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“Live Blogging”: Giants @ A’s Game 72

June 20, 2011

10:12PM PDT: So Andrew Bailey closes the door on what was in many ways quite a tedious and boring game. All the scoring came in just one inning – the fifth – and after that there was little drama at all. But a win is a win and I will take it as the A’s are victorious and win their fourth straight. Really need to be happy with the performance of the A’s pen who went a combined, 4 1/3 inning with one walk and seven strikeouts as Brad Ziegler earned the win and Joey Devine, Brian Fuentes, Grant Balfour earned holds and Andrew Bailey notched his fourth save on the campaign. So there ya have it from a sold-out Coliseum, A’s are winners 4-2!

9:38PM PDT: Brian Fuentes walked the leadoff guy, and then strikes out the next three hitters he faces in Sandoval, Huff and Cody Ross. Impressive. Good to see him pitching well in a non-save situation. He has been a mixed bag this year if there ever was any. That all said, Fuentes still should be a hero to A’s fans, if it weren’t for him lighting the fuse, we may still be under the direction of one Mr. Bob Geren right now.

9:08PM PDT: With the A’s now in the lead, Melvin makes some defensive replacements, replacing Rosales in left with Jackson who is in turn replaced by Ryan Sweeney in right field. Joey Devine also comes in to pitcher the top of the sixth – not a move I am crazy about since it seems like Ziegler could’ve lasted longer.

9:01PM PDT: There we go! If for nothing else, Bob Melvin‘s decision to put his faith in Hideki Matsui has paid such immediate dividends for this offense. Matsui singles just past the reach of Burriss at second base it scores Pennington from third, Crisp also scores from second and Matsui goes up to second on the throw to the plate. Sanchez’ evening is through as Bruce Bochy will have the A’s now face righty Ramon Ramirez who enters play tonight for his 29th appearance owning a 1.63 ERA with 7.5 K/9 and 3.3 BB/9 which adds up to a still solid 2.84 FIP. A’s now on top 4-2.

8:54PM PDT: Cliff Pennington joins in the an RBI double down the left-field line. It scores Barton from second and ties this game up at two! I love that, when another team gets to your pitcher and you get those runs right back. It has to be so demoralizing – as A’s fans we know this having been on the other end and having seen it happen several times already this season.

8:51PM PDT: Finally Daric Barton comes through, driving in a hard-running Scott Sizemore all the way from first, on a double to right-center field. So right after the Giants take the lead in the top half of the inning, the A’s come storming back in the bottom half and finally tag Jonathan Sanchez for a run. Giants 2, A’s 1.

8:42PM PDT: Aubrey Huff flies out to left, great throw that looked like it could have challenged Andres Torres at the plate and inexplicably Daric Barton cuts it off. Don’t get why, looked like Adam Rosales could’ve had something there. Run scores. Giants take a 2-0 lead. Guillermo Moscoso is coming out, Brad Ziegler is coming in.

8:40PM PDT: Wow. Big time for Moscoso to get his first K of the night as he gets Pablo Sandoval swinging for the first out of the inning here.

8:35PM PDT: Emmanuel Burriss lays down a sacrifice following yet another Moscoso walk (number three – this time to Andres Torres) and Moscoso guns for Chris Stewart at third. Throw goes wide, Stewart scores, Torres moves to third and Burriss to second. Moscoso is only at 79 pitches but looks really inconsistent on the mound tonight. In a game like tonight’s where both pitchers continually are working out of jams, eventually you get something like this. Giants 1, Athletics 0.

8:25PM PDT: Well that was terrible. Conor Jackson is picked off. He gets into a rundown, yet Coco Crisp doesn’t really budge much so he can’t save CoJax or use the opportunity to score. Big out for Sanchez and the Giants, big mistake for Oakland. That is some poor baserunning right there.

8:15PM PDT: Coco Crisp with a solid line drive double to left field to open up the bottom of the fourth. A’s really need to take advantage here with the 4-5-6 hitters due up and give Moscoso who has been living dangerously some breathing room.

8:09PM PDT: Guillermo Moscoso is adept at getting out of jams, I will tell you that. Moscoso at 69 pitches now in his four innings of work. He has stranded five Giants hitters and kept them at bay with them hitting 0-for-3 with RISP. Still can’t keep that sort of thing up so it’d be good to see him getting some 1-2-3 innings.

7:45PM PDT: So both pitchers are taking a lot of pitches to get through their two innings of work thus far. Still knotted up at zero despite a few baserunners.

  H BB K Pitches Strikes
Moscoso 1 1 0 38 24
Sanchez 1 1 1 35 17

7:28PM PDT: Scott Sizemore with a nice catch in foul ground to get A’s killer Nate Schierholtz (and his creepy moustache) out. Sizemore hasn’t handled the expansive foul territory well yet. Admittedly though you can’t say that the Coliseum is the greatest place for a guy to really get used to playing third base – much different job description with all that foul ground than it is for third basemen in other parks.

7:02PM PDT: Out of town for the weekend this is “live blogging” as I watch this games early on Monday morning. A’s wearing their gold jerseys again hoping to make it four wins in a row behind Guillermo Moscoso. Moscoso has been pretty good this year with hitters hitting a mere .240/.324/.365 off him this year – which is key because Moscoso has not been much of a K pitcher this year (3.9 K/9). He faces a guy who most certainly is a K pitcher, Jonathan Sanchez (9.3 K/9) who has a 3.47 ERA but a 3.72 FIP (likely due to his relatively high walk total – 5.6 BB/9 – he also leads the NL in base on balls). Interesting mix for the A’s lineup tonight from Bob Melvin which I am a fan of – Jemile Weeks leads off (he led off in his MLB debut – when he likely shouldn’t have being it was his MLB debut), with Josh Willingham out due to his sore ankle, it is Coco Crisp in the three spot, with Hideki Matsui hitting clean up, Adam Rosales gets into the lineup tonight as a left-fielder hitting eighth and Daric Barton slips all the way to the bottom of the order, hitting 9th. So a bit of a different look for the A’s and I can’t say I don’t like it.

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