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Live Blogging: A’s @ Yankees Game 99

July 22, 2011

10:50PM EDT: Thankfully this game is over. That’s all there is to say. A’s lose their eleventh straight versus New York and in Minnesota the Tigers lead 8-1, significant because the A’s eleven game losing streak is the longest in baseball for any team versus any other team, and the Twins, down by seven have also lost ten straight (this would make it eleven) against Detroit. At least we aren’t alone in that category? And at least this losing streak doesn’t come against a division foe either! Always looking for positives here but that said, Trevor Cahill, Michael Wuertz and Joey Devine looked awful tonight, A’s lose big – this series looks like it won’t be a good one either since the bullpen likely is quite spent. Wonder if a move comes tomorrow to get a fresh arm up from Sacramento? Devine to the DL maybe? – because he has looked rough.

10:47PM EDT: Luis Ayala comes in to pitch for New York. Really good outing for Hector Noesi: three and two-thirds, allowing four hits, and three strikeouts. He ought to earn the win which is at the discretion of the official scorer, though it cannot be Phil Hughes because he only went four and a third. In some ways you wish this is how it could always be, not that it is at the discretion of the scorer but in the sense that the most deserving pitcher should earn the win, not things like the other day in Detroit where Joey Devine blew the lead, and then was the pitcher of record when the A’s got the lead back but certainly didn’t deserve a win at all and got one.

10:40PM EDT: Breslow isn’t helping out Billy Beane at all. 1/3 of an innings, two hits, one run so far. Brandon Laird gets his first MLB hit and first MLB RBI as he scores Cervelli. Yankees 17, A’s 7.

10:33PM EDT: We haven’t seen enough pitchers today so here comes the seventh pitcher of the night: Craig Breslow. Yankees are likely interested in Breslow who grew up and went to school in nearby Connecticut. This is a good opportunity to showcase Breslow, whereas Willingham and Wuertz who are also on the block didn’t really impress.

10:27PM EDT: This game which is increasingly like a spring training game just had an inning starting with multiple changes. Sweeney comes in to pinch-hit for Matsui, and meanwhile defensively the Yankees at Chris Dickerson in LF and Andruw Jones in RF while Laird stays in at third and Nunez moves to short. This game is three and a half hours and just seven innings old. It has really not been all that entertaining either.

10:24PM EDT: Posada GIDP. Thankfully an inning that could be way worse isn’t.

10:23PM EDT: The ROOGY Ziegler gives up a solid single to Nick Swisher which plates two. Yankees add on it is 16-7.

10:22PM EDT: One lefty down for Ziegler as Cano ropes it straight back at him and he catches it. Now he must contend with two straight switch-hitters in Swisher and Posada.

10:19PM EDT: Devine was just warming up with Laird. Walks Granderson and Teixeira to load the bases for Robinson Cano. Bob Melvin decides appropriately to change pitches, but inappropriately go with Brad Ziegler against the LH-Cano.

10:11PM EDT: Laird might be wondering about this MLB pitching after this at bat with Devine. Look at where these pitches were. Hard to see this here on but pitch one behind his back is way over at the 4.5 in the far left corner (these are as seen from the hitter’s perspective) then pitch six the one that walked him is much more apparently well into the gray background on the right. Wild.

10:10PM EDT: Joey Devine is into the game and his first pitch to pinch-hitter Brandon Laird (brother of Gerald Laird) – the first pitch of his MLB career mind you – 91 mph behind his back. Welcome to bigs kid!

9:56PM EDT: Where was this Fuentes before? I guess the pressure of a seven run deficit suits him well? Eight pitch, six strike 1-2-3 inning.

9:51PM EDT: Brian Fuentes comes out to pitch for the Athletics. Jon Heyman reported that the Yankees are one team that may have interest in Fuentes. Fuentes is a great addition for a team that could use a LOOGY and afford a roster space to someone they ought to treat as a LOOGY. That said the A’s aren’t using him as such due up: Posada (S), Nunez (R) and Francisco Cervelli (R). This won’t be pretty.

9:49PM EDT: Zuk follows suit and also pops it up on the infield this time to first baseman Jorge Posada. Pretty terrible stuff. So it remains 14-7.

9:48PM EDT: Pretty terrible at bat there from Conor Jackson as he pops out to Eduardo Nunez which keeps Matsui at third and prevents a run from scoring with less than two outs and two RISP.

9:38PM EDT: De Los Santos K’s Swisher who was really fooled on that pitch. The two have a tie beyond this strikeout as of course it was the Swisher trade to the Chicago White Sox that brought back De Los Santos, along with Gio Gonzalez and Ryan Sweeney. Four strikeouts so far for De Los Santos through two innings of work. Both sides have now pitched five innings, here is the combined pitching damage: 10.0 IP, 23 H, 21 ER, 9 BB, 11 K, 3 HR,  252 pitches, 154 for strikes. What a mess.

