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Live Blogging: A’s @ Yankees Game 101

July 24, 2011


4:26PM EDT: Wow, tough way to lose. DeJesus with a line drive to first, Teixeira is able to double off Sweeney. Game over. Frank Sinatra plays. Interesting game in the end, but how frustrating is it that the A’s manage 15 hits but lose?

4:24PM EDT: Willingham gets a single – everyone moves up a base. Yankees 7, Athletics 5. Ryan Sweeney pinch-runs at first, he represents the go-ahead run. David DeJesus is up for the A’s now – he is the only Athletic ever with a home run against Rivera. His only hit against him 1-for-5 career against Rivera.

4:21PM EDT: Things get even more interesting. Single in front of Chris Dickerson in right field. Bases are loaded. Tying run is now on first. 5-for-5 day for Matsui. He happy to be back in New York or what? 7-for-13 on the series with a HR.

4:19PM EDT: Jemile Weeks singles off Rivera. Crisp hits one off of the glove of Robinson Cano. Tying run comes to the plate it is Hideki Matsui. Could be interesting? Longtime teammates, Matsui is 0-for-2 against Rivera in his career.

4:13PM EDT: Yankees get an insurance run – did they need one really? As Nunez, who got on via a single, moved to second on a sacrifice and got to third on a stolen base, scores on the Derek Jeter groundout. The smallball New York Yankees make it 7-4.

4:08PM EDT: Is Joey Devine becoming Rick Ankiel? He isn’t just missing. He is missing. That ball was well over Eduardo Nunez‘ head. Scary stuff. shows it was even further away than the crazy pitch he threw to Laird on Friday.

4:05PM EDT: Joey Devine and his newly minted sweat-free right arm (hopefully?) comes in to keep the lead where it is for the bottom half of the eighth. I’ve said it before and will say it again, these Yankees games drag. Three hours – still an inning left assuming the Yankees hold the lead. Yawn. Kills your whole day.

3:59PM EDT: Kurt Suzuki with a double makes this game a little bit more interesting. Matsui scores from second, Willingham to third. Yankees lead is cut to 6-4. Joe Girardi won’t allow Robertson to get himself out of this jam and is going to Rivera in the eighth. Rivera has 525 shutdowns in his career to only 110 meltdowns. In his career he has 583 saves in 654 attempts for a (bad for the A’s) 89.1% success rate.

3:47PM EDT: Hideki Matsui, already a member of the 200 double club, gets double number 236 of his career and second of the day to score Crisp and make this a 6-3 game. I guess now the A’s have put the nail in their own coffin as this could mean that Mariano Rivera makes an appearance. A’s will need to get all their runs against Robertson (no easy feat) if they want a chance in this thing.

3:45PM EDT: Coco Crisp just got his 200th career double to lead off the eighth. He is the 960th member of the 200 double club another Athletic is on the precipice of joining that “exclusive club” as well, David DeJesus who has 199 doubles to his name.

3:43PM EDT: It is raining at Yankee Stadium and a new pitcher comes in along with the new weather conditions: David Robertson. I don’t get why the Yankees are using a guy like Robertson in this game which seems pretty well sewn up, but this just seemingly further guarantees a New York win. Bartolo Colon was not as dominating as he was in Oakland earlier this year but he was good enough that he has positioned himself for a win.

3:31PM EDT: Is there anything that better symbolizes putting up the white flag than Brian Fuentes coming into the game to face Cano (L), Swisher (S) and Martin (R)? Good move to put him in against Cano but Swisher and Martin? Why oh why do we not use him as a LOOGY? He really could be a very useful piece. It is interesting though that Bob Melvin only seems to use him when the A’s are down, or at least it seems that way. Maybe we are just down a lot?

3:24PM EDT: That was clearly a hit and run that was felled by Eric Sogard swinging through the pitch. It just adds to Pennington’s extremely high stolen base percentage deficit he is now 6-for-15 (40%) when to be worthwhile he should be 35% higher than that.

3:19PM EDT: De Los Santos really is making the case to be a future closer for the A’s. I wonder if management is thinking of stretching him out and making him a starter again? One and a third innings, no hits, one walk, three K’s. The three guys he got aren’t exactly easy outs either in Jeter, Granderson and Teixeira. This guy has no fear.

2:53PM EDT: Andruw Jones singles, scores Tex, and knocks Gio out of the game. Fautino De Los Santos is coming into the game. De Los Santos still has great peripherals, I am really excited for him, more so that probably any other A’s prospect. Comes in to today’s game with 13.1 K/9 and a .227 BABIP, all which go to explain his great 1.74 ERA, 1.81 FIP. Needs to induce more groundballs (28.6%) as he has lucked out with not allowing a home run, but with his blistering speed and high K count, he could really be a shutdown type closer. Yankees 6, A’s 2.

2:51PM EDT: Love DeJesus’ arm. Kept Mark Teixeira at third there. I’d really like to re-sign him, we likely will trade him but I just don’t see us getting his true worth back in a deal. That said, need to get something.

2:43PM EDT: Second deck bomb for Granderson. Yankees 5, Athletics 2. That hurt, leadoff walk comes back to haunt Gio.

