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“Live Blogging”: Mariners @ A’s Game 88

July 6, 2011

2:48PM PDT: Andrew Bailey ends this one gets the save and salvages at least a win in this series. Mariners put up an Oaklandesque offense show with just two hits off of Guillermo Moscoso. Two hour fifteen minute game roughly, regardless this one was a fast one – perhaps fastest of the year for Oakland? Not sure. A’s win! That’s all that matters.

2:44PM PDT: Vargas has gone eight now for the Mariners. They like us have a lot of sore luck losers – heck a sore luck loser won the Cy Young Award for them last year with a 13-12 record! Good outing for him but as of this moment – not good enough.

2:34PM PDT: So the numbers I just mentioned for Moscoso following the quick bottom of the seventh for Jason Vargas (who also it should be said is pretty sharp with the one walk and five K’s as well albeit it with a HR allowed, two runs and five hits) are his final totals as he is replaced with Joey Devine for the eighth. We said that Vargas had a small split between ERA and FIP – well Devine has none 2.37 for both. He has not allowed a home run yet (hasn’t in fact since 2006 – his first outing of 2006 no less) so the xFIP is much higher at 3.83. I wonder what it is about Devine to not allow HRs? 320 straight batters faced without allowing a dinger. He by no means is an extreme groundball pitcher or anything. If anyone has any ideas feel free to share.

2:28PM PDT: Guillermo Moscoso looking great still, through seven still holding Seattle to a shutout with only two hits allowed, one walk and five strikeouts. Nice outing. These last two outings are making me rethink Moscoso a bit. Still need to look at where all his peripherals are after this outing. See how things look – that difference between ERA and FIP is largely attributable to the lack of split between K’s and BB’s that he has had, but that gap is widening and I assume the FIP will fall as a result.

1:55PM PDT: Well Sizemore is looking to be the hero of the day for the A’s, solid single up the middle scores Pennington from third. Good two out RBI right there. A’s stake themselves to a 2-0 lead. I am sure M’s fans feel the way I do where 2-0 might as well be 12-0.

1:52PM PDT: A Vargas balk (sort of seemed like a cheap call – but I’ll take it) sends Cliff Pennington to third. Great opportunity for the A’s to add on a run here with just one up and the top the order due up.

1:46PM PDT: Moscoso through five looking very sharp. If he keeps up like this perhaps I am wrong about his not deserving a spot in the rotation? But he has allowed just one hit, the single to Ackley in the second and has struck out four walking none. I know historically his control is a little better than it has been with Oakland so far, but his K/9 is way higher than where it has been usually well over 7.5 K/9 yet thus far entering today only at 4.6 K/9. So the potential certainly is there and maybe he convinced A’s management with that outing against Florida? Maybe he is making a good case for himself with this outing here today. Still when Tyson Ross returns I’d rather see him plugged into the rotation and let Moscoso be the long man out in the pen.

1:22PM PDT: There we go. With one out, Coco up he went on first movement (first pitch too) but still Weeks slid late. Not as late as we’ve seen but he certainly has the speed to get a lot of stolen bases if he improves the technique.

1:19PM PDT: Weeks is on to lead off the bottom of the third. Let’s hope he is working on the not sliding too late thing. He got “thrown out” by Miguel Olivo yesterday (in reality it was Dustin Ackley holding the tag that earned the caught stealing) because he overslid second. He’s done it several times and while everyone who plays second or short should hold the tag no matter what, the book on Weeks will soon be that he slides late and if he does the speed beating the throw will be meaningless. This should be a top priority for A’s coaches as it is a glaring weakness in Weeks’ game.

12:46PM PDT: Scott Sizemore launches one to left field off Vargas and gives the A’s a really early 1-0 lead. Love to see it. I am still a big fan of Sizemore’s I know there’ve been some criticisms of him and the acquisition, but coming into today he has been a 0.7 WAR player in just 23 games. To put that number in perspective, his 0.7 WAR is ranked fourth among position players behind three guys who all have more games than he (Coco Crisp, Kurt Suzuki and very interestingly, Jemile Weeks).

12:32PM PDT: A’s and Mariners game is not being broadcast on CSNCalifornia today so we are stuck with the annoying crew in the M’s booth. I still can’t believe any games are not broadcast by the home team but that’s where we are. Dave Sims is particularly irritating but I don’t mind Mike Blowers – however the big vacancy is Dave Niehaus, he really was a pleasure if you had to listen to broadcasts out of the Pacific Northwest. Guillermo Moscoso takes the hill for the A’s today – he is still in the rotation which earlier in the week I felt was a bit odd and undeserved. Moscoso comes in with improved peripherals following an eight strikeout performance against the Marlins but his ERA (2.51) is not reflective of his play as his FIP is a much higher 4.69. The A’s lineup (Chris Carter is back in hitting 5th and playing first) face Jason Vargas who unlike Moscoso is very even between ERA (3.57) and FIP (3.59), a 1.7 WAR pitcher he doesn’t strike out too many (6.0 K/9) but doesn’t walk many either (2.4 BB/9).

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