9:26PM EDT: On a 3-2 pitch, Coco Crisp is rung up swinging. He is not happy, as he takes a bat to the bat rack. Both Melvin and Ron Romanick are yelling at the home plate ump. Great thing is I am watching the Yankees broadcast and Michael Kay is saying that a guy shouldn’t yell scream and take a bat out and smash things. His broadcast partner Paul O’Neill (well known for an explosion or two) says “what’s wrong with that?”. Great stuff. On the pitch meanwhile, agrees with Coco and the A’s bench that the call was bad. That is a ways off the plate:

9:21PM EDT: Base hit for Jemile Weeks, scores two (DeJesus and Kurt Suzuki). Cuts the lead to two touchdowns to one touchdown.

9:18PM EDT: Phil Hughes won’t get the win because Joe Girardi is pulling him with the bases loaded. The bases becoming full on his fourth walk of the game. Unbelievable to have an at one point twelve run lead but not earn the victory. Hughes labored throughout this whole start to the tune of having thrown 98 pitches to get him through four and a third. Hector Noesi will be the new pitcher for New York. In thirteen appearances, Noesi who is a long reliever, has thrown 30 1/3 innings and has 5.9 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9. He has a decent 3.26 ERA and decent 3.59 while earning 0.3 WAR.

9:06PM EDT: Derek Jeter with a base-hit on a 3-2 count off FDLS. This is exactly what I was talking about when I felt that Bob Melvin should’ve left Cahill in. The Yankees just eat through pitchers, the A’s will need to make a move for their bullpen’s sake for the rest of this series. Wuertz: 34 pitches, De Los Santos: 23 pitches so far. They make you work, and work, and work, and work. Cahill only threw 61 pitches.

8:55PM EDT: Fautino De Los Santos is in. Let’s see how he fares with this tough Yankee lineup where two more seasoned pitchers failed. Book on Wuertz: 1.0IP, 3H, 4R (all ER), 2BB, 2K, 1HR. His ERA now slips above four: 4.13.

8:46PM EDT: Base hit from Coco Crisp scores Jemile Weeks on third care of a double and error by Brett Gardner. A’s still down but it is now 14-5. Hughes is a mess, the A’s pitchers are a mess – this has the makings of a big long and very ugly game. Why is it any game with the Yankees ends up four plus hours?

8:43PM EDT: A’s clip the lead to a mere 14-4. Cliff Pennington with a two run home run barely over the fence, and barely fair on the short porch in right.

8:31PM EDT: Wuertz is not relief. Teixeira with a grand slam to that short porch in right field. New York has two touchdowns, the A’s a safety. It was 10.5 RS/G for both clubs, Yankees have beat that all on their own.

8:30PM EDT: Wuertz walks home run #10 (also Cahill’s run). Granderson to first, Nunez scores. Book is closed on Trevor Cahill: 2.0 IP, 9H, 10R (all earned), 2 BB, 2K, 1 HR.

8:28PM EDT: With the bases loaded Wuertz walks home a run (though it is Cahill’s run) as Jeter goes to first and Posada comes in to score. Yankees 9, A’s 2. With the deadline looming for the A’s these appearances are really important for guys like Wuertz and for the A’s in terms of what they can get for him.

8:16PM EDT: Following the home run, Jorge Posada and Eduardo Nunez single and Melvin has seen enough and is pulling Trevor Cahill putting Michael Wuertz in. Hate this move. Taking Cahill out puts the A’s at a massive disadvantage with no true long man in the bullpen. With the off days the A’s should consider using Guillermo Moscoso here – terrible decision to remove Cahill and do the piecemeal bullpen approach against the New York Yankees. Really bad.

8:13PM EDT: Bad goes to worse. Nick Swisher takes it deep to center field and over the wall. Positively Swishalicious as John Sterling would say. Yankees 8, Athletics 2.

8:10PM EDT: And here we go again, Robinson Cano hits it over the head of Coco in center field. Cano really is one of the best players in baseball. Second and third nobody out and there are no signs that the Yankees offense will relent anytime soon. If I am Bob Melvin, I say you leave Trevor Cahill out there to take one for the team. With no long reliever we can’t afford to pull him frankly. He just needs to eat the bad outing.

8:09PM EDT: Cahill leads off the third with a five pitch walk to Mark Teixeira, an inauspicious start to the inning.

8:06PM EDT: Phil Hughes does exactly what we want to see from A’s pitchers as of late. He gets a lead, and he pitches with the confidence that a lead ought to give you. 1-2-3 inning on seven pitches (six for strikes). This one isn’t looking like it’ll be a winner.

8:02PM EDT: Curtis Granderson hits to left field, terrible throw by Matsui to try getting a speedy Gardner (it looks like a good throw would have got him mind you). Fortunately the A’s are able to get Jeter straying off second. Inning is over but not before the Yankees make it 5-2.

8:01PM EDT: Jeter steals second. Smart call by Joe Girardi (or Jeter if he ran himself) with Gardner on third, you had to know the A’s would just give Jeter second and they did. Benefit of speed on the bases right there.

