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Live Blogging: A’s @ Mariners Game 109

August 1, 2011


10:15PM PDT: Josh Willingham grounds out so that ends that, 8-4 the Mariners are victorious. The A’s must be heartbroken over the loss of Matt Carson – a deal I forgot to mention earlier – who was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays (not being on the 40-man roster he did not have to clear waivers). Carson who has clubbed nineteen home runs in 89 games for Sacramento was exchanged for cold hard cash. That roster move is the only positive the cash-strapped A’s have today as the loss in Seattle drops them to 49-60. Trevor Cahill looked awful in his four innings of work while fully earning his 10th loss on the year. The A’ offense was inconsistent, leaving nine guys on and hitting a paltry 3-for-13 with RISP. New addition Jordan Norberto looked wild as we’ve all heard he would be, Jerry Blevins let up the run he always allows when he takes the hill, and Brian Fuentes continued to show A’s brass that he has no idea what these 1-2-3 innings they talk about are. All in all a disappointing game for A’s fans in the Pacific Northwest.

10:14PM PDT: League is looking to make this a save opportunity for someone else. Hideki Matusi gets a bloop single, but then Olivo and League just let him take second while pitching to Willingham. I don’t get those plays. Why not try and get him out? It should be easy right?

10:09PM PDT: Kurt Suzuki takes League out of the park to left field! Four to go… Mariners lead 8-4.

10:06PM PDT: Fuentes gets out of the inning, the A’s are down to their final three outs and must score at least five runs off of All Star (and still a Mariner despite apparent interest in him) Brandon League. He has pitched well against Oakland this year except notably his last appearance on July 5th in Oakland where he blew a 2-1 M’s lead.

10:03PM PDT: The righties come up and Fuentes allows a single (Olivo) and then hits a guy with a pitch (Wells). Now it is the switch-hitting Smoak…

9:52PM PDT: Nine pitch at-bat from Sogard against Wright prolongs the inevitable. Finally he flies out to Ichiro as the A’s go to the bottom of the eighth with new pitcher Brian Fuentes due up. The white flag is officially being flown. This time the move sort of makes sense as he faces Carp (L), Kennedy (L) and Olivo (R). With it 8-3, who cares if he faces Olivo at this point.

9:36PM PDT: That’d be a no. Bloop single past third for Ichiro Suzuki and Smoak scores. M’s 8, A’s 3. Blevins has now allowed a run in 10 of his 17 appearances.

9:35PM PDT: Justin Smoak with a leadoff double off of Blevins, Gutierrez moves him to third on a groundout. Can Blevins keep him stuck on third? I want to believe in you Blevins, I want to…

9:29PM PDT: Wild pitch, Zuk scores from third. 7-3 M’s still on top.

9:26PM PDT: The A’s are threatening, as much as you can down five runs with just seven outs remaining the ballgame, and cahse Beavan. Good outing for the rookie, six and two-thirds innings pitched, seven hits allowed, two runs (both earned) and two runners on who are his responsibility, two walks, and three K’s. New pitcher will be Jamey Wright who comes in with a 4.00 ERA and a 4.77 FIP in 42 outings, struggling with so-so peripherals: 5.8 K/9 and 3.6 BB/9.

9:18PM PDT: Kurt Suzuki drives in Sogard with a double of his own. A’s now trail by a mere 7-2 score.

9:16PM PDT: I somehow missed Pennington leaving this game. Any idea why? An injury? Regardless his replacement Eric Sogard doubles, first hit off of a looking a lot sharper than he looked starting out today Blake Beavan, since a Willingham double way back in the third. This game has chugged along after it looked like it’d be painfully slow.

9:13PM PDT: Blevins has a 1-2-3 inning with two K’s (Adam Kennedy and Wells) – maybe tonight he will reduce his “I allow a run to score when I pitch” percentage to just 50%?

9:09PM PDT: New A’s pitcher is… Jerry Blevins. I always say Blevins is a virtual assured run allowed and that isn’t entirely true I guess in fairness to him. However he has allowed a run in nine of his sixteen appearances. It doesn’t get much worse than that does it? I mean really. More than half the time he comes into the game as a relief (re·lief –noun, 1. alleviation, ease, or deliverance through the removal of pain,distress, oppression, etc.) pitcher he allows a run to score – not good.

8:57PM PDT: Norberto walks Dustin Ackley… remember he has a career BB/9 mark of 9.9. This isn’t some small sample size issue, or something like that – he has 33 major league games to his credit with that 9.9.

8:54PM PDT: Norberto throws a wild pitch – sort of what we have been led to expect – Smoak scores from third. Mariners 7, Athletics 1.

8:48PM PDT: Lack of control shown there with an errant pickoff throw that gets by CoJax allowing Smoak to second.

8:45PM PDT: Well so much for Cahill sticking around, Justin Smoak – who entered the game when Figgins left with what seems like a possible injury perhaps – singles and Bob Melvin has seen enough. Cahill goes four plus, allows twelve hits, six runs (all earned), with two walks and two K’s. New pitcher for the A’s will be their new acquisition Jordan Norberto, so we get a chance to take a gander at the new control-lacking lefty. Norberto with the Reno Aces all year, has 10.0 K/9, with 4.8 BB/9 (a marked improvement) with just 0.2 HR/9 in the homer happy PCL.

8:43PM PDT: Happy to see that Trevor Cahill is still in the game. Despite having an eight man bullpen, Oakland has yet to add a long reliever. Cahill is at 70 pitches and I say you leave him in, if he loses and his numbers suffer so be it. Can’t run through a bullpen all piecemeal all the time. In reality the real need is to get a long reliever on the team.

