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Joey Devine Optioned to Sacramento

July 27, 2011

Joey Devine started the year off well, but as of late he has been slipping – he might argue literally as the ball has slipped out of his hand with the hot and humid conditions in both Detroit and New York, though the problem may go back further to his appearance prior to Detroit when versus the Los Angeles Angels at home, he left the game with an injury without retiring a batter. Here is the split on Devine before and after that outing:

Before 8.1 3.0 2.14 2.43 .195
After 4.5 18.0 18.00 8.24 .429

Two different pitchers indeed. Whatever the cause of the problem, whether it is recovering from injury or regaining his grip on the ball, or simply working out wildness he is going to be fixing it in Sacramento as he was optioned today. In his place will be Trystan Magnuson who makes his third stop in Oakland this season. Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle commented in a tweet that,

“Several scouts have watched Devine recently and some think he’s a “sleeper” to try to snag if not in #Athletics plans – but [rest assured for A’s fans] he is in plans.”

Devine will get some work in at Sacramento and hopefully be back in Oakland sooner rather than later. My guess for Magnuson is that like before Bob Melvin will use him sparingly and he likely won’t participate in any close games – his gmLI on the year is 0.13 indicating he has been used in the least pressure situations possible  (granted he only has three outings) but it is well below Fautino De Los Santos‘ very low next-lowest 0.38 and well below the lowest of any A’s bullpen regular with that being Craig Breslow at 0.89.

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