7:58PM EDT: Jeter with a two-run single – and here we go again. Cahill’s body language just says “I am toast” right now. Jeter is now 25th on MLB’s All-Time hit list (3,011 hits), just passing Wade Boggs. Yankees 4, A’s 2 – we are over halfway to our 10.5 RS/G and the Yankees have more than we do.

7:57PM EDT: Brett Gardner has great speed. CoJax pulled a Daric Barton by ranging too far to the right, run scores on what is ruled a single though replays show that Cahill did in fact beat him to the base – run still would’ve scored but now it is bases still loaded, Jeter up, and only one out. Yankees tie it.

7:53PM EDT: Eduardo Nunez (A-Rod who?) put that ball right where he needed to between Jemile Weeks and Conor Jackson, Cano is able to score from second. This goes back to the problem we had in Detroit, we went out, got some runs, then failed to get the shutdown inning afterwards. Need to hold these things. A’s 2, Yankees 1. I wonder if the reason the A’s pitchers struggle with the lead is because they start to get too fine trying to hold it?

7:49PM EDT: Trevor Cahill is laboring too (the heat perhaps?). He walks Nick Swisher on five pitches. Total pitches 26, strikes just 13.

7:46PM EDT: Robinson Cano hits it into right, the in-between hop trips up David DeJesus and the ball gets past him. Heck of a toss from him, nearly gets Cano at second. Single and an error on DeJesus – when you can’t score, you can’t allow the other team (especially with the Yankees) additional baserunners (though in this case it is allowing a baserunner to second – the point remains the same). Recipe for disaster.

7:41PM EDT: Walks turn into wins. Hughes walks Willingham bases are loaded for Matsui – nice time for home run 501 wouldn’t it be? Forty-six pitches already for a very clearly laboring Phil Hughes.

7:37PM EDT: It is always interesting hearing other teams’ broadcasts. Kay just said that the A’s “probably” will be sellers. Really? Probably? We’re going to practically hold a yard sale in the parking lot.

7:34PM EDT: Cliff Pennington singles and it scores Conor Jackson from second A’s are up 2-0.

7:33PM EDT: Fascinating stat that the Yankees broadcast showed that when the temperature is 100° or higher teams score 10.5 R/G with a combined 2.5 HR/G across MLB from 2001-2010 . That does not bode well for the A’s at all.

7:24PM EDT: Michael Kay on WWOR: “Derek Jeter has been struggling since he got his 3,000th hit”. Before he hit 3,000: .260/.323/.33, since: .297/.333/.421. Granted they might be talking about after that game when he went 5-for-5 (the 3,000th hit was hit two of those five), but still I’d take a struggling .297/.333/.421 hitter in Oakland’s lineup. Struggling is clearly a relative term.

7:17PM EDT: Scott Sizemore is looking to break out of his slump, nice slap to right field as he takes it the other way with a double to score Coco Crisp. Athletics take a 1-0 lead on Hughes.

7:15PM EDT: With Hideki Matsui up to face his former teammates (he is playing in left field tonight with Josh Willingham playing left) the CSNCalifornia broadcast went out so switched the WWOR broadcast

6:56PM EDT: Yankees and A’s square off today from Yankee Stadium. The A’s will miss a few Yankees this series, Alex Rodriguez is out of the lineup as he was placed on the disabled list a little over a week ago, C.C. Sabathia pitched last night in St. Petersburg against the Rays and Eric Chavez is on a rehab assignment in Tampa. That said the Yankees still have many more very good players for the A’s to contend with. Phil Hughes is pitching for the Yankees, he has missed a lot of this year care of injury and in five starts has only thrown 21 1/3 innings of pretty low quality baseball having some terrible peripherals (4.2 K/9, 3.4 BB/9 and 1.7 HR/9) which give him a terrible 8.44 ERA and still messy 5.87 FIP. The A’s put up a pretty standard lineup for them as of late up against Hughes. Pitching for Oakland is Trevor Cahill who has struggled mightily against the Yankees in his career (9.72 ERA in 16 2/3 innings with eight walks and eight strikeouts) looks to rebound. His K/9 rate (6.7) is up in 2011 which is a positive sign but along with it his BB/9 (3.8 BB/9) has steadily climbed too so he still has trouble with a relatively wide expanse between his low ERA (3.16) and higher FIP (3.95). The A’s hope tonight is the night they end a ten game losing streak versus the Bronx Bombers. On a positive note the A’s come into tonight’s game tied for third care of a Blue Jays 7-5 win over Seattle yesterday.

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  1. elmaquino permalink
    July 22, 2011 9:37 pm

    Here’s an idiot question: what’s a good and bad WHIP?

    • July 22, 2011 10:19 pm

      Average usually is about 1.4. WHIP isn’t my favorite stat though, gives you a decent idea mind you of if a reliever is the type that’ll give you heart palpitations.

      • elmaquino permalink
        July 22, 2011 10:39 pm

        yeah, they were showin it on TV tonight. realized I never knew!

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