2:35PM EDT: Matsui doubles into the gap. Sogard is thrown out at home. I didn’t think Mike Gallego should’ve sent him, didn’t seem like such a great idea, but can’t really blame him with the lack of run scoring, you take your chances I suppose. The throw was high that Martin had to jump to catch it before getting down to apply the tag on Sogard yet he still had enough time to do so. Robinson Cano really owes Martin some thanks for saving him a costly error. Score stays 3-2.

2:19PM EDT: I’ve read several places some people arguing the A’s should re-sign Josh Willingham saying who cares about defense? We can’t score? Willingham’s bad defense (a better left fielder should’ve had that ball) has cost Oakland the lead. Eduardo Nunez doubles it over his head in left field, scores both Martin and Jones and gives New York a 3-2 lead. All their runs have come with two gone (and all are from the guys who you usually aren’t concerned with in this lineup – need to finish innings.

2:18PM EDT: HBP and a walk is not what you want to do with two outs. Gio Gonzalez needs to just settle down and leave it at that. Pitch count is already at 69 for Gio, whereas Bartolo Colon has pitched a third of an inning more at an efficient 54 pitches.

2:02PM EDT: Wow. Big play there. Instead of a strike ’em out throw ’em out double play the missed call on the check swing from Derek Jeter means that it is now first and second with nobody out. What a big difference that makes with the 2-3-4 hitters due up. Officiating has been quite poor this entire series, the clear missed call on the David DeJesus groundout yesterday, this very clear swing by Jeter. I am not one to complain about this sort of thing, but these are just egregious errors that are obvious in real time, not the watch the thing forty times in super slow-mo and then determine an error has been made. These are pretty obvious at full speed.

1:58PM EDT: Cliff Pennington with an error to let Brandon Laird get on – fourteenth on the season. I really liked seeing the clip of Gio pointing to him and giving him a pick-me up though. Gio is really becoming a vocal leader on this club which is important. When is Oakland going to extend him? I think he has the most upside of anyone in this rotation and with the All Star appearance, and his continued success he gets more and more expensive by the minute.

1:45PM EDT: The Yankees and Andruw Jones take advantage of catcher Martin getting into scoring position on the steal by singling him home and cutting the lead in half. Irritating to get two outs and then allow a rally. Also annoying to allow a run to immediately score right after you take a lead. A’s 2, Yankees 1.

1:33PM EDT: Eric Sogard! Break up the A’s? Sogard doubles to right-center field and it gets to the wall before Curtis Granderson can track it down. Pennington easily scores from second, A’s up 2-0 so the magic Colon had back on Memorial Day is not here so far today.

1:31PM EDT: A double by Kurt Suzuki and then a bloop single from Cliff Pennington scores Suzuki. Zuk should’ve been out but a slightly offline throw from Nick Swisher skips by Russell Martin giving the A’s an early 1-0 lead.

1:29PM EDT: Ray Fosse is often on the mark with his in game assessments of strategy etc, but wow was he off the mark on the roster building strategy of the New York Yankees. He said the Yankees often don’t get high draft picks, so don’t have the minor-leaguers other teams might covet for them to make big deadline deals and he cited Austin Jackson (not a deadline deal, and a prospect as the closest he had got to MLB ball is the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees). But for years during their heyday the Yankees dealt very highly regarded prospects guys like: Randy Choate, Nick Johnson, Ricky Ledee, Ted Lilly, Mike Lowell, Juan Rivera and Jake Westbrook are some that come immediately to mind. That isn’t even including very highly thought of prospects that were misses, guys like Russ Davis or Drew Henson. If the Yankees seek to make a huge splash now it seems they’re more than open to shipping out Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances or Jesus Montero.

1:13PM EDT: Hideki Matsui gets a basehit which breaks up the two consecutive strikeouts by Colon of Jemile Weeks and Coco Crisp to begin the game. Colon looks like he will be tough again but a good job of hitting from Godzilla going opposite field off a Colon pitch away.

12:57PM EDT: Clear four hours off your calendar, it is the final game of the A’s – Yankees series from the Bronx. The A’s backed by Gio Gonzalez, take on the Yankees backed by Bartolo Colon. Colon is having an incredible season for New York and absolutely shut down the A’s when he faced them in Oakland on May 30th, pitching a complete game shutout while K’ing six, walking none and allowing a mere four hits. On the year Colon has an impressive 8.2 K/9, good command at 2.4 BB/9 and despite a .295 BABIP has stranded 71.4% of runners while managing to induce groundballs 47.3% of the time. This explains how his ERA (3.34) and FIP (3.47) are both low and inline with one another on his 1.8 WAR season. Frankly the 38 year old’s numbers aren’t that much different than those of Gonzalez who comes in with 8.9 K.9, a much higher 4.1 BB/9 though with a markedly better 80.9% strand rate, and similar 48.3% GB%. The strand rate accounts for the difference in ERA (2.33) but both pitchers have identical FIPs (3.47). Perhaps what is most shocking is that despite such similar numbers, the lucky Gio Gonzalez has managed a 9-6 record backed by the anemic A’s offense, while Colon backed by the perennial juggernaut lineup of the Yankees is only at 6-6. A’s lineup is a little different today, most notably Eric Sogard gets the start at third base and hits ninth.

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