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Kouzmanoff Outrighted, Godfrey Added

June 10, 2011

Baseball transactions are confusing, even to me an avid baseball fan for as long as I can remember yet I still at times am confused. To add Graham Godfrey, tonight’s starter, to the 40-man roster a player needed to be removed from it. That player was Kevin Kouzmanoff. Kouzmanoff was outrighted to Sacramento, a bit confusing because well he already was in Sacramento, but now he is still in Sacramento but as a player not on the 40-man roster – which speaks volumes about what the A’s think of him doesn’t it?

The fact that Kevin Kouzmanoff was outrighted means that he at some point recently was placed on and cleared waivers. Once he cleared waivers (i.e. no other team wanted him), he was able to be outrighted. Given that he doesn’t have the service time available to stop the process, he remains on the Sacramento River Cats roster. Different from the designated for assignment, because with that move you are stalling a decision or are forced into removing someone immediately – with the putting a guy on waivers and having him clear them, there was no need to DFA him. So there you have it.

But what does this mean? Well clearly no team wanted to pick up Kouzmanoff at his contract price: $4.75M for the year. This should not be remotely shocking to anyone. But it also likely signifies that Oakland feel his value is next to nothing. Because his demotion to the minors hurt his value in a trade, and his being outrighted just kills it. It also means that the A’s still value Sean Doolittle and Pedro Figueroa and want to keep them in the organization though both seem far from appearing in Oakland and are clogging roster spots that may be more useful in the interim for others to possess – it also signifies that Oakland doesn’t feel either of those players would clear waivers.

The 40-man roster stuff is a bit more intriguing due to all of the issues that surrounding getting a player onto or off of it, however putting Godfrey on the 25-man roster necessitated Bobby Cramer being taken off the roster and optioned to Sacramento (despite a really great outing last night – exactly the sort of thing you want out of a long man).

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