8:36PM PDT: Another weird play at third. Deflects off Sizemore’s glove again, in a similar way goes to Cliff Pennington, but with Carp rounding third widely Pennington throws behind him and gets him out at third. Casper Wells gets an infield single – fourth of the game on weird plays at third for the two clubs, but the A’s get out of the inning.

8:34PM PDT: M’s 6, A’s 1 as Olivo hits one off of a diving Sizemore. Ackley scores on the play, another infield single at third. Weird plays happening at the hot corner tonight.

8:31PM PDT: Cahill again in a mess. A double to Ackley, single to Mike Carp with one out makes it runners on the corners. Can’t go through all these stressful innings and expect to be on top. Being down 5-1 sort of proves that. Fautino De Los Santos is warming in the pen, so the leash on Cahill may not be so long. Still don’t like that despite the shakeup of the bullpen we do not have a long reliever.

8:21PM PDT: Cahill gets out of a jam again in another shaky inning. Pitch count through three is at 59, but he’s allowed seven hits and walked two with just one K. Not so hot.

8:05PM PDT: Great heads up baserunning from Coco Crisp advancing to third on the bad throw from Miguel Olivo allows the great play by Gutierrez to rob Matsui to at least serve as a sacrifice fly. A’s close the lead to 5-1.

7:55PM PDT: Dustin Ackley triples it past a sliding Sweeney to clear the bases and make the Mariners lead a stout 5-0 here in the second inning. For what it is worth, the second inning is Cahill’s worst (I had a suspicion and a check of Baseball-Reference confirmed it, there’ve been several starts where the second seemed a mess). Coming into today, in the 2nd inning he has a 6.65 ERA and allows hitters a .326/.393/.391 line. Today obviously will make those numbers even uglier.

7:52PM PDT: Brendan Ryan plunks one into left field, everyone moves up a base. M’s 2, A’s 0.

7:50PM PDT: With men on second and third, a ball is ripped by Ichiro Suzuki to Scott Sizemore at third, who does the exact same thing Figgins did to Weeks, to Figgins at third. It also doesn’t work, Ichiro gets to first. Japanese hitters getting identical infield singles today.

7:47PM PDT: Cahill hasn’t looked good and two straight singles to Wells and Figgins, sets up Franklin Gutierrez‘ double down the right field line to score Wells and put Figgins on third. M’s 1, A’s 0. Cahill doesn’t look good tonight. It is interesting, he is one of those pitchers that you pretty quickly know if it is going to be “one of those games”. Well, it appears as if this will be “one of those games”.

7:41PM PDT: After a 28 pitch first inning, Beavan gets the A’s 7-8-9 hitters out 1-2-3 on 10 pitches. The A’s really ought to be playing to get into Seattle’s bullpen which also took a hit with the loss of David Pauley (who had the lowest ERA of any Mariners pitcher at 2.15) in that same trade that sent Fister to Detroit. The guy who hits second in the bottom half (Casper Wells) is one of the acquisitions that came back the other way in that trade along with pitcher Charlie Furbush, a minor-league prospect and a player to be named later who is expected to be a very good player to be named later.

7:36PM PDT: Trevor Cahill also works out of a jam. A’s leave three on, M’s leave two on. Yes ladies and gentlemen you are watching two of the worst offenses in the American League here. The Mariners with RISP hit an MLB worst: .216/.306/.313. Oakland actually doesn’t fair too poorly in this regard with a middle of the road: .260/.341/.366.

7:27PM PDT: CoJax flies out. A’s load the bases with nobody out and fail to score. Unbelievable.

7:24PM PDT: Big change in the situation. After three straight singles off of Beavan, he K’s Josh Willingham and Ryan Sweeney. Bases still loaded and Conor Jackson is up – A’s can’t go bases loaded and get nothing out of it, something they have done several times already this year I know. Don’t have a count on just how many.

7:18PM PDT: Chone Figgins continues to make friends in the Pacific Northwest. He makes a good play on the ball but then tries to get Weeks leaning off of the third and doesn’t get him (there was no force anywhere).  I think he had Weeks leaning and could’ve thrown Hideki Matsui out at first but he doesn’t. It is an infield hit to load the bases for Matsui and that is for the Oakland A’s franchise the 60,000th hit. Crazy.

7:12PM PDT: Jemile Weeks hits a ball off of Beavan for an infield hit. Trainers will take a look at the massive righty (6’7″, 240#).

7:00PM PDT: The A’s take on the M’s in a battle of the bottom two teams in the American League West. Trevor Cahill gets the nod for Oakland at Safeco tonight, he comes in with a 3.58 ERA and 4.04 FIP. The results still are far below where the FIP indicates it should be – though to a much lesser extent than last year – yet it does seem as if this year is a rougher year for Cahill. Perhaps the most notable change without looking at the numbers is the additional baserunners from the big jump in his walk rate which is now 3.9 BB/9. The M’s who traded away two members of their rotation at the deadline (Doug Fister who went to Detroit and Erik Bedard who went to Boston) put up Blake Beavan who in four starts sports a 3.04 ERA and 4.23 FIP with 4.1 K/9 and just 1.4 BB/9. Beavan came to Seattle in the Cliff Lee deal a year ago. A’s have a pretty standard lineup, Ryan Sweeney still is in at right field, because David DeJesus has a sore thumb.

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