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Live Blogging: A’s @ White Sox Game 67

June 12, 2011

4:03PM CDT: Doesn’t matter what I think, but I think Coco was safe. This game should be still going right now… but it isn’t. Bad officiating this series. Really bad. Brent Morel with a heck of a throw but ultimately it was too late if you ask me, but the ump says otherwise so this game is over. White Sox win 5-4. A’s drop three of four in the Windy City as their record slumps to 28-39 staying eight games behind the division leading Rangers. Next up for Oakland are the Royals on Tuesday back at the Coliseum. They played these last two tight but came out on the losing end.

4:02PM CDT: I think Coco was safe…

3:59PM CDT: Jemile Weeks comes thru with a solid single straight up the middle to score Conor Jackson. White Sox lead is a slim 5-4 now. Still two outs, top of the ninth. Coco Crisp comes up to the plate. I am really liking Weeks – it’ll be interesting to see what they do with this roster going forward, especially concerning Weeks who so far has demonstrated he belongs at this level.

3:57PM CDT: Fly out for Willingham. All down to Weeks…

3:55PM CDT: Santos walks Sizemore so the go-ahead run now is on first (CoJax on with a single to lead off the inning is on second). The A’s will pinch hit Landon Powell with Josh Willingham. The White Sox have two guys up in the pen – Brian Bruney (RHP) and Chris Sale (LHP). I wonder if seeing two guys in the pen as the “closer” has an adverse psychological effect?

3:44PM CDT: We do have Sergio Santos to contend with as Bob Melvin replaces DeJesus with Conor Jackson prompting Ozzie Guillen to remove Thornton. Santos has been good this year 14 shutdowns to 3 meltdowns, but one of those meltdowns of course came against the A’s on Friday night and we’d be happy to see another here this afternoon. Santos’ problem is the control (on Friday that really caused his unraveling, he had three walks over the eight batters he faced) with 5.6 BB/9 but the A’s need to be wary of the strikeout (10.6 K/9).

3:42PM CDT: A’s ninth coming up, two runs down and due up: David DeJesus, Daric Barton and Scott Sizemore. Makes sense for the left-handed Thornton to stay out and face DeJesus and Barton and getting Sergio Santos (RHP and warming in the pen) in to face Sizemore despite the fact that it was Sizemore who tattooed Santos on Friday night.

3:27PM CDT: Matt Thornton comes in for the White Sox to turn around Coco Crisp. Crisp has struggled against LHP this year but historically has done better versus LHPs than RHPs.

2011 vs. LHP .206 .270 .309 .257 60
Car. vs. LHP .279 .329 .429 .330 100

3:23PM CDT: The negative dividends of the error again manifest themselves as Paul Konerko singles to score Ramirez. White Sox 5, A’s 3.

3:22PM CDT: Scott Sizemore goes from hero to goat after imprudently throwing the ball to Jemile Weeks at second for the not so safe out at second trying for the double play instead of going the safe route to first. Of course the ball goes into center field and Teahen scores. White Sox 4, A’s 3. The defensive issues continue to plague Oakland, thankfully Melvin did have them doing infield practice this morning. That needs to be a regular thing!

3:17PM CDT: Moscoso was looking like he might be done and the four-pitch walk to Alexei Ramirez confirms it. Bob Melvin to the mound to put in Grant Balfour with the game locked up at three, one out and men on second and first. Moscoso had a good outing, strikeouts still are non-existent from the guy just two in six and a third. He has a decent bit of speed difference between his fast ball (91.1 mph coming into today) and change (79.5 mph coming into today) you’d think he could manage more than he’s got.

3:11PM CDT: So the ball four to Mark Teahen means Guillermo Moscoso is at 102 pitches which is one more than he threw in Anaheim in his first MLB start. Just think if not for the one bad pitch to Adam Dunn he has a shutout going right now.

2:59PM CDT: Phil Humber hangs a breaking ball, and Scott Sizemore puts that on the board. His first dinger in the green and gold ties this game at three. So far, gotta say I am happy with the pickup of Sizemore.

2:43PM CDT: Ryan Sweeney grounds out to first – good news is? Coco Crisp scores from third to narrow the White Sox lead to 3-2.

2:38PM CDT: The Rangers are currently being no-hit by Francisco Liriano in Minnesota (through seven). Some sobering thoughts regarding this season as Moscoso gets Paul Konerko to foul out and end the threat in the bottom of the fifth. If the Rangers play mere .500 baseball for the rest of the year, they would finish 84-78. The A’s would still need to go 57-39 to win the division or play at .594 clip. So while baseball may be a marathon, and there may be “lots left to play” (nearly 2/3 of the season really). You can see how big a hole they’ve dug themselves already this year, and that is just assuming Texas goes .500 here on out, and wins a mere 84 games. Daunting.

2:22PM CDT: Hanging break ball to Adam Dunn = world of hurt. He just delivered that equation to Guillermo Moscoso. DEEP to right field. White Sox take a 3-1 lead. Dunn’s 7th on the year, 361st of his career to tie him with Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio for 72nd all-time. Strange to think Dunn would ever be in the company of DiMaggio two hitters who aside from both having 361 home runs couldn’t be anymore different, with Dunn striking out so much (33.2% K% in his career) and DiMaggio being so selective (5.4% K% for the career).

2:11PM CDT: So Phil Humber is looking good after a shaky first. Through four innings, only 2 hits, the one earned run, one walk and five strikeouts. He is at 57 pitches so far but 26 of those pitches came in that first inning.

2:00PM CDT: Great play by David DeJesus to hold Juan Pierre to a long single. With how fast Pierre is it is amazing he didn’t get two on that and it is all credited to the play of DeJesus. Saves a run as Omar Vizquel just gets to third, and if Moscoso can keep Pierre at first (Pierre has ten steals on the year but nine caught stealings), the double play remains an option. These are little things that don’t show up that I think DeJesus does well. He really is great at cutting off balls in the gap and towards the line. Great lateral movement.

1:20PM CDT: So birthday boy Matsui drives in Crisp from third on the sac fly taking Carlos Quentin all the way to the warning track. Prior to this game I was watching a little of the Tigers-Mariners game from Detroit. During that game they talked of a promotion that Detroit area Arby’s have which is anytime the Tigers hit three home runs in a game, you can bring in a copy of the box score the next day to any area Arby’s and receive a free small curly fries. I was thinking that if the A’s did a similar promotion, they should giveaway a car. Bring in the box score for any game in which the A’s hit three home runs to your nearest Bay Area Mercedes-Benz dealership for a free car. I mean it’ll seldom happen right? (For the record it has happened once this year: May 2nd and on that day it was Matsui, Kurt Suzuki and Willingham) A’s take a one-zip lead.

1:12PM CDT: Coco Crisp gets career hit number 1,000. An opposite field single, a little less dramatic than the 1,000th career hit two-run home run he was robbed of last night by Brent Lillibridge.

12:49PM CDT: Hideki Matsui is hitting clean up for his 37th birthday. A day after Bob Melvin said he would be the usual number three hitter, the reason is because Josh Willingham is out with a sore achilles – so it does not reflect a change in strategy. Ryan Sweeney will be taking over for him in left field and hitting in the three spot. David DeJesus is back starting in right field, Landon Powell is starting behind the plate as had been stated previously by Melvin. The pitching matchup puts Guillermo Moscoso up against Phil Humber. It is an interesting matchup because Phil Humber was briefly a member of the Oakland A’s this offseason when they claimed him off of waivers from the Kansas City Royals. When the A’ s acquired Moscoso from the Rangers, Humber was taken off the 40-man roster and was claimed by the White Sox. The A’s likely wouldn’t mind having Humber again, given his strong year he has been having in Chicago so far. In thirteen games (eleven of them starts), Humber has posted 5.1 K/9 and 2.0 BB/9, he has an unsustainable low .223 BABIP which he has rode to a 2.87 ERA, though his 3.47 FIP indicates he still has been solid nonetheless. Strikeouts should not be aplenty today, as Moscoso too doesn’t average too many being just at 4.3 K/9 to go along with his 3.3 BB/9. He too has benefited from a low BABIP (.242) which explain his low 3.32 ERA, and his poor peripherals help explain why his FIP is a less impressive 4.48.

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  1. June 12, 2011 4:12 pm

    Your point about how deep the hole is the A’s need to climb out of is very valid and that is why I have already given up on the season and hope they become sellers soon and turn some of these duds into possible future starters.

    • June 12, 2011 4:51 pm

      Yeah I don’t know – I am mixed. I think it is very unlikely the A’s come back and do think they will end up being sellers, however, a lot could happen between now and mid-July that can change the calculus of that race. Granted we got sort of a sneak peak – when Hamilton and Cruz went down for Texas we saw that it’d make them a .500 or so ballclub – but you never know what can happen and a lot can change. But if we fall any further behind or if the circumstances by the ASG are the same as now, I am completely with you in terms of trading everyone and seeing what we can get for them. I think right now, though the odds are strongly against us – it is a little premature. Then again, I might not feel that way in a week or so?


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