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Live Blogging: A’s @ Phillies Game 77

June 24, 2011


9:58PM EDT: Bouncing ball over Scott Sizemore, Victorino scores, A’s lose 1-0. For Brian Fuentes it is meltdown number nine on the season and loss number eight. While a few bad calls from Joe West came into play ultimately the blame again lays with the A’s lack of any offensive firepower. They simply do not score runs, ever and you can’t expect to win if you never score as we’ve learned well all season long. So the A’s fall to 34-43, and I think it is fair to say any sense of optimism that was born out of the winning streak has quickly evaporated. Time to build for next year as hard is it is to say that on June 24th in a season that was entered with such high expectations.

9:57PM EDT: Schneider grounds out but advances the runners to second and third. Ben Francisco (R) is up for Philadelphia…

9:55PM EDT: So Domonic Brown gets a base hit to right field, Victorino fortunately stops at second. But with one out its a bit of a sticky situation and now the catcher Brian Schneider (L) is up with one out, go ahead run at second… Fuentes has eight meltdowns this year – only four pitchers have more.

9:50PM EDT: Bad call again from West. Victorino walks on a strike. Fuentes has never surrendered a run to just two clubs, the Rockies (which he was a member of for a long time and has only faced for a grand total of 4 2/3 innings) and the Phillies…

9:44PM EDT: Aided by a bad call and some good pitching Stutes gets a 1-2-3 inning. The bottom of the ninth still tied at 0-0 with some pretty good hitters awaiting new A’s pitcher Brian Fuentes (sigh). He will face Shane Victorino (S), Raul Ibanez (L) and Domonic Brown (L) so not the worst decision by Bob Melvin – still makes me nervous. Exciting double switch action with DeJesus coming out and Coco Crisp coming in – so we may have more than one inning of Fuentes fun.

9:42PM EDT: Joe West is the worst umpire in baseball. No way he can see that check swing or not. Jackson didn’t go around. That guy is such a moron and so bad for the game. Perennially tops on the worst ump in baseball lists.

9:41PM EDT: Michael Stutes is the new Philadelphia pitcher. The 24 year old rookie is sort of a typical middle relief guy, lots of strikeouts (8.7 K/9) and lots of walks (5.6 BB/9). He has benefited from an unreal .204 BABIP and 87.3% strand rate, which explain why he has a tidy 2.38 ERA with a somewhat messy, or at least messier 4.15 FIP.

9:38PM EDT: Well problem solved, ground out to Conor Jackson at first. Through eight its still scoreless!

9:37PM EDT: So Devine gets himself in a bit of a pickle walking Chase Utley, meaning men on second and first with Ryan Howard coming up.

9:29PM EDT: Joey Devine is in so despite Guillermo Moscoso have the best outing of his career, he will have nothing to show for it in the win column.  His .436 WPA is one of the biggest I can recall seeing all season from an A’s pitcher despite numerous solid performances. Ross Gload being in the batter’s box means that we will have a new pitcher come the top of the ninth. Meanwhile regarding new pitcher Devine, he is having a great year too with a 2.19 FIP

9:24PM EDT: Juan Perez in to pitch for Philadelphia. Really weird pitching motion to this guy a left-hander in to face Matsui (who as we all should know by now is hitting lefties better than righties). Made his 2011 debut yesterday against the Cardinals his first appearance at the major league level since 2007.

9:16PM EDT: Moscoso has now gone seven innings allowing just two hits, walking three and striking out two.

8:55PM EDT David Herndon in. He was a Rule V draft selection last year from the Los Angeles Angels. He really hasn’t been particularly good though. This year he puts up 4.9 K/9 with 3.0 BB/9 and 1.1 HR/9 which adds up to a 4.18 ERA and even worse 4.65 FIP. He looks to keep the A’s bats (or lack thereof) at bay.

8:50PM EDT: Damn you Placido Polanco and your abnormally large… Guillermo Moscoso‘s no-hitter is done with a Polanco single to center.

8:44PM EDT: Double from Hideki Matsui breaks up the Vance Worley no-hitter. Victorino went all out presumably to protect the no-hitter which turned a sure single into a double for the slow-footed Godzilla.

8:42PM EDT: Sweeney pops out to Raul Ibanez in center field who cuts in front of the Flyin’ Hawaiian Shane Victorino (best nickname in baseball?) but even more important than that out that gets Worley through five and two-thirds – that marked his 100th pitch of the night. Ouch.

8:38PM EDT: Perhaps this is getting a little interesting? Still no hits in this game for either club. Yet both pitchers have dangerously high pitch counts for how far into this game they are with Worley at 94 and Moscoso at a comparatively reasonable 71

8:30PM EDT: Nice play between Ryan Howard and Vance Worley there to get Jemile Weeks out at first. Looked like Howard had thrown it away but it just led Worley and ended up quite a slick play. Scott Sizemore could’ve scored on that play so that could prove crucial…

8:25PM EDT: Where was the power from Moscoso? I was expecting his sacrifice bunt to get out over the left field fence…

8:19 PM EDT: So through four knotted up at zero apiece. Strange pitching duel, two guys using a lot more pitches than they should be but both have yet to allow a hit.

  H BB SO Pitches Strikes
Moscoso 0 2 1 56 34
Worley 0 3 4 76 47

7:58PM EDT: Another amazing play by Ryan Sweeney in the field. I think Sweeney will be the 2012 A’s center fielder. His lack of power is not an issue at all as a center fielder like it is with him being a corner outfielder. He is a solid hitter. Seems like it’d make sense.

7:52PM EDT: Moscoso did not flash the power he had up in BP in Flushing. Striking out on three pitches. He also is hitting right-handed to ensure he doesn’t injure his pitching arm.

7:41PM EDT: Yesterday’s game had a nice quick pace to it once it finally got started. Tonight’s – not so much. Worley has gotten things done so far for Philadelphia but has taken an awful long time and awful high number of pitches (45 in two innings) to do so. This game is on pace to take forever at this point. Moscoso too isn’t the best with control and is on a similar pace with his one inning being an 18 pitch affair. Moscoso so far on the year has 15 walks to 12 strikeouts (including his walk of Placido Polanco in the first) so he needs to change that ratio some point soon.

7:02PM EDT: A crosstown rivalry (that hasn’t been crosstown in well over fifty years) resumes tonight as the former Philadelphia Athletics take on the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Guillermo Moscoso and his fly balls take the hill for the Athletics (he has only a 23.5% GB% – only the Nationals’ Tyler Clippard has a lower GB% with at least 30 innings pitched). While only 5.3% of the the fly balls he allows have ended up home runs, with him at the plate it may be a different story. When all the pitchers took batting practice this is what Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle had to say about Moscoso,

Guillermo Moscoso … switch hitter? Moscoso, who starts Friday at Philadelphia, went deep at spacious Citi Field from both the right and left sides of the plate (“Upper deck!” he said) during batting practice, but he said he’ll stick to hitting righty in games.”

The A’s only break against the Phillies vaunted pitching comes tonight when they face Vance Worley. Worley making his seventh appearance and fifth start for the Fightin’ Phils has 6.8 K/9 to 3.7 BB/9 with a solid 3.41 ERA and 3.68 FIP. The Phillies who like the A’s (though not to the same extent) have had a few dings and visits from the injury bug to their rotation, have received some good contributions from guys like Worley not expected to be a part of their rotation. Lineup for Oakland tonight is a bit more typical than what we saw yesterday. Ryan Sweeney will be in center hitting third, and David DeJesus gets the start in right, but otherwise it is what we have grown to expect. In other news, last night Brandon McCarthy pitched for the Stockton Ports and looked lights out (granted he is pitching High-A ball) against the San Jose Giants (who just wrapped up a North Division first-half title), helping the Ports to their ninth straight victory. McCarthy allowed just one run (unearned) on three hits, while K’ing four, so that is encouraging for A’s fans in Oakland.

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