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Live Blogging: American League @ National League 2011 ASG

July 12, 2011

8:12PM PDT: First pitch was down and away it looked off the plate but was called a strike, second pitch a curve that was also down and away but well further than the first pitch, third pitch was a sweeping curve that bounced to the backstop, fourth pitch a 96 mph fastball blown by Bruce, fifth pitch off the plate (he’s keeping everything away), with the count full the sixth pitch was off the plate too I thought but called a third strike despite a check swing. Don’t know how things are calibrated over at Chase Field but this is what Gio’s pitch sequence looked like from BrooksBaseball.netthings looked off the plate, but they didn’t look this far off the plate.

If the American League can overcome their 5-1 deficit in the top of the ninth inning, Gio is in line for a win!

8:10PM PDT: Gio Gonzalez, Ron Washington‘s LOOGY for the night, stands in to face Jay Bruce of the Cincinnati Reds. The left-handed Bruce is one of the weaker NL All Stars at 1.9 WAR (though in fairness Gio Gonzalez at 1.8 WAR is one of the AL’s weaker All Stars) with 21 home runs, a .268/.343/.509 slash line and an impressive .241 ISO (5th among qualifiers in the NL). Gio is not wearing the gold, or even wearing the green, but is sporting the road grays with Oakland emblazoned across his chest. If you haven’t noticed, I am not a big fan of the All Star Game anymore, and given that I only cover non A’s stories on this blog that are of particular interest to me, or that I feel have ramifications to the A’s, this live blog will feature Gio’s outing, and nothing more.

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