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Live Blogging: Giants @ A’s Game 71

June 17, 2011


9:51PM PDT: In the gold the A’s do it again! Andrew Bailey gets the save, Godfrey with his first career win. Good night all around – not easy beating a guy like Lincecum. A’s still trail by six games as the Rangers won in Atlanta but a good start to this three game set. Admittedly, with this pitching matchup I think a lot of A’s fans didn’t feel great coming into this one – but they play great. It’s baseball on any given night anyone can win! A’s improve to 31-40.

9:47PM PDT: Aubrey Huff down on strikes. Two to go.

9:46PM PDT: Andrew Bailey is in for the save, trying to match Grant Balfour‘s 1-2-3 eighth inning and preserve the first career win for A’s starter Graham Godfrey.

9:44PM PDT: Jemile Weeks! A base-hit down the right field line, scores Sizemore, adds on insurance run number two. Great throw though from Schierholtz to get him out at third. Weeks can fly but he was out by a mile. But do we care? With a 5-2 lead: no.

9:39PM PDT: There we go! Scott Sizemore hits it over the head of Giants right-fielder Nate Schierholtz (they are playing very shallow, Fosse is right) it scores DeJesus from second, A’s add the insurance run 4-2.

9:29PM PDT: Conor Jackson greets the new Giants pitcher, Guillermo Mota with a leadoff single. It would be very nice if Oakland could score a few insurance runs here to secure a win for Graham Godfrey.

9:17PM PDT: Don’t know how I missed Willingham leaving the game but he did. Daric Barton took his spot in the lineup with CoJax moving to left field and Barton promptly strikes out against the tough lefty Lopez in his first at-bat. I think that Barton is the odd-man out when Ellis gets activated, just a feeling I have but we shall see.

9:07PM PDT: Four pitch walk from Tim Lincecum to Coco Crisp and that’ll be it for him today. Pretty uncharacteristic performance out of him. In his 6+ innings of work, he struck out seven but walked five, allowing the three runs (just two earned) on five hits on 113 pitches only 63 for strikes. New pitcher will be Javier Lopez, who sports 6.7 K/9 to go with 4.9 BB/9. Real ground ball pitcher (60.9%) with a 2.81 ERA and 3.23 FIP.

8:36PM PDT: Wow, Pennington got eaten up by that ball. Gets through the wickets and into center field. Hall scores the unearned run. A’s 3, Giants 2.

8:30PM PDT: Bill Hall doubles down the left field line in a similar location to the Willingham double to lead off the sixth. Godfrey has been rolling so far, great outing. 69 pitches, 50 for strikes, through 5 1/3 he has allowed six hits, but hasn’t walked anyone with just the one strikeout. Not easy facing the defending champions in front of a full house, during a big rivalry game, against a two-time Cy Young winner, in your second MLB start. Hall meanwhile is one of the worst players in baseball with a -0.8 WAR. Great signing San Francisco.

8:07PM PDT: Good job by David DeJesus to hold Pablo Sandoval at third. The throw was off line but his great arm is what held Sandoval. Lucky break for Oakland, it is important they stop this thing of late of scoring then in the following inning letting the opposition march right back.

7:54PM PDT: “Talk about air mail, that’s first class” is how Ray Fosse described it. Not sure what that means exactly, but I like it. Willingham not being held on tries to steal third (we should run on Stewart) and Stewart throws it well over the head of Miguel Tejada into left field and Willingham crosses the plate to make it 3-1 Oakland.

7:52PM PDT: Josh Willingham with another two-out hit, a double down the left line that gets caught under a folding chair (very true that the chair likely prevented the hit from causing even more damage) but it gives the A’s a 2-1 lead.

7:50PM PDT: Matsui walks for a second time. They fear him in the three hole! Won’t give him anything to hit! Lincecum hasn’t been great with his control three walks to three strikeouts. Thus far, 44 pitches – 23 for strikes.

7:31PM PDT: Godfrey looked like he was breathing a bit heavier there, and then serves up a home run to left-center to Cody Ross. Calm down Graham! Game is quickly tied at one a piece.

7:26PM PDT: With Kurt Suzuki up and the bases loaded CSNCalifornia put up a statistic for Zuk, that he is hitting .305 in interleague play. Its stats like this that usually are thrown around will deriding sabermetrics, but those stats don’t tell you anything. It might tell you something if he were an NL player who when DH’ing in the AL parks improved. But otherwise if it tells you anything, it is that Kurt Suzuki possibly hits better against pitchers who are unfamiliar with him? Does that tell you anything at all really?

7:23PM PDT: Another two-out hit from the A’s. Conor Jackson hits it to right field and Coco Crisp scores from second (he would’ve moved there on the Hideki Matsui walk – so that sac bunt did not come into play) and the A’s get on the board first 1-0.

7:17PM PDT: Cliff Pennington lays down a bunt to move over Coco Crisp (who led off with a single). Interesting to see this in the first inning. I’m not a fan of it, I’d prefer Pennington does a hit-and-run or Coco just tries to straight out steal off Stewart (not sure what he brings but its tough to beat Posey). But I think it is indicative that the A’s feel their runs against Lincecum are to be limited.

7:14PM PDT: Godfrey strands Torres on the bases, so the A’s are off to a good start from the get-go. Godfrey doesn’t look like he is about to hyperventilate like he did in Chicago so lots of things look better early!

7:09PM PDT: Leadoff double for Andres Torres. This was a problem in San Francisco where the first batter of the game got on (and scored) in each game. That’ll bring up new Giant second baseman Bill Hall. I think the acquisition of Hall means Mark Ellis to the Giants is out of the question, which perhaps muddies the situation a little bit because it seemed that Ellis – who apparently lives near AT&T Park would likely not hesitate at waiving his no-trade clause to go across the bay.

7:01PM PDT: Poor Graham Godfrey, almost doesn’t seem fair. Your second career MLB start and you face Tim Lincecum. Lincecum comes in with perfectly Lincecumesque numbers, 9.1 K/9, 3.0 BB/9, 0.7 HR/9 with a 3.41 ERA and 3.01 FIP adding up to 2.1 WAR. With it being in the American League park the Giants get the opportunity to aid their defense a bit and have Aubrey Huff playing designated hitter, and for the A’s lineup the right-fielder of the day is David DeJesus, and Conor Jackson gets the start at first base. Two big changes for each team since they last met across the bay, the A’s of course with new manager Bob Melvin and the Giants are of course minus the services of Buster Posey and tonight’s catcher is Chris Stewart. Cool to see a sell-out crowd at the Coliseum!

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