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Live Blogging: A’s @ White Sox Game 64

June 9, 2011


10:02PM CDT: Ohman gets the “de-mofro’d” Coco Crisp to swing and miss and this ballgame is over and the A’s are the proud owners of a ten game losing streak falling to 27-37 . The Rangers and Twins are tied 4-4 in the bottom of the ninth though the Twins have a runner on second with one out so the A’s could find themselves as much as nine games back or as little as eight games back by the night’s end. Unfortunate start to the Bob Melvin era but there are plenty more games on the schedule. 2011 is quickly slipping away… A’s lose 9-4.

9:59PM CDT: The game got out of hand with Fuentes on the mound otherwise this bloop single to center by Jemile Weeks would’ve been much more significant. Regardless, DeJesus scores and the  A’s narrow the White Sox lead to 9-4.

9:54PM CDT: Will Ohman gets Matsui looking. A good game for him but still doesn’t really look totally there – and we shouldn’t expect it with him looking all out of sorts all season long. I think he is the one player who we really will learn a lot about with Bob Melvin now managing this team. We will quickly learn if he is officially done or not (I suspect he is done). Another player I think we’ll learn a lot about is Daric Barton, I think Melvin will be more open to hitting him in different spots and seeing what works. I’d have added Fuentes to that, but I am concerned we got our answer today – regardless Fuentes has performed a huge service to this organization, he was after all the catalyst for change. But how this all works out, we shall see…

9:42PM CDT: Fuentes meltdown is official: Paul Konerko two-run blast opens it up. Pale Hose are now ahead 9-3. Ugly outing – but Fuentes is still out there to solve it himself. I hate Ken Harrelson but, his “you can put it on the board – yes,” followed by “that’s not a lack of communication,” was pretty damn funny. See it here.

9:40PM CDT: Carlos Quentin with a sacrifice fly to center field that scores Juan Pierre. Brian Fuentes not looking too sharp here in the eighth as the White Sox expand the lead to 7-3.

9:24PM CDT: So Ziegler cleans up the mess effectively and now Buehrle is out of the ballgame with Jesse Crain in. Last time that Buehrle was removed the A’s took advantage. It’d be a great way to get a first win for Melvin.

9:18PM CDT: Two hits here in the 7th and Melvin is pulling Cramer. So two runners are his responsibility but as it stands now, a good solid outing, keeping the A’s in this thing – three and two thirds, four hits, no walks, three K’s. Of course if these two runs score, that line won’t look so great anymore. Importantly he saved a lot of arms in the bullpen for future use (something I felt Geren didn’t think of, always seemingly playing for the day somewhat reckless in his thinking about the future). Brad Ziegler is in to clean up the mess.

9:06PM CDT: It has been a while but, Hideki Matsui with a home run over the right field fence off of the southpaw Buehrle. The home run is a two-run shot scoring Zuk. A’s now trail 6-3. First home run from Matsui since his walk off home run off of Darren Oliver on May 2nd.

8:57PM CDT: So much for perfect Cramer – Quentin singles. 39 pitches for Cramer but he has been stretched out in Sacramento.

8:51PM CDT: For all the seven up, seven down of Cramer. Mark Buehrle is now on eleven straight set down. Games just fly by with him. Six innings, one earned run, four hits, one walk, four strikeouts on 87 pitches. Tough guy to face.

8:47PM CDT: We sure we want to send Cramer down? Looking good tonight! Seven up, seven down. This is why they call it “relief pitching”.

8:37PM CDT: Cramer has looked sharp. Four up, four down for him, fifteen pitches – ten for strikes. It’ll be interesting to see what the roster move is tomorrow that gets Graham Godfrey onto the 40-man roster. I’ve seen some speculation that Brett Anderson could be headed to the 60-day DL but my guess is that that won’t happen because I think he sees Dr. James Andrews next week, so I doubt the A’s put him on the 60-day before getting their second opinion right? As far as the 25-man is concerned it is pretty obvious that Cramer will be shipped back to Sacramento.

8:15PM CDT: When it is time for a change… Bob Melvin is coming to give Cahill the hook after he walks home another run, this time care of Alexei Ramirez taking four balls (and it was four straight balls). Bobby Cramer is probably going to be put in given that he is the long man. It is nice to have a true long man in the bullpen again for games like this – of course you don’t want games like this to happen very often. It is now White Sox 6, the Athletics 1.

8:12PM CDT: With all these infield hits tonight, you see why BABIP is such a key stat (ironic, given that earlier I discussed how BABIP has really broken Cahill’s way). Cahill isn’t pitching well, but he has had a ton of these little squibby infield hits that have just killed him. Bases are loaded again – he now has thrown 70 pitches in just two and two-thirds, during which time he has allowed eight hits. Yikes. I guess we will see how Melvin handles the pen, though for a week or so, I figure it’ll be a lot of sort of seeing what he’s got, I wouldn’t but much stock into the moves he makes this early. But it looks like we are well on our way to loss number ten…

8:06PM CDT: Adam Dunn unloads to left-field. White Sox 5, A’s 1. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this isn’t how Bob Melvin was picturing his debut in his mind? Unbelievable but with that home run Dunn is just one short of Joe DiMaggio!

7:46PM CDT: Carlos Quentin had the distance but thankfully it hooks foul… bases still full…

7:45PM CDT: Good news is Cahill is fine (or so it seems).

7:44PM CDT: Cahill dives and goes for the player at home (Adam Dunn). Now Cahill is being attended to by trainers… we don’t have enough starting pitchers. Regardless his throw doesn’t get Dunn, so that is an infield RBI single for Alexei Ramirez. White Sox now up 3-1. Welcome to Oakland Bob Melvin, regret taking the job yet?

7:42PM CDT: So much for this whole having a lead thing. A bases loaded walk to Juan Pierre, scores Rios. White Sox 2, A’s 1. Cahill isn’t looking so hot today.

7:38PM CDT: Vizquel hits it well to right, DeJesus has a great arm but it is too deep so A.J. Pierzynski scores from third, mind you, DeJesus keeps Alex Rios at second. Pale Hose tie the game at one.

7:34PM CDT: Cahill running into some early trouble. Bases are loaded with one out for Omar Vizquel, as Adam Dunn gets hit by a pitch. Dunn strikes out a lot, but this year he is on an unbelievable pace with a 42.6% K%. In only 54 games he has struck out 80 times – but he didn’t do it this time so the A’s have a world of trouble.

7:25PM CDT: Adam Rosales with a single up the middle to score Zuk and the A’s take a quick 1-0 lead here in the top of the second. First time the A’s have had a lead since the top of the eleventh in Boston with two-outs when they led the Red Sox 8-7 last Saturday.

7:23PM CDT: Hideki Matsui is a fan of the change it’d seem. Good long single to right field moves Zuk over to third. Matsui hasn’t played much at all against LHPs. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets regular playing time and if he gets better as a result? I think he looks lost, but maybe it is more a manifestation of not getting regular work?

7:07PM CDT: In Ray Fosse‘s pregame interview with Melvin he says, “if you don’t have guys to sit around and hit three run homers then you don’t play for a three run homer.” Good sign already – awareness of your team’s weaknesses!

6:55PM CDT: Here we thought we had just another Thursday but no – today was the big bomb, the canning of Bob Geren and installing of new interim manager Bob Melvin. So tonight the Melvin era begins on the South Side of Chicago. Melvin is known as a tinkerer of lineups, Mark Grace gave him the nickname the “mad scientist” so here is what we have from Melvin on day one:

  1. Coco Crisp, CF
  2. Cliff Pennington, SS
  3. Conor Jackson, 1B
  4. Josh Willingham, LF
  5. Kurt Suzuki, C
  6. Hideki Matsui, DH
  7. Adam Rosales, 3B
  8. David DeJesus, RF
  9. Jemile Weeks, 2B
So a bit of a different look than what we are accustomed to seeing. It is interesting to see DeJesus so far down in the lineup, I wonder if that is due to Mark Buehrle being left-handed (DeJesus is .098/.132/.098 vs. LHP this year)? But it almost makes you why not just sit him altogether. Pennington hitting second is interesting, I like that Pennington takes a lot of pitches which could be interesting in that spot, but we’ll have to see what happens. Only two A’s find themselves hitting in the same spot they did on Opening Day: Coco and Willingham. The A’s look to break their now nine game losing streak and have Trevor Cahill – their ace – out on the mound to do so. Cahill has averaged 7.0 K/9, 3.3 BB/9 and has maintained a very low BABIP (last year his was so low it was deemed unsustainable) of .269 which has left him with a 2.65 ERA but a 3.74 FIP, last year though he was very successful despite a similar split. Last time Cahill pitched in Chicago he got roughed up by the White Sox but it was following his signing that big extension so perhaps it reflected some added pressure he put upon himself as he went 4 2/3 innings allowing four earned runs on six hits while walking and striking out three. He faces off against Buehrle who is always a tough bet to beat. The fast-working Buehrle, doesn’t strike out too many (4.4 K/9) but is always solid and dependable. He comes in with a 3.69 ERA and 3.69 FIP. So here we go, the beginning of the Bob Melvin era…
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