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Live Blogging: Diamondbacks @ A’s Game 84

July 2, 2011


8:52PM PDT: Rosales K’s. Game over. D-Backs win 4-2 with the A’s showing little to no offense again felling an average outing from a combined three Athletics pitchers. Joe Saunders with a decent outing for Arizona, Josh Outman with a shaky one for Oakland, A’s fall to 37-47 on the year.

8:47PM PDT: Craig Breslow doesn’t let the D-backs get an insurance run, so we go to the bottom of the ninth with temporary Arizona closer David Hernandez taking the hill. The regular closer, J.J. Putz is on the disabled list with elbow tendinitis. Hernandez who has mostly been used as a middle reliever has 18 shutdowns to just five meltdowns this year only Putz has more shutdowns for Arizona (20). Hernandez is tough, 10.0 K/9, though 5.4 BB/9 with a 3.65 ERA but great 2.94 FIP. He has been worth 0.7 WAR in 2011. The A’s send up Zuk, DeJesus and Rosie so they have their work cut out.

8:36PM PDT: Jackson certainly reminded his former teammates of his worth and why they clearly would’ve wanted Sam Demel instead. Strike three. Inning over.

8:33PM PDT: This is Brazoban’s mess to clean up as Glen Kuiper says that nobody is up in the pen. Chris Carter singles – so with two runs in and two out and two on, the tying run is at first (pinch-runner Ryan Sweeney). Jackson is up – good chance to remind his former teammates of his worth.

8:32PM PDT: Hideki Matsui slaps on to right that drops in front of Upton – Weeks scores from second. A’s halve the lead, 4-2 D-backs. It’d be nice to Chris Carter knock one out here and tie this game. Book is now closed on Saunders as Brazoban lets both inherited runners cross the plate.

8:28PM PDT: Brazoban allows one inherited runner to score as the balk gets Rosales over to third (and Weeks to second) and allows the Sizemore groundout to score Rosie and make this a 4-1 game.

8:23PM PDT: A’s get Joe Saunders out of the game – which is a good thing since they haven’t done much of anything against him. Sort of a strange outing for him. It wasn’t really dominant, yet the results speak for themselves. The A’s got nowhere against a pitcher who pitched well but not amazingly – seven-plus innings, allowing eight hits, walking one and striking out three. Rosales is left on 2nd, Weeks on 1st and they both are the responsibility of Saunders. Yhency Brazoban comes in for the D-backs. Remember back when this guy was the next big deal? He was part of the Yankees’ package to the Dodgers to get Kevin Brown. Not such a big deal anymore as this is his second game of the 2011 season, and prior to that outing (Wednesday versus Cleveland) his last MLB appearance was way back on May 18th, 2008 in Anaheim while pitching for the Dodgers.

8:15PM PDT: FDLS with three strikeouts in the eighth to make it four in the game – all swinging. Love it.

8:10PM PDT: Chris Young gave Josh Outman tons of trouble 3-for-3 with a single, double and home run – but FDLS takes care of him with a swinging strikeout. This guy to me is as exciting as is Weeks. Electric power stuff that is great and fun to watch.

7:57PM PDT: Fautino De Los Santos is in the ballgame! He comes in with some crazy numbers in his 2 1/3 innings of work. 19.3 K/9, no walks, no home runs allowed. Despite a .500 BABIP and 50.0% strand rate he owns a -1.35 FIP. Gotta love the negative FIP. De Los Santos is why I am OK with trading Andrew Bailey. I love Bailey, think he is a great member of this team, however to get talent you need to give up talent, and Bailey to me is someone who I feel will be overvalued on the marketplace and is relatively replaceable as far as players in Oakland are concerned. I think De Los Santos is the guy who could replace him.

7:51PM PDT: Coco Crisp doubles. A’s are 0-for-3 with RISP. That needs to change.

7:29PM PDT: The lead has officially become on that the A’s cannot recover from. Chris Young – who now is a triple away from the cycle (not that that is a big deal) – as he hits it out in a hurry to left field with two outs to score Justin Upton. Number sixteen for Young. Josh Outman staggered off the mound like that actually wounded him. It certainly has wounded the chances for the A’s to win as they trail 4-0.

7:19PM PDT: I always find it funny when a guy makes a great play like Gerardo Parra did on the sinking liner by Chris Carter and then follows it up by muffing the easier play. The misplay by Parra lets Conor Jackson coast into second with a double. Need to capitalize. A’s are 0-for-2 with RISP.

7:04PM PDT: Jemile Weeks is rapidly becoming a fan favorite and it is plays like this that explain why. A slowish grounder to Ryan Roberts at third and Weeks beats it out just blazing down the line. He is fun and exciting to watch – which honestly can’t be said of most of the guys in this lineup.

6:52PM PDT: 50+ pitches for Outman as he allows an RBI double to Chris Young. He is laboring a bit. He’s had these sorts of outings before where he doesn’t seem sharp and sort of just skates by, however eventually it always comes back to get you and this double shows it has to Outman. Kelly Johnson scores from first giving the D-backs a 2-0 lead. The A’s who are at least this week using a six-man rotation still have plenty of arms in the pen so Bob Melvin shouldn’t feel shy about pulling Outman earlier than he might normally.

6:26PM PDT: I was right about the shadows and they did in fact creep out by the time the A’s went to bat in the bottom half, but despite that Scott Sizemore singles. I imagine right now with just a little beyond the plate in shadow it isn’t as difficult as when it is more at the halfway to the mound mark.

6:17PM PDT: So Josh Outman off to an inauspicious start. Chris Young‘s single, the third hit of this game already, scores Willie Bloomquist though David DeJesus made it close, the throw was just a bit offline so Kurt Suzuki had to jump back to make the tag and couldn’t. One problem is that this inning is taking just long enough that the Diamondbacks do not have to contend with the shadow being between the plate and the mound, but it may creep out that way by the time the A’s get to hit. Outman not looking great. D-backs 1, A’s 0.

5:50PM PDT: A’s look to string together back-to-back wins as they take on the Arizona Diamondbacks again this evening at the Coliseum behind Josh Outman. Outman is looking to prove he deserves to stay in the rotation, as Graham Godfrey was the first to go (moving into the swingman role with the return of Rich Harden) and with Brandon McCarthy returning on Monday Guillermo Moscoso or Outman will be the odd man out. Outman has put up 4.4 K/9 (a far lower number than he’s usually been at) and 3.3 BB/9 with 0.4 HR/9. He has a 3.10 ERA and a 3.70 FIP and has been worth 0.6 WAR so far this year which if you ask me as been a very pleasant surprise that given his terrible spring and pretty dismal time in Sacramento came as a surprise to most I’d assume. The lineup is a bit different, with a day off for Cliff Pennington at short, Adam Rosales is in and Scott Sizemore is hitting second. Conor Jackson is back in the lineup and playing left field while Chris Carter gets another start at first. They all will be facing lefty Joe Saunders. As per usual Saunders’ numbers look better than they ought to with a 4.14 ERA and a 4.92 FIP. In 100 innings of work he has been worth 0.3 WAR for Kirk Gibson and the D-backs.

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