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Live Blogging: Marlins @ A’s Game 80

June 28, 2011

10:42PM PDT: Hanley Ramirez swings and misses. So Bailey gets three straight on K’s, now that is a save. Great game. A’s win their first of three with the Fish. Great pitching, one hit and a combined 12 K’s. Marlins now have lost 14 straight one-run games. Hopefully we can give them a few more losses by even wider margins in the next few days.

10:40PM PDT: I bet the Fish would’ve loved to have still had Sanchez in this game. Bailey just blew those pitches straight past Greg Dobbs. One out to go to secure an A’s win.

10:38PM PDT: Great and important strikeout by Bailey. Omar Infante goes down. Two outs to go, Bonifacio still at second.

10:34PM PDT: I love Andrew Bailey but don’t really get why Bob Melvin opted to go with anyone other than Gio Gonzalez here. Gio had 106 pitches, nine K’s just three walks, only allowing a single hit. Anyhow not a good start to the inning. E5 on Scott Sizemore airmails it on Conor Jackson. Emilio Bonifacio gets to third. I get that Jackson is going for the stretch to try and get the out but it’d seem even with a fast Bonifacio it’d be better having him at first instead of at second or (had it taken a worse bounce off the wall) third. I guess its a tough decision to make so quickly but it seems like he ought to have vacated first and let Bonifacio reach safely. So tying run is in scoring position. Bonifacio can easily score on a single, so Bailey has his work cut out for him.

10:31PM PDT: I guess it worked out anyhow as Choate strikes out Matsui – inning over.

10:27PM PDT: I really don’t get this move. They replace Badenhop to face Matsui with lefty Randy Choate – I guess ignoring the fact that Matsui has hit better against LHPs this year? Can we capitalize on this folly?

10:24PM PDT: I don’t get it, was that an unintentional intentional walk of Coco Crisp at first? They get him to 3-0 then intentionally walk him. To face Matsui?

10:20PM PDT: Burke Badenhop in to pitch for the Marlins. In 23 innings, he has pitched quite well, posting a 2.82 FIP with strong peripherals, 7.0 K/9 and 3.9 BB/9 and yet to allow a home run – I’m going to bet on that staying the same tonight…

10:11PM PDT: Gio Gonzalez looking to start the eighth having thrown just 92 pitches. Could we see a complete game SHO from him? Last complete game from Oakland was May 7th from Brandon McCarthy in Kansas City. Gonzalez has just one CG in his career it came on August 1st of last year in Chicago against the White Sox.

10:03PM PDT: Gaby Sanchez gets tossed out of the game after throwing his bat and saying something that appeared to rhyme with “pull fit”. He was right to do so – terrible call (well right in his commentary of “pull fit” incorrect in throwing the bat I suppose. Doesn’t hurt the A’s to have Florida’s best hitter out of the game. Here is some food for thought, Sanchez so far has been worth 2.7 WAR, tops for the A’s is Coco Crisp at 1.1. Yikes.

9:56PM PDT: What is it with these rain delayed games being played so quickly? A’s offense has come out as per usual today. Through six innings, Javier Vazquez has allowed just three hits, the one unearned run, walked nobody and K’d four to add to his status as the active K leader. Currently he is at .139 WPA which makes this his third best start of the year barring any significant changes.

9:32PM PDT: Gio is looking good. This game is sort of meandering along, rain delays sort of kill the excitement and anticipation and then I just get annoyed when the game is pushed back and back. But five innings, one hit, one walk, four K’s, can’t complain about that. Is he booking a flight to Phoenix?

9:20PM PDT: Messy play by Gaby Sanchez there, A’s hope to capitalize again on a Marlins miscue. It is very important that the A’s take advantage of these opportunities. Even though Vazquez is having a less-than-stellar year, he is still a formidable pitcher but also the Marlins actually have a decent bullpen Vazquez might represent their best chance at scoring a few runs here.

9:02PM PDT: Dewayne Wise is making a lot of plays that look impressive but to me it just seems like his first step is slow and his speed makes up for it. Also he takes strange routes to balls that makes the end result look more acrobatic. He is a career -0.2 WAR player, but his fielding is notable for being (despite playing all three different outfield spots for about the same amount of time) +9.8 UZR/150 with him particularly performing well in center field (+15.8). UZR doesn’t care about style points so the fact that he gets to the balls are all that matters I guess, but he isn’t like some other players who always seem to be in great position to make the play (Ryan Sweeney comes to mind as one of them).

8:46PM PDT: Kurt Suzuki hits it out to Mike Stanton in right field deep enough to score Matsui from third. A’s take a 1-0 lead.

8:42PM PDT: Matsui takes it right into the corner in left field for a double. Wonder if the A’s will be able to find a market for him? Since Bob Melvin has taken over Matsui has been solid.

Bob Geren Mgmt 49 3 .209 .260 .316
Bob Melvin Mgmt 15 3 .271 .406 .479

8:18PM PDT: Emilio Bonifacio steps in against Gio Gonzalez to get this game underway. Gio has the club wearing the green alternative. David Feldman tweeted,

“#Athletics wearing the green tops at home tonight. 1st time this season.. Last time green at home: [Dallas] Braden yells at A[lex ]Rod[riguez] “get off my mound.”

7:32PM PDT: Make that 8:15. Ugh.

6:56PM PDT: The Florida Marlins come to the Coliseum tonight to take on our Oakland Athletics. This will be the last series the A’s ever play against the Florida Marlins as next year they become the Miami Marlins – I wish it were because they were eliminating interleague play but alas that does not appear to be something that will happen anytime soon. The Marlins are a tale of two teams this year – they got off to a great start playing 16-9 in April and finishing May still strong at 31-22 in second place and just two games back. June has been a different story for the Fish as they have endured a 3-22 month during which they had their manager Edwin Rodriguez resign replaced by octogenarian Jack McKeon. In only six games to date, McKeon has been at the helm for two-thirds of their June wins. If the A’s are looking for a team to rebound against, the Marlins certainly qualify. Pitching for Florida is Javier Vazquez, not someone you want to count on to get you out of a skid these days. Vazquez is having a miserable campaign, with a career low 6.4 K/9, coupled with a career high 3.9 BB/9 also featuring a terrible BABIP (.333) and strand rate (61.5%) despite the weak peripherals his lack of lock is responsible for his gaudy 6.37 ERA but still not-great but prettier 4.87 FIP. Somehow all of this has added up to Vazquez being worth exactly 0.1 WAR so far this campaign. He goes against Gio Gonzalez who is pitching against his hometown team. The native of Hialeah, Florida who could very well be the A’s lone representative in Phoenix for the All-Star Game has 8.6 K/9 to 4.1 BB/9 and unlike Vazquez a good BABIP (.289) and fantastic strand rate (80.3%) which explain why even though he has a great ERA (2.59) his FIP is a bit higher at 3.43. The lineup looks quite similar to what we’ve seen lately, with Ryan Sweeney in left and David DeJesus getting the start in right. One lineup move prior to today’s game, Grant Balfour was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right oblique retroactive to June 22nd (I am the only one who finds these retroactive moves annoying? It seems the A’s do it rather frequently playing short-handed before putting a guy on the DL). In his stead the A’s called up Trystan Magnuson from Sacramento. Magnuson pitched in two games for Oakland in his first stint up with the big club in May compiling three strikeouts and a walk in three innings of work. Magnuson’s stay in Oakland likely will be short as today Susan Slusser wrote in The Drumbeat this:

Rich Harden will go for the A’s against Arizona on Friday – his first start of the season after missing the first half with a muscle strain under his right arm (the teres major, to be specific). The A’s expect Harden to go about 90 pitches after throwing 72 pitches in his last rehab outing.”

It is anticipated that Magnuson will be optioned to Sacramento at that point with Graham Godfrey sliding into a long relief role. However that too could be short-lived as Brandon McCarthy could be making his return shortly as well, he goes to Stockton for his next rehab outing. So interesting times here in Oakland. Today’s game will be delayed however due to rain – first pitch is anticipated at 7:30.

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