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Live Blogging: Angels @ A’s Game 96

July 17, 2011


3:44PM PDT: Game over! A’s win! Good to see the A’s take 3-of-4 from the Angels. Always nice to beat your rivals. Wonder if with the A’s travelling to Detroit and New York if this is the last time we see guys like Crisp, Matsui, Willingham and others at home? A’s are 42-54 on the year. Angels fall to 51-45 and four games behind Rangers (the biggest beneficiaries of this weekend’s series). That said with the Rangers beating up on the reeling M’s this weekend in Seattle, the A’s are just one and a half behind Seattle for third place.

3:43PM PDT: Shocker, Blevins allows a run. Shutout is gone on a bloop single from Bobby Wilson than scores Alexi Amarista who was on via an error. An unearned run, but a run nonetheless so the shutout is gone A’s lead 9-1 with two outs in the ninth.

3:30PM PDT: Yesterday’s loser, Rich Thompson comes in for the Angels. Fifth pitcher of the day for Scioscia. If you tally up the Angels relievers’ numbers they’ve gone six and two-thirds allowing one earned run on four hits (both the run and hits all care of Trevor Bell) though a messy five walks to just four strikeouts.

3:23PM PDT: Jerry Blevins is back and ready to give up some runs. Having thrown 105 pitches, I guess Bob Melvin wants to get Gio Gonzalez out of there. Heck of an outing for Gio. Seven shutout innings, eight K’s, two walks, four hits.

3:21PM PDT: Jemile Weeks pops out against Kohn to end the seventh. This is the sort of inning we are used to seeing from Oakland this year which is what set apart this first inning from virtually every other game we’ve had this season. We get a golden opportunity, two walks to begin it and then do nothing – don’t even move the runners to second and third. Don’t want to complain with a 9-0 lead but its innings like this that is the reason the A’s season is over. It’s sort of bittersweet to see a game like this because we have guys hitting like they should be hitting and our pitching has been better than I think most even expected so it is a truly bitter pill to swallow this 2011 campaign. That said, still enjoying this one, great to see the throwback jerseys to when I started watching baseball as a kid.

3:15PM PDT: Back-to-back walks to DeJesus and Jackson to start the seventh. A’s have drawn nine walks today – good to see them getting the free passes such an important part of the game we’ve seemed to let slip by this year.

3:11PM PDT: Another Angels pitcher. These relievers have really come through for them today. Michael Kohn is now in, he pitched Friday here. Comes in with a messy 5.40 ERA and 7.06 FIP and is worth -0.4 WAR which is an improvement care of his Friday outing. For the decidedly C-list relievers that Los Angeles is using, they must be happy with these results.

3:08PM PDT: Gio just continues to look great making quick work of the Angels again in the seventh. As a side note, so weird seeing Mark Trumbo wearing the 80’s Angels jersey with the “44”. Can’t separate that from Reggie Jackson even though others wore this version of the Angels jersey with #44, somehow I don’t associate so much with Joe Grahe.

2:47PM PDT: Coco Crisp is limping a bit after grounding into a double play – I expect the A’s are nervous about his health because they are presently shopping him. This game has settled down a lot. Gio Gonzalez is just pitching methodically as can be taking full advantage of the luxury that is a huge lead. He goes out for his sixth inning of work, having pitched five, striking out seven, importantly walking only one, and allowing four hits without any of them resulting in any Angels runs.

2:29PM PDT: New pitcher for the Angels: Bobby Cassevah. Cassevah spent a little bit of time with the A’s last year as they selected him in the Rule V draft. He stuck around for a little while before being returned to the Angels. He has split 2011 between the Salt Lake Bees and Angels struggling mightily with his control at both stops (7.6 BB/9 in Anaheim, 4.2 BB/9 in Salt Lake). He comes in with a 4.32 ERA and 4.40 FIP, which actually are an improvement over his AAA numbers (4.64 ERA and 4.70 FIP).

2:19PM PDT: A’s tack on. Hideki Matsui grounds out, but it was deep enough in the hole to make it a fielder’s choice and score Weeks from third. A’s are now up 9-0. First runs that are the responsibility of Trevor Bell in this game. They are making him work too he is now at 44 pitches (28 for strikes) through two and a third innings pitched.

2:09PM PDT: Nice double play there 1-6-3. Tough play to throw to the moving target in Pennington but Gio turns does it, and he throws onto first to double up Torii Hunter. Smooth play – 13 errors versus the Angels and some shoddy defensive play this year, but Pennington has the potential to really be an elite defensive shortstop.

1:53PM PDT: It is easy for a pitcher to struggle after sitting through a fourteen batter, eight run inning care of his offense, but Gio Gonzalez after allowing a leadoff single to Alberto Callaspo, promptly strikes out three straight in Trumbo, Bobby Wilson and Mike Trout. Six K’s through two innings on 37 pitches. Nice stuff.

1:45PM PDT: Bases are loaded again as Matsui manages a walk. He is the thirteenth A’s hitter this inning, I am pretty sure that has not happened yet this year.

1:39PM PDT: Wow, Weeks – yes the A’s have batted around – singles which scores Pennington who just doubled. Oakland 8-0! Mike Scioscia has seen enough and is going to the bullpen. Pineiro leaves this game with these stats: 10 batters faced, one out, four hits, four walks, seven earned runs, eight runs total. His ERA: 189.00, his FIP: 77.96. Ouch. Trevor Bell will come in to put a tourniquet on this game for the Halos, in fourteen games he has thrown 22 1/3 innings, of 3.22 ERA, 3.90 FIP ball. Like Pineiro not much for the strikeouts (4.4 K/9) but he has worse control than Pineiro (or at least than Pineiro has shown prior to today) (3.6 BB/9).

1:37PM PDT: Kurt Suzuki grounds out 5-3. Which means currently Pineiro’s ERA for this game is a sloppy 162.00 at present moment (there was one unearned run in there).

1:36PM PDT: Conor Jackson GRAND SLAM! This is a 1980’s A’s offense! 7-0 Oakland! No doubter to left-center. First A’s GS of the year.

1:35PM PDT: Mark Trumbo gets the ball, then throws it terribly offline to home. Error on the force-out, so Josh Willingham scores, 3-0 and David DeJesus makes it to first, bases still loaded, nobody still out.

1:32PM PDT: With 27 outs still to go, the Angels have Trevor Bell throwing in the pen. Ouch. Meanwhile Pineiro walks Scott Sizemore, his fourth walk of the inning and the bases are reloaded.

1:30PM PDT: Hideki Matsui takes advantage of the situation and plates, Jemile Weeks and Coco Crisp on a single to right field. Athletics take an early 2-0 lead. Maybe for turn back the clock to the 80’s day we will have some 80’s like offense?

1:28PM PDT: Ignore the earlier comment about a decent 2.3 BB/9 as Pineiro walks the first three Oakland hitters to begin the game. The bases will be loaded for Hideki Matsui. 12 of the first 16 pitches were balls.

1:15PM PDT: The CSNCalifornia broadcast just showed the stat that Cliff Pennington has 13 errors against the Angels, most versus any team, coming on the heels of his getting that 13th error. This is a meaningless statistic. There is nothing about the Angels that would prompt more errors. It’s these sort of statistics that are always commented on by the “eyeball” crowd. Advanced stats don’t even look into crap like that – it is a meaningless stat.

1:07PM PDT: It is a Turn Back the Clock day here at the Coliseum. Sadly in honor of the event the A’s will not get rid of Mount Davis. The A’s take on the Angels, who in the 1980’s would’ve been the California Angels. For the Oakland A’s it is Gio Gonzalez wearing the old mid-80’s style jerseys with “Oakland” across the front, fresh off his All Star Game strikeout of Jay Bruce. The Angels will be wearing those awesome block lettered Angels jerseys with the yellow Halo on the “A” and with the matching Blue/Red caps with that same “A” on them. Wearing that awesome jersey will be starting pitcher Joel Pineiro. What you see is what you get from Pineiro so far who has an identical 3.90 ERA and 3.90 FIP. He hasn’t struck out much of anyone at just 4.1 K/9 but has a decent 2.3 BB/9. For the A’s lineup it is similar to what we’ve seen the past few days.

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  1. Dangerous Dean permalink
    July 18, 2011 11:03 am

    Thanks from the bottom of my Rangers-red heart. I know you didn’t do it for us, but I appreciate it just the same.

    9-0 is doing it with style, too. I liked the throwback unis.

  2. July 18, 2011 11:15 am

    9-1. Jerry Blevins had to give up a run, lest he appear without a guy crossing the plate. It was a good weekend. Bye-bye draft position?

  3. Dangerous Dean permalink
    July 18, 2011 9:31 pm

    well the Astros should get a better draft pick. No matter how bad things get in the Bay Area, I can’t imagine your record would be worse than Houston’s. That is a team that is truly dreadful, both at the top and in the minors.

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