDT: Endy Chavez just got a double off of Brandon McCarthy. While I say off of him, I literally mean off of him. The ball deflected into foul ground. McCarthy is down. Not good. He has pitched so well for us this year, this entire outing has just been a complete mess.

8:07PM EDT: Nice at-bat for Pennington. Seven pitches before singling. Seems like Pennington had a lot more of these long at-bats earlier in the year. Maybe its just perception as opposed to actually being reality.

7:46PM EDT: Josh Hamilton just grounds out, but it too plates a run. Rangers up 6-0. This game is as good as done. We may have cantankerous crowds tonight in Oakland, but it looks like C.J. Wilson has been given a lot of leeway care of his hitters.

7:42PM EDT: With one out, Elvis Andrus plunks one in front of Hideki Matsui and the single plates Torrealba. Texas 5, Oakland 0. Not looking particularly positive for the A’s, and proof of that is that Trystan Magnuson is warming the bullpen. He is not a man put into close ballgames.

7:37PM EDT: Endy Chavez doubles to the gap in right center. Moreland scores. Rangers 4-0. No one out. Bad start for McCarthy, haven’t really seen this from him much at all this year. Six straight have made it on base safely.

7:36PM EDT: Single from Yorvit Torrealba scores Napoli. Rangers 3, A’s 0. Still nobody out.

7:35PM EDT: Mitch Moreland singles into right, Cruz scores from second. Rangers 2, A’s 0.

7:33PM EDT: Another error from Cliff Pennington. That was a nice easy double play ball really, but with Cruz moving, it was merely going to be a groundout for Mike Napoli. Disappointing the defense we’ve seen from Pennington this year. Really want to see us beat up on Wilson but giving the very good Rangers extra chances with their lineup doesn’t translate to success.

7:28PM EDT: Single from Nelson Cruz gives the Rangers a 1-0 lead. The leadoff triple? Kind of a big deal.

7:26PM EDT: Michael Young leads off the second inning with a triple. McCarthy had defended Young versus criticism that his 2000th hit wasn’t a big deal earlier this week when Aaron Gleeman of HardballTalk said it wasn’t one. Let’s hope that hitting a triple to lead off an inning isn’t a big deal.

7:05PM PDT: It is the return of Lawyerball, and perhaps we can add Oakland and their fans suckball to that too as C.J. Wilson comes to the Bay Area to pitch for the Rangers. In an article on ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth Wilson says of Oakland,

“I hate pitching there. The mound sucks, the fans suck. There’s no fans there…

…I’d rather pitch here than in Oakland. I like the fans here a lot better, so you don’t have to worry about me signing there after the season. They hate me there anyways so it doesn’t matter. The players on their team hate me, whatever; I don’t care…

…It’s true, dudes on their team don’t like me, I get it. We’re rivals. We’re trying to beat them. When I was here in ’05 and the Angels beat us we didn’t like that. (The A’s) had to watch us celebrate on the field last year; they’re not going to like that. I’m sure they think that. Whatever motivates you. I think that about other players on other teams. So, it’s like I’m sure guys think that about me at some point.”

Well thanks a lot C.J. for opening your yap yet again. First the lawyerball nonsense, now this crap. What a moron. Wilson comes in to tonight’s matchup with a 3.35 ERA and 3.18 FIP having been worth an even 4.0 WAR. He squares off against Brandon McCarthy having a fantastic year as Oakland’s highest WAR player (3.1). Scott Sizemore hits second versus the lefty which I am thrilled about. David DeJesus and Ryan Sweeney – both of whom have struggled versus lefties this year – are both in the lineup as Coco Crisp remains questionable. I wish the A’s would just make a decision on him rather than going short-handed, but alas this is how they choose to do things.

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