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“Live Blogging”: Giants @ A’s Game 73

June 20, 2011

3:23PM PDT: SWEEP! Fuentes K’s Cody Ross and this game is over. Landon Powell is the big hero for the A’s. Fantastic stuff by the A’s great play. The Rangers lost in Atlanta so the 33-40 A’s are a wee bit closer to getting back into the AL West race. The gold jerseys work again – five straight wins. Good pitching duel – A’s win!

3:19PM PDT: With Andrew Bailey going last night, your favorite closer and mine is in to finish of the San Francisco Giants – Brian Fuentes. He will face the 3-4-5. Fuentes looked good last night after walking the leadoff man he K’d three straight. He has pitched much better than his record (1-7) or ERA (4.70) suggest as he sports a 3.51 FIP and has been good for 0.3 WAR.

3:13PM PDT: Landon Powell to deep left center field and the A’s take the lead! His first home run on the year. No doubter! A’s take a 2-1 late lead! As mentioned three minutes ago – “he has been victimized by the long ball” and he is again!

3:10PM PDT: Giants have a new pitcher in, Jeremy Affeldt. But an interesting thing first off, the CSNCalifornia broadcast just showed a stat that the Giants are 0-for-19 with RISP this series. Wow – that is terrible. I know it seemed like Guillermo Moscoso and Graham Godfrey got out of some trouble the past two nights but 0-for-19 is serious stuff. Affeldt this year has been solid for the Giants – nothing spectacular with a 3.81 ERA and 3.34 FIP, featuring 8.6 K/9 to 3.5 BB/9. He has been victimized by the long ball though, only one other Giant reliever (former Athletic Santiago Casilla has a worse number) with a 15.4 HR/FB% (though he only has allowed 0.6 HR/9 he has a phenomenally high GB% of 64.2% which helps to explain how when it does get in the air it really flies).

2:57PM PDT: Ryan Sweeney nearly had a home run missed it by mere inches foul down the right field line. That could’ve been the one to give us the lead – or the “one” as in the only one he likely will hit all year. Always remember: chicks dig the bloop single.

2:52PM PDT: Cahill through seven innings: 100 pitches, 64 for strikes, one run (earned) on five hits, with just one walk and six strikeouts. Solid outing. Very impressive – great to see this again after so many inconsistent starts.

2:42PM PDT: Cain had fourteen straight down before allowing a hit, but he could only manage a streak of one set down before Coco Crisp broke that up with the first non-Weeks hit of the ballgame to drive in Weeks and tie the game at one. Nice to get to Cain who has been pitching brilliantly and effortlessly this game.

2:38PM PDT: Finally! Fourteen straight had been set down by Matt Cain until Jemile Weeks (the only Athletic with any hits today) pokes it over the shallow outfield. He just raced out of that box. He got to second no problem looking like he wanted to go to third from the get go. What an exciting baseball player – he has been such a pleasant surprise this year – I had zero expectations of him this year, happily surprised.

2:07 PM PDT: Trevor Cahill strikes out the side. He is now locked in after as sort of shaky start. The first of the three strikeouts to Cody Ross was interesting. Ross didn’t swing once taking three strikes. From we can see that Cahill just must’ve fooled him with the breaks and change of speed (ranging in that at-bat from 78 to 89mph) because they certainly weren’t paint the corner variety strikes:

1:37PM PDT: Aaron Rowand bounces one past Rosales at third and into the corner. The walk of Nate Schierholtz comes back to haunt Trevor Cahill. Giants lead this one 1-0. In his last game against KC, Cahill walked seven and three came around to score. So far today, one walk scores. Walks are a killer which is one of the reasons Cahill is struggling this year with his highest walk rate of his career.

1:18PM PDT: Jemile Weeks steals second. Really terrible play by Burriss (that works to the A’s advantage mind you so no complaints) he holds the ball up to show the ump the tag, Weeks overslid. Earlier this season Erick Aybar of the Angels twice held the tag on Coco Crisp for “caught stealings” when he overan second. For all his speed Weeks hasn’t done too much running in the minors – I wonder if that’s due to his injury problems, or if it is just a lack of focus on developing the running game at the lower levels?

1:13PM PDT: Great 1-2-3 inning for Trevor Cahill. He has done this before though a great inning followed by some real stinkers. But regardless a very efficient twelve pitch (eight strike) first featuring two strikeouts (Emmanuel Burriss and Pablo Sandoval) if he keeps it up Oakland is in some very good shape today.

1:02PM PDT: A’s look to return the favor of a sweep against the Giants at the Coliseum for another sell-out on Father’s Day at Coliseum and look for their fifth straight win. To help them in that quest the A’s send Trevor Cahill to the mound. Cahill has struggled as of late with his last positive WPA game coming way back against these very same Giants at AT&T Park on May 20th. He has to look way back to May 9th for his last win, when he beat Texas in Arlington. So he looks to get it on track. He has some decent numbers, including a 6.6 K/9 (the best mark of his career thus far) with 4.0 BB/9 (unfortunately his highest in his career thus far). Again he has a relatively large split between his ERA (3.42) and FIP (4.17) and has been good for 0.8 WAR this year. He faces Matt Cain, who has been worth a full win more (1.8 WAR), backed by a 7.6 K/9, 2.6 BB/9 and always low 0.7 HR/9 so he is actually better than his 3.61 ERA suggests sporting a 3.25 FIP. A’s lineup is a bit different again, with Conor Jackson in the lineup again but playing first base. Ryan Sweeney is in left, David DeJesus is in right batting sixth and seventh respectively. Then in the last two spots in the lineup we have Adam Rosales hitting eighth and starting at third and Landon Powell hitting last and playing catcher. Despite Cahill pitching the A’s are wearing the gold jerseys not wishing to test their luck by going with the typical home whites.

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  1. June 21, 2011 11:23 am

    it was so nice to see cahill back in cahill-of-beginning of the year form.

    and man, did i hold my breath when fuentes came in? ok, i’ll be honest. i hyperventilated.

    but definitely the best game i will attend all season.

    • June 21, 2011 11:30 am

      Fuentes has that sort of effect on people! The key with Cahill will be can he maintain it. The walks are really what have hurt him this year, and I wonder with the higher strikeout totals, if this is a conscious, I am trying to get more strikeouts thing, that has led to a subconscious now I am walking more guys. We’ll see how it all plays